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“A NFL team without a good quarterback is like a stripper without a good body”- Colin Cowherd.  This book is the living journal or testimony of the alter of Cowherd.  This book left me very undecided and I don’t know whether to praise it or donate it to my local Library.  Ok I will probably do both!


You can get this book or take a glimpse of it here

Now that might seem like an insult, but when I say praise or local Library it.  I mean that in the most sincere way.  This book could do some good in the local library in educating the masses on how to think outside the box while living inside the box.  Cowherd is probably one if not the best storytellers in the radio sports arena.  Which is just a pure delight in this book, I loved his story in the intro about the “Harlem Globetrotters” and how that incident shaped his whole view of the sports world.  What makes Colin Cowherd great and in turns makes this book so fun to read is that Colin attacks sports in a relate this to that to make sense of his point.  For example “Hating an athlete for being arrogant is like hating a bat for being nocturnal.”  “Holding a grudge is the equivalent of chain-smoking hate”.  This book is chalked full of similar words/sayings.  Each chapter tackles a new subject and lets Colin either tell a story to get to his point or he proceeds to breakdown either the proper or irrational way the public views a subject matter.  So you really don’t have to read this book in order, you can pick chapters that intrigue you more than others.  I typically agree with a lot of Colin’s views and the views I don’t agree with he makes me say “Hmmm!”.  This book is a sports world eye opener if you have never Herd “The Herd”.  But if you listen to the show on a regular basis then most of what Colin has written you have Herd on “The Herd” and there lies the only issue.

For every witty and new discovery in the book, there was probably 4 others I had already heard on his show.  There is barely any new territory covered in this book.  And it’s only a draw back in comparison to Mike Greenberg’s books from “Mike & Mike” fame.  Greenie in his books seems to put fresh narratives on conversations or hot topics that he never gets to fully expand on during his show.  Now that could be a product of Greenie being a two man show and Colin Cowherd is solo so his “everything” is on stage 5 days out of a week.  Now in no way am I saying that reading retread arguments/points kills the book, but if I had to nitpick a negative that would be it.

Colin Cowherd is the man and I would love to sit down and have a cocktail with him and hear more of his stories, only issue is that usually Colin is the one that wants to listen to others stories, so maybe I would have to bring a few baby dolls with me to open him up.  If your a sports fan this is a must read for pure enjoyment.  If your not a sports fan, but a very important person in your life is this would be a great birthday, Christmas, or Valentines Day gift.  Maybe I should just buy another copy and donate it to the library and request it be on the reading list for any athlete, journalist, and media mind/personality.  Reading this book is like being a character in “Being John Malkovich” where we get to see what “Thinking Like Colin Cowherd” is like, but somethings are just very familiar.  Remember I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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Nerves up, Heart racing, sweat on brow and upper lip.  Ball hiked pass thrown, pass tipped, and intercepted.  In a surge of anger/rage/disappointment I toss my 49er hat and Kick it up the hallway, while yelling FUUUCCCKKK!!!!  I walk right into my room strip down and go straight to bed.  Why do sports drive us so insane?

As I lay dreaming, I’m hoping that in my fit that a penalty is called, and I missed it. That the 49ers lead by Kaepernick won the game and I missed it all (granted my DVR would have been viewing).  That I would wake up to the 49ers repeating as NFC Champions.  Sadly enough that was not to come true and would remain in my dreams.

I was MISERABLE for two days.  My wife knew not to talk to me, my team members at work didn’t mention the game.  Even an open Seattle Seahawk fan I work with didn’t mention the game.  Everyone knew I was in a bad mood and it showed on my face.  How can a game that I placed no money on, that the result wouldn’t effect my life, except for my mood which is a direct result of me, change so much.  The Answer:  Passion and Love!

Sports fans all over the world know the feeling.  Some how we have built up this emotional tie to a team or person that can dictate or lives based on the results.  Even in the defeat the feeling lets us know we are alive, and in victory the joy can put a pep in our step like no other.  I have met people that their life is God, Sports, Children, Spouse, and Family.  Yes in that order!  And you can make an argument that the God is really a sport’s god.

