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Now from my last post you can tell how much I love Star Wars.  The Clone Wars series as a whole has been great and has answered so many questions or rather fixed with better explanation the issues with the prequels (except the constant issue of Jedi being morons).  These lost episodes make you wish Cartoon Network didn’t cancel the series or at least let them finish what they started.  But we can’t cry over spilled Force milk (ok that sounds gross).

I loved almost every episode of these lost episodes.  Yes I could even withstand Jar Jar Racist Binks.  The great thing about these episodes they start to delve into the bigger issues in Episode 3 and beyond.  We see how Order 66, is executed (no pun intended) and established.  We get to see how Force users can exist after death (Force Spirit).  These episodes also get to show us the bad ass which is Mace Windu (well outside of the Gennedy Tartakovsky Clone Wars mini series).  We also get 4 episodes of Yodi on a journey.  Now I have always been a Yodi hater after Episode 2, with the Yodi vs Count Dooku match.  The Stars Wars world was impressed by Yodi and I was simply left thinking “He didn’t do crap to Dooku with all that flashing jumping and flipping”.  I started to hate Yodi even more after Episode 3 and he just quit during the Darth Sidious fight.  Yet here we get an awesome Yodi and Darth Sidious fight, that was more impressive.  So much to like and makes you wish again the Clone Wars team could have got an actual Series finale.

Not much I didn’t like these episodes, except the Anakin/Padme crap.  They have a 3 episode storyline that is almost as unbearable as Hayden Christensen’s acting in every movie he has ever done.  But even that garbage established the beginning riff between Anakin and Padme.  Now these episodes did give me those “Why are Jedi so FREAKING stupid” moments.  I don’t know if this was a consequence of knowing how it all ends or just poor common sense writing, regardless as a fan you get irked by the clueless force navigation of the Jedi Order.  Count Dooku basically tells Obi Wan, Anakin, and Yodi that Darth Sidious is in the Republic and again it is chalked up to, “The Dark Side is liars blah blah blah”.  After all the evidence that you have been given and all the answers you can’t figure out, you never once think that maybe Dooku is telling the truth.  Or that every lead some how goes back to Palpatine.  At one point they even say it and they all dismiss it has coincidence.  No wonder your whole Order almost went under.

It sucks to say goodbye to this great series that in every episode tried to correct all the misfires of the prequels.  At least we have episodes VII-IX to look forward, and maybe we can get lucky and NetFlix will revive the series to finish 13 more episodes (fingers crossed).

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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Slow Down With the Kaepernicking

By: Jason “Big J” Allen Don’t forget to follow me @UnsportsmenBigJ

Now that the Super Bowl is in the books, I want to take the time to take on Kaepernick or Kaepernicking.  Now I’m a die hard 49er fan, and I have suffered for so long. so count me in as excited about the movement the last two years.  I earlier wrote an article about Alex Smith being the “New Hope” to our franchise with the direction of Jim Harbaugh, his Yoda.  Now maybe I was overzealous and Alex Smith was more Obi-Wan and Kaepernick is more Anakin.  Regardless of the Star Wars references watching Kaepernick has gotten everyone in a Frenzy, but I’m here to say SLOW DOWN! 49ers and NFL Nation.

First thing first, most coaches will tell you they need at least 16 games of tape on you.  Why?  Just ask Cam Newton, they need this to break down what you do or don’t do well.  We hear about sophomore slumps and a lot has to do with teams being better prepared from watching tape, and extending the playbooks on offense.  I still expect Kaep to be amazing and dynamic next year, but he will have THOSE games (Rams, Seahawks, first half of the Super Bowl) that remind you of his youth.

Secondly, Kaepernick has had a lot of success ala RG III with running his college offense.  Now we are still not sure if the Pistol/Read option is here to stay yet.  Or will it WildCat itself out of the league.  Also what happens when age kicks in?  Will it still be effective?  You watched in the Super Bowl a lot of the Ravens edge rushers still tee’ed off on Kaepernick after he handed the ball off on the read option (which is legal, because how do you know if he has the ball or not, and the QB is considered a runner at that point).  What happens when a player decides to go DIRTY! And take a couple of cheap shots at the Kid Kaep.

Third, Pump your brakes a moment, how much is Harbaugh and how much is Kaepernick?  We have a short memory as a football and sports family, but Harbaugh was the same guy that resurrected Alex Smith career.  Before Alex Sith, I mean Smith went down he was third in QBR, and the conservative offense allowed Smith to throw 18 for 19 in a game, and lead the 49ers to the NFC Championship last year.  If Harbaugh can do that with the average ceiling of Smith potential, imagine Harbaugh’s eye twinkle when he sees the limitless ability of Kaepernick.  With that being said can Harbaugh’s control of the offense ever get to the point of stifling Kaepernick’s growth? Or could they blossom ala Brady and Belichick.

Fourth are things I noticed, and I know he is young and can correct or get better but just observations.  First most running QBs rather have pressure from the outside instead of in the middle.  Well the biggest plays of the Super Bowl the Ravens sent pressure from the outside (even if one time Ed Reed was extremely offsides, but I’m not bitter…  Really I AM NOT!).  They ran that three times that game and every time, Kaepernick threw an errant pass off his back foot (Eli Manning style without the Manning results).  Another observation is the way Kaepernick holds the ball when he scrambles.  When he is in run mode he tucks it away, but when he scrambles he holds the ball like a loaf of bread away from his body.  Ask Kurt Warner how well that stops fumbles.  Eventually the memo will be to swipe at the ball behind the line of scrimmage.  Now if you can get a QB thinking about ball security, he will second guess his pocket or feel imagined pressure.

Lastly this is minor but should be accounted for, the growing EGO of a young player.  The week before the Super Bowl his agent went to patent Kaepernicking (the bicep kiss) for promotion and etc.  Now I don’t know if this was a Kaepernick thing or a agent business thing, but Kaepernick still has to sign off on that.  With an inflated ego and NOT being the leader of a team (Gore, Davis, Willis, and Justin Smith are leaders) it may ruffle some feathers.  Now we have had no instance, again NO instance of seeing a diva in Kaepernick, but we will see.

I’m saying all this to say, don’t be surprised if the whole season is not great for Kaeptain Marvel (I’m still trying out nicknames Kaep Gun, Kaeptain America, or Kid Kaep).  He is still a work in progress and early success sometimes leads players to tons of pressure, ask Marino how many more Super Bowls he went to after going his second season.  I do know one thing though he is exciting to watch and just might be “The One”.  How does Montana, Young, and Kaepernick sound?  Even better hoisting the Lombardi.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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