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As a Fan we are all passionate about the sports, but there are those fans that are truly Fanatics and go too far.  I wrote this article especially for around Super Bowl time, because as a fan base I think we are sometimes off base and OUT of line.  This is not directed to the majority but at the minority of knuckleheads out there.  Soccer hooligans, NBA fans fighting with players during a game, riots when a team wins/loses a title, or has a parade.  NFL fans throwing batteries on the field or purposefully vomiting on other fans.  It’s in baseball, hockey, and golf at every level.  It is almost like a world wide epidemic.

As I researched this article I found far more then I planned.  It’s not just pro sports, its college, high school, and kids games.  The research showed me things like a Brazilian soccer goalie being murdered because his team lost the world cup, 70 plus people dying in Egypt at a soccer riot, and a stabbing after the  2012 NFC title game (yes it happens close to home too).  During research I even found sites listing the top 10 riots of all time, yes glamorizing idiotic decisions (you think we would get enough of that on the 5 or 6 o’clock news). You can even breakdown the riots by sport and if it’s pro or amateur.  The poor display of fandum (emphasis on DUM) is not just violence and riots, that’s just the headline grabbing worst part.

The pro sports are the worst at rowdy behavior.  We have extreme examples of poor sportsmanship and loyalty.  Booing the team and players you paid to see (Kansas City Chiefs), throwing debris on the field because you don’t like a call (Atlanta Braves), cheering career and life changing injuries of rivals #MichaelIrving (Philadelphia Eagles), the beating of a fan outside a stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers), or a shooting after a preseason game (San Francisco 49ers). There are just so many cases, but where did these people learn or become this?

Breaking it down, we just can’t say “some people are just too passionate, obnoxious and rowdy” most of the time they learn this from the Parents! Charles Barkley may not be a role model but as a parent, especially at a kid’s game, YOU ARE! You hear about parents being banned from little league games, yes Little league, because of arguing or fighting with a umpire, coach, or other parents. Some parents talk about keeping their kids out of sports because of how other parents act.  This aggressive mentality has made some organizations stop keeping score as to not incite bad parent behavior.  You may not like something that happened, but you don’t have to throw a temper tantrum.  Imagine how your child feels or what they are learning from your behavior.  These young people are the future of our country (we are in trouble) when they are finally away from their parents guess what they learned while watching you in little league.

Like Michael Irving said “take losing like a man”, most lessons are learned in sports by losing, and learning how to win or lose with Sportsmanship.  As a fan show the same level or higher standard of class and respect for the sport that the players and organizations show.  I think the common attitude prevails is “I paid for this ticket so I paid for the right to act a fool.  These sports have tried everything to curve this behavior there are more police at games, and alcohol sales end earlier but things haven’t changed.  It will take us policing ourselves, but since no one will listen or speak up in fear of violence, we are stuck in a cycle of stupidity.

So as you go out and watch the Super Bowl, by all means enjoy yourself go crazy and get loose, especially if you’re a 49er or Raven fan.  Just try to remember that your decisions and actions ripple and affect others and teach our future.  No matter who wins or loses just remember Sports are something to enjoy and be shared that’s why I played and why I am a fan.  Oh yea Beyonce is the halftime show if you want to riot because of how fine she is I’m down! Just Sayin’

James “JD” Davis


With the Ravens intimidating D, Steelers zone blitzing, power hitting unit, and the Bengals no name fearsome D.  You would believe by far the defensive division in the league would be the AFC North. However, there is a new division doing the dam thing and it’s the NFC West.

Yeah yeah I know I said it the NFC West, we already knew about the 49ers, but how about the ever improving units of the Cardinals and Seahawks. These units are starting to be physical and dominant, we didn’t see this coming.  At the end of last season the Cards had won 7 of there last 9 with Patrick Peterson looking like a cross between Revis and Primetime, justifying his 5th overall pick in the 2011 draft. Seattle’s D, with their tall (avg. height 6’1) physical secondary, and run game had everyone eating skittles.  We know about the 49ers with “P-Will” (Patrick Willis) and LaVorro (NaVorro Bowman).

Although, the offenses are about as average as Katie Holmes; these 3 teams remain competitive and in ball games.  With the division beating teams like, the Packers twice (thank you Fail Mary), the Patriots (Gostkowski aint Vinatieri), the NY Jets (no comment), the Eagles (can’t have turnovers and keep winning), the Cowboys (jury still out on Romo), and the Redskins (in pee-wee you learn not to throw the ball at a player Josh Morgan).  The fact that Jeff Fisher is now coaching the Rams lends you to believe that Rams D will be on top as well. I pick the NFC West am I wrong if there’s a division I’m missing let me know and holla at your boy.

Ray “Big Play”

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