I always say to myself, “Self if you could have that same passion for your work, or Blog you would be the most successful person ever”  and it’s true the same Passion and Love that can change my life for two days (or a week when the 49ers lost the Super Bowl) can be harnessed into my other loves then life would be even better.  So basically I’m writing this to say this year, I’m on a mission to learn how to build Passion and Love in all my walks of life and challenge everyone to do the same.  But we can never deny the rush that Sports give us and I’m thankful for the good/bad reminder that I’m ALIVE!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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By: Maurice ” Cool Reece” Thomas

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     I’m the first to admit when comes today’s contracts in sports I’m quick to say “is that player worth that much money?”, especially in the NFL.  You have players like Tony Romo who just recieve an extension worth 108 million dollars but only have one playoff win and alot people feel he doesn’t deserve it.  Yahoo Sports reports that Tony Romo makes $6,302.52per hour, while Peyton Manning only makes 400 dollars more than Romo.  What about other celebrities that makes enormous amount of money like actors or musicians?  How come we don’t judge them on their money and performance?  As Chris Rock would say “Now that ain’t right!”

     Jason “Big J” Allen my fellow UnSportsMenMic colleague asked me “how can i be so quick to hate on Megatron, but not say anything about other entertainers?” Like Ryan Reynald from the movie R.I.P.D. had two bombs in the same week, and yet he probably made millions for just being part of the film.  Hell, he scored 9 million for Green Lantern, and according to “Big J” it was terrible.  Bottom line is he’s right, a lot of people do judge athletes more than actors and musicians including myself. But why?  Until this article I never thought about how much an actor or musician made.  I never really cared, but a lot of that has to do with the fact we don’t hear about the money  they make.  Mostly people care to hear about the drama they go through or what they wore on the red-carpet. 

     So i decided to google overpaid actors and the first link I clicked on was forbes.com and the actor they had first was Eddie Murphy.  I can only think well damn Eddie’s movies have sucked in the recent years.  And what’s funny is there were other websites saying he’s the most overpaid as well. Now for a second let’s compare him in athlete terms, he would be an athlete that came out the gates hot in his rookie contract, then got his pay day for his second contract and then decided to stop striving t be the best.  We would “Kill” that guy in the media and would want him to return the money, or in the words of Eddie Murphy “HALF! Give me half Eddie”.  Furthermore I decided to search for over paid music artist came up with very little info, but I was hoping to see Jay-z name somewhere especially after the recent album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”.  I’m not saying he’s overpaid, but if he comes out with more average to terrible material like that again then somebody will have to make a list just to add him on (I’m prepared for the black lash, holla at me @CR_Unsportsmen).

     In my opinion actors or music artist always get a pass for the money they make in comparison to athletes, because almost everyone has played a sport, or at least been around sports.  With that you feel like if you had just worked harder, had a better break, or just had more of God- given talent “we” could have been a pro!  How many times have you watched a game and could point out what the player did wrong before an announcer?  How many times have you said “Man! he should have done this…” “Man! I would’ve done this/that instead”.  I’m sure most if not all of you have, and that is where our “skepticism” or our harsh judgement comes from.  On the other hand, we all don’t feel like we can/could make it as an actor, or musician, so we have a habit of giving them a pass. .  Though they all have pre maddona moments, but athletes are the ones I hear the most about, because of sports media with “breaking news” of new contracts, contract disputes, or contract extensions.

     Maybe if I was able to watch Beyonce perform all her shows than I would probably have a different opinion on her.  The same if i saw how many retakes Denzel Washington had to have while filming a movie.  Then maybe I would have more of an opinion if they make too much money, but all we get is the finished product to judge them on.  So is it fair for athletes to be judged for how much money they make?  No, but there’s no editing in sports so I’ll be judging Romo every Sunday.  And just like unemployed Bart Scott “Cant Wait!”

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

Are Cheerleaders Even Needed

Cheerleaders?  Why?

Are Cheerleaders Even Needed.

As a Fan we are all passionate about the sports, but there are those fans that are truly Fanatics and go too far.  I wrote this article especially for around Super Bowl time, because as a fan base I think we are sometimes off base and OUT of line.  This is not directed to the majority but at the minority of knuckleheads out there.  Soccer hooligans, NBA fans fighting with players during a game, riots when a team wins/loses a title, or has a parade.  NFL fans throwing batteries on the field or purposefully vomiting on other fans.  It’s in baseball, hockey, and golf at every level.  It is almost like a world wide epidemic.

