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Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller

The Broncos, Saints, Chiefs remain undefeated; Seattle and San Francisco are Super Bowl contenders.  However, the one team we’re not talking about are the 4-1 Colts.  Now look I’m not crowning these guys (granted last year JD crowned Andrew Luck in his article); man I didn’t even pick them to make the playoffs.

The Colts remind me of the 2011 49ers, a physical, smash mouth team on both sides of the ball. Now those 49ers made it to the NFC Championship game, and yes I know the talent isn’t comparable but the mindset is.  The acquisition of Trent Richardson made a statement to the league.  That statement is, while we have an upcoming star in Luck we still believe in being physical.  This style works for Luck, because it’s reminiscent to how Luck’s Stanford teams played (enter Offensive Coordinator Pep Hamiliton).

Fans of Indianapolis have embraced the new style of play.  This style is much different than it was when The Sheriff (Peyton Manning) ran the city, who will be making his return in a few weeks.  Funny thing is that this style fits the image of the city better anyway.  Peyton had the team as more finesse team, where this Colts team is physical, grind it out, hard worker, Blue Collar attitude like the city.  The Colts have had victories over two extremely physical teams (if not the most physical teams in the league).  They just totally beat up the 49ers and outlasted the Seahawks (finally the Seahawks trash talk caught up with them), and with the way the Texans aka Matt Schaub, (who are number 1 in pass Defense and my pick to make the SB) are playing the possibility of them winning the division doesn’t seem so farfetched.  Could a Super Bowl appearance be on the horizon?  I don’t know, but the style they play can be played any and every where, the rest of NFL you have just been put on notice!

Raymond “Big Play” Miller

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Andrew Luck: Is It Luck?

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James "JD" Davis @mrjdsir11

James “JD” Davis

Is it luck that CBS Sports put you in the same class as LeBron James and Bryce Harper?  Is it luck that you hold multiple sport and academic awards in college?  Is it luck you were the first player selected in the NFL Draft?  No. It’s natural talent, hard work, and a will to win.  The only luck involved is in his name. Yes, we’re talking about Andrew Luck.

Being the son of NFL quarterback Oliver Luck (Houston Oilers) gave Andrew a winning hand to start with.  He was recruited to Stanford by Jim Harbaugh, who has been known to get a lot out of average quarterbacks.  So imagine Harbaugh’s excitement at recruiting a winning lottery ticket like Luck.  At Stanford, Luck racked up a lot of hardware.  In my opinion, however, the most important award he grabbed is the CoSIDA Academic all-American.  In winning this award, Luck joined the likes of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and even Tim Tebow.  This award says that Luck has the cerebral ability to succeed in the NFL; a league that scratches off mentally weak players.

Everyone knew he would be the first pick in the draft.  He was so coveted that there were teams going “all in” even when they didn’t have a winning hand.  The Media called it “Suck for Luck” and teams openly participated in it.  The Colts ended up with the 1st pick and Luck finally “crapped out.”  Luck had to follow Peyton Manning, which we can all agree are some big shoes to fill.  So what does Luck do? Nothing…except make his first NFL pass a touchdown (Just like manning).

All that is good, but what really made me realize he is a Blackjack was one huge come from behind victory over the Green Bay Packers. Luck went toe to toe with the reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers and called his bluff for the win.  Luck showed he can be cool when the stakes get high, and that he doesn’t have a tell.

I am usually a hard sell on quarterbacks coming into the league. I’m a “don’t believe the hype” guy.  I always say, “Show me the baby; don’t tell me about the labor.”  Why?  Because guys come into the league, show some flash, and are done in five years or less (Jamarcuss Russell, Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf).  Either that, or they end up as career back ups (Matt Lienart, Charlie Batch, Derek Anderson).  However, every now and then a royal flush like Andre Luck grabs your attention.  I’m saying it here: there is a new Maverick in town.  Now he just has to form a posse to win the jackpot!

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