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Johnny Manziel: Money. Power, Respect

By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

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I remember as a kid a great man once told me (at least in my mind) that you have to make the Money first, then when you get the Money, you get the Power, then when you get the Power, you get the Woman.  That man was none other than Tony Montana aka “Scarface”, now I agree with Tony on the first two, but then I have to take a page from “The Lox” and add Respect.  Money, Power, Respect is the key to life.  I’m not comparing Johnny Football to Scarface, or to “The Lox” but at the heart of Scarface and the song it’s about the American Dream.  So why are we hating on Johnny Manziel for living “The Dream”?

Regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s game against Alabama, Johnny Manziel will be loved or hated no matter what he does.  He is the vain of American society, he is the rich, privileged kid with family MONEY.  America wants you to be humble when you are that guy.  America wants you to point out that it’s not your money its your families money.  America wants you to be Aaron Murray.  Forget what America wants, this is Manziel.  He is Johnny “Football”!  What is he doing that will change our daily lives?  Nothing.  Yet we all have an opinion on the “spoiled brat”.  If he was a broke, coming from a family of hardships we would look at his behavior as A: over confident B: ignorant of culture because the environment he grew up in and C: Boy being a boy.  The Money of his family has given him a stature that Johnny Manziel doesn’t try to live down to and why should he?

Winning the Heisman alone gives you Power, but being the first freshman to win it puts you in a 1 and 1 group.  First one to do it and the way people are reacting to his actions he may be the last one to do it.  We look at Johnny Manziel and can’t understand why he can’t just go about his business and be a professional.  The problem is he is not a professional and we are to blame, we have given him this Power and have made him a celebrity overnight.  He used to have a normal…ish life but once he beat Alabama, then had that outstanding Bowl Game performance, and then was voted the Heisman Trophy winner, he wakes up now and EVERYBODY wants a piece of him.  For better or for worse.  How many jersey’s has NCAA/Texas A&M sold?  How many people are asking him for autographs?  How many people tweeting or reporting his day to day actions?  When you are put into this box, your power becomes fleeting and eventually annoying.  Yet and still we have to remember who gave him this POWER, and platform.  WE DID!

After the first two this is the issue most have with Manziel.  The RESPECT!  People feel like he has not given enough to deserve/receive some in return.  With all of his awards and big plays in his freshman season you would think Manziel would garner more respect outside of Defensive Coordinators and Head Coaches.  People like to point to the body language Manziel had when Kevin Sumlin was chewing him out during the Rice game.  I look at the situation as the ultimate respect, because a player of Manziel’s status could have barked back or pleaded his case, instead he kept his helmet on (which all my coaches have always told me to do when they confront me) and took his place on the bench.  What about the lack of Respect that the Rice players showed him?  Last time I checked Manziel was paving a slight path for College players to get paid, and Rice players, getting blown out by the way, had the nerve to taunt him after Manziel just scored on them?  Huh?  Makes no sense, but all we wanted to do was jump on Manziel’s lack of maturity.

No matter how you feel about Johnny “Football” Manziel, it doesn’t matter, because his family and his autographs have MONEY, his play on the field has made him a huge POWER in college football, and we have to RESPECT that he is here to stay.  Maybe he gets his first taste of humble pie against Alabama.  Maybe he wont get his slice of that humble pie until he gets destroyed in the NFL.  With all this being said lets enjoy the ride and let the young kid live.  So to steal a bit from Drake (who Manziel has quoted before) Johnny Manziel can say “I got Everything, I got Everything; I can not complain, I can not; I don’t even know how much I really made I forgot, its a lot; I came up, that’s all me; Stay true, that’s all me; No help, that’s all me”

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

A great man once said “All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don’t break them for no one.” –Tony Montana.

     We hear so many outspoken comments in sports that sometimes make you wish they never could speak.  Does their opinion change, once they apologize or does the organization (Harbaugh) make them break the words that come out of their mouths.

“Why don’t you try sticking your head up your ass? See if it fits”- Tony Montana.

     Chris Culliver of the 49ers made comments saying “We ain’t got no gay people on the team” and “can’t be with that sweet stuff” Now why would he say that?  As stupid as he sounds some people would agree with Culliver.  If there was a gay football player in the locker room some players would feel uncomfortable and maybe it would cause a distraction. The ignorant thought would be if I’m playing against or next to someone that thinks I’m sexy then that would be really gay and that would make me feel very uncomfortable.  At one point we talked about that very subject on UnSportsMenMic Conduct a month ago (Jason you need to find the episode and put it back up).

“I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.” – Tony Montana

     If your gangsta enough to say it, be gangsta enough to stand by it, Chris Culliver’s back track was almost as good as Deion in his Prime, because his comments officially made Primetime, so by apologizing and saying “that’s not what he feels in his heart” is a load.  I never want to doubt a man’s heart, but I’m not a believer.  We all know Harbaugh and the 49ers organization got in that ass and the PR made him apologize.  So are players really sorry for running their mouth?

“You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.”- Tony Montana

     So do athletes have to apologize for everything?  Why can’t players be like Terrell Owens and believe in what their and some of our grandmother’s told us and say how you feel?  It probably will cost you your job but it at least you’re Keeping It Real! #EvenifitGoesWrong.  If that’s how you feel then that’s how you feel.  We all can agree that sports and sexual orientation, politics, and sometime religion (Sorry Paster Ray) don’t mix.  You CAN’T make those comments ever, especially during media day of the SUPER BOWL! So in my opinion Chris Culliver gets the dumb award.  Take us out Tony:

“Say hello to my little friend”

 That friend is the ignorance of some individuals, and that ignorance hopefully will end like Scarface.

Reece Thomas

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