As I researched this article I found far more then I planned.  It’s not just pro sports, its college, high school, and kids games.  The research showed me things like a Brazilian soccer goalie being murdered because his team lost the world cup, 70 plus people dying in Egypt at a soccer riot, and a stabbing after the  2012 NFC title game (yes it happens close to home too).  During research I even found sites listing the top 10 riots of all time, yes glamorizing idiotic decisions (you think we would get enough of that on the 5 or 6 o’clock news). You can even breakdown the riots by sport and if it’s pro or amateur.  The poor display of fandum (emphasis on DUM) is not just violence and riots, that’s just the headline grabbing worst part.

The pro sports are the worst at rowdy behavior.  We have extreme examples of poor sportsmanship and loyalty.  Booing the team and players you paid to see (Kansas City Chiefs), throwing debris on the field because you don’t like a call (Atlanta Braves), cheering career and life changing injuries of rivals #MichaelIrving (Philadelphia Eagles), the beating of a fan outside a stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers), or a shooting after a preseason game (San Francisco 49ers). There are just so many cases, but where did these people learn or become this?

Breaking it down, we just can’t say “some people are just too passionate, obnoxious and rowdy” most of the time they learn this from the Parents! Charles Barkley may not be a role model but as a parent, especially at a kid’s game, YOU ARE! You hear about parents being banned from little league games, yes Little league, because of arguing or fighting with a umpire, coach, or other parents. Some parents talk about keeping their kids out of sports because of how other parents act.  This aggressive mentality has made some organizations stop keeping score as to not incite bad parent behavior.  You may not like something that happened, but you don’t have to throw a temper tantrum.  Imagine how your child feels or what they are learning from your behavior.  These young people are the future of our country (we are in trouble) when they are finally away from their parents guess what they learned while watching you in little league.

Like Michael Irving said “take losing like a man”, most lessons are learned in sports by losing, and learning how to win or lose with Sportsmanship.  As a fan show the same level or higher standard of class and respect for the sport that the players and organizations show.  I think the common attitude prevails is “I paid for this ticket so I paid for the right to act a fool.  These sports have tried everything to curve this behavior there are more police at games, and alcohol sales end earlier but things haven’t changed.  It will take us policing ourselves, but since no one will listen or speak up in fear of violence, we are stuck in a cycle of stupidity.

So as you go out and watch the Super Bowl, by all means enjoy yourself go crazy and get loose, especially if you’re a 49er or Raven fan.  Just try to remember that your decisions and actions ripple and affect others and teach our future.  No matter who wins or loses just remember Sports are something to enjoy and be shared that’s why I played and why I am a fan.  Oh yea Beyonce is the halftime show if you want to riot because of how fine she is I’m down! Just Sayin’

James “JD” Davis

Wall Street Ray Allen

Imagine that you are one of three people to revive a company.  You make it to the top and then everyone decides to bring in a fourth guy to the company.  You agree because you promoted within the company and you know the guy.  After a few years the company is getting a bit stale and out dated and you are not getting along with the fourth partner you agreed to bring in.  It gets to the point where the other two original members want you to help the company from the sidelines and start a new “Big Three” without you.

What would you do?  Play your role knowing your unhappy and things are not going your way?  Continue to take the paycheck because of loyalty and history? And what if a company that 2nd best in your field two years ago, and number one last year ask for your services in a similar role, less money, but a chance at more success?  This was the situation faced by Ray Allen.

We perceive Ray Allen as a traitor, because how could he leave his boys and go to the enemy?  Well where were his friends when they benched Ray Allen?  Where were his friends Rajon Rondo became the new “Big Three”?  Doc Rivers even admits he didn’t handle the situation well, and he felt he was part of the reason Ray left.  If your job showed you this much disregard how would you react, honestly.  Strip away the millions and the brotherhood and look at the NBA as a job and majority of us would have been looking for a new gig.  Ray Allen’s new gig just happened to be with the defending world champs and the #1 villain in Cleveland LeBron “King got a Ring” James.

Kevin Garnets childish behavior over the matter is ridiculous, be hurt I understand that it’s a human response, but get over it.  Should Minnesota feel bad that you left and “lose your number” because you helped build something there and moved on?  No they respected your decision and still showed you love when you walk into the arena.  Trust me KG I feel you, that was your brother, you shared your greatest career accomplishment with him, but we all move on especially when you feel disrespected.

My favorite quote from Wall Street is:

Bud Fox: How much is enough?
Gordon Gekko: It’s not a question of enough, pal. It’s a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn’t lost or made, it’s simply transferred from one perception to another

Everybody should respect Ray Allen’s decision because he made it out of winning first and second showing the Celtics organization, and Rondo that he still has something left in the tank.  So how much is enough when you feel disrespected?  Or does only winning or losing matter?  How does the perception of Ray Allen change in your mind, because who he plays with?


When I started my articles on race and sports, I deliberately timed it to sync in with the election.  As a country we try our best to claim our racial equality and that we don’t see color.  Well I’m sorry I see color, race, creed, and religion.  There are just some things, (thought process, actions, ideas, and beliefs) that you do because of your racial identity.

How many black punters or kickers do you see in the NFL?  Not a lot or probably none, why?  Because no black wants to be a punter growing up, yet if you look at the position it yields great pay, it’s a specialized job that every team needs and you usually have a long career doing it.  Yet black culture refuses to promote that position.  The day we can talk about race without being called racist, race baiter, or lacking empathy for others situations is when we will break down the walls of America’s racial divide.  I just happen to think it starts and ends with sports.

In existence of man we have always competed to see who “the best was”, but through sports we have established bonds and relations that would have never been fostered.  Look at the Olympics; it helps with international relationships and understanding.  Imagine the kid who grew up in a rural majority white area that plays baseball.  When he goes to college or if he ever makes the Majors, he will have teammates that are Hispanic more than likely.  At that moment his dedication to the sport and the team attitude opens him up for conversations and understanding that he would have never experienced in other fields.

I can go on all day about examples of racial divides and prejudges that is eliminated because of team sports.  The more important issue though is how we are allowing our stereotypes, and prejudge seep into our sports life.  Why does RGIII have to defend himself about being compared to Cam Newton?  Why does Warren Moon have to come out and point out racial comparisons?  Why do we care that Minnesota Timberwolves have 33% black players on their team?

Those examples matter because we are afraid to speak about anything race related.  America has turned White Guilt into WHITE ANGER over THEIR country, but every sporting event we show unity over a pigskin, the round ball, and baseball (couldn’t find a nickname for a baseball).  I have friends that I have met over a sporting event (+ @bar + drinks + love/hate for a team= friendship) that I would have never attempted or wanted to talk to.  Why can’t we talk as easily about why the Yankees are better than the Braves when it comes to race and issues of the sort.

I wanted to do this series to expose or shed light on issues and stereotypes that people either don’t want to know about or don’t care to know about.  I hope this stuff gets people talking in a constructive manner and get a better insight that racial issues still shapes America.  In summary:

NFL- Everybody loves Football, but football hates white running backs, wide receivers, and cornerbacks, and they are still clueless about the black quarterback.

MLB- Is losing black players and viewers, also they pigeon hole Hispanic players

NBA- Is losing the white AMERICAN athlete and viewer, and is the best at international relations, and had to change the image of an inferior product because of the Hip-Hop area.

See even I’m good with stereotyping from a small amount of information.  Now go out there and discuss the issues and I hope at least one of the articles made a brief conversation that would have never existed.

Race in Sports Intro

Race In Sports: NFL

Race In Sports: MLB

Race In Sports: NBA


Who is Megatron?  Rather where has Megatron been, maybe Dark Side of the Moon?  Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is one of the most overrated and talked about players in the league, he commonly referred to as one of the best players in the game.  I think his nickname gives him more props then he deserves.

Why do people praise him as a great player or even one the best?  Does he get you Mega touchdowns or Mega receptions? Not really.  Does he get you good fantasy points? It’s ok.  Can he help the Lions get to the super bowl? Hell Nah!

When u hear the name “MEGATRON” you envision this enormous, chiseled, machine like entity who dominates the league and even Optimus Prime from time to time right? Well it’s not even close.  This season especially Calvin Johnson going into Week 9 is 13th in receptions (41), 7th in receiving (638), and one touchdown.  Yes one freaking touchdown, maybe he needs the “All Spark” to power him up.  He is also tied for 3rd in drops (7 out of 48 catchable passes), so maybe we should call him MegaDrops or StarScream. Eighty two other players in the league have more touchdowns than Megatron this season and they are half the price tag.

Yeah I know, he is always doubled covered, but what “Great” receiver hasn’t been doubled and triple teamed?  Even if you use that as an excuse or reason for the lack of numbers what about in Chicago and Seattle?  He saw a lot of single man on man coverage.  Charles Tillman and Richard Sherman should come out with book and call it “Revenge of the Fallen – defending Megaton by yourself!” Here is an excerpt of the Book:  Step 1– change your twitter handle and all your media names to Optimus Prime, or Sentinel Prime.  Step 2– play physical and keep him in front on a go route.

I know everyone is going to say well what about last year or previous years?  Easy to put up numbers when you are getting blown out and the defense is playing prevent.  Or Stafford is struggling, but Megatron is 25th in Yards After Catch (184yds), so he is not making explosive plays once he gets the ball.  How does a player get paid just as much as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James but provide average numbers and no championships?

Maybe instead of Megatron we should call Johnson Decepticon, because he is full of deception and lack of production.  It might seem like I’m hating or talking crazy, but you can’t get nicknamed one of the Baddest Mofos ever and have pedestrian numbers.  Let us not forget he’s on the Madden cover, Madden Curse may have struck down Megatron just like that Shia LeBeouf kid did in the movies.

Cool Reece

RGIII!!! RGIII!!! RGIII!!!  You have all of D.C. “Griffining”.

Cam ol’ Cam, Superman them Skins.

With the election looming we have a real battle about to transpire in Washington D.C. The Hulk vs Superman, The Wiz Kid vs Sophomore Slump, and The Savior vs The Savior.  We know D.C. will be a Red or rather Burgundy, Gold, and White state.  Caroline is a Blue state and also a White, Silver, and Black one. When you punch the chad on your remote to tune in this weekend who will you be voting for?

The Robert Griffin III upstart appears to be the new presidential candidate representing the D.C. area; kissing babies, shaking hands, and confusing defenses with his ability.  The former Heisman winner won the nomination and was taken #2 in the draft.  RGIII has rocked the NFL and its fans with high approval ratings with his 67% completion percentage, 8 passing touchdowns, 476 rushing yards along with 6 touchdowns rushing.  Griffin and Morris are running on ticket of hope and change in Washington D.C.

So they are saying this is a new Skins team. Nah bruh offensively but not defensively, the defense last year was ranked 18th and 12th against the run and pass.  This year they are 10th and 30th against the run and pass.  The bad pass defense can be attributed to losing Secretary of Defense Brian Orakpo, their best pass rusher, for the season.

What about the man on the other sideline this Sunday? Cam Newton is a former Heisman winner and #1 pick in the draft. Cam had a beautiful rookie campaign with tremendous passing ability that most pundits didn’t think he had.  This year through his stance in the media, and lack of attention to the issues he has hurt his image and play.  His team is 1-6, losing the popular vote, and searching for suggestions; Yet Cam should and will dominate this game.  Cam is running on a ticket of it’s not me it’s the economy… I mean it’s the team; I’m still Superman (no Hello Kitty for me Haters).

Expect Cam to have more passing and rushing yards than RGIII. In a meeting last season against the Skins, Cam was 18/23 256 yards passing along with 59 yards rushing and 2 total touchdowns and we see the Skins defense is worse. This game is set up to help raise Cam’s approval rating, show the public he is and can be a leader of men.  WATCH CAM EARN IT!!!!

So will the Panthers win it, it ain’t about 1 guy or vote its an electoral college remember, aka it’s a team game.  HaHa so Skins win! One More Win for the Griffin!


Falcons Don’t Fly in Philly

The high flying falcons come out of the bye week at 6-0. However, people still have a lot of questions about their authenticity, & for good reason. With the 3-3 Eagles awaiting the Falcons, we may as well consider that winning streak broken. That’s right, go ahead and chalk them up 6-1. The Falcons haven’t won in the state of Pennsylvania since 1974, with an embarrassing record of 0-11-1.

This has been a season of firsts for the Falcons: their first 5-0 start followed by their first 6-0 streak. Matty Ice is the front runner for the MVP, Julio and Roddy alternating week to week to see who goes off, and the ageless Tony G just down right ballin’. With all of these factors on the field, the Falcons should continue trending right, and going on to their first 7-0 winning streak. After that, they just need possibly two more wins to wrap up the NFC South.

I say, “Hell Nah.” This is a bad matchup for the Falcons on all kinds of levels. Between Andy Reid being 13-0 after the bye, the elusiveness of Vick and Shady McCoy, and the speed of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, I don’t see them pulling out a win. All of these factors combined will prove too much for them damn dirty birds. My prediction is that the Falcons take the L.



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