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The draft is among us and this draft is very important for a lot of teams.  The typical thought is in every draft if you can select at least three to four 4 or 5 year starters, your team is set up for success.  Our reigning Super Bowl champs are a prime example of how the draft can lift you to lifting the Lombardi.  Without further ado here is Big Play’s Mock draft…  Oh Yea Let’s Go Gang Green, Draft Like A Jet! (At least like a New Jet no more Gholston picks please!)

1. Texans:  Jadeveon Clowney DE, there’s rumors out there that Houston wants to trade, but do you want to be the team that passes on a once every 20yrs talent?  Probably not!

2. Rams: Jake Matthews OT, bloodlines outweighs Robinson’s superior talent.  Has any family put out more NFL talent?

3. Jaguars: Johnny Manziel QB, the staff wants Khalil Mack, my guess is the owner steps in to sell tickets.  Also with the report that Manziel doesn’t want to go to Jacksonville would make for good trade bait.

4. Browns: Khalil Mack OLB, Pettine gets the guy on the outside Rex never could get.

5. Raiders: Mike Evans WR, Evans is big, strong, and with speed.  It’s the Raider way!

6. Falcons: Greg Robinson OT, finally some protection for Matty (N)Ice (and Atlanta fans still wont be happy because it’s not Clowney and if Watkins is still on the board they would want him too)

7. Buccaneers: Sammy Watkins WR, the #1 WR hands down, and I know your thinking “If he is the best WR then why did the Raiders take Evans?”  The Raiders also took Heyward -Bay over Michael Crabtree.  Like I said, the Raiders Way!  Watkins will be great across from Jackson.

8. Vikings: Aaron Donald DT, Zimmer gets his Geno Atkins

9. Bills: Taylor Lewan OT, more OLine help for young EJ

10. Lions: Odell Beckham Jr WR, We know the Lions have other needs (secondary!), but the shadow of Millen still looms, and finally Caldwell gets his 3rd WR to complete his Colts O… I mean Lions Offense.

11.Titans: Darqueze Dennard CB, the top corner to replace Verner

12. Giants: Zack Martin OT, TE makes sense but Eli needs protection, and an upright Eli will only throw 15 interceptions not 27.

13. Rams: Calvin Pryor S, reminds me of Earl Thomas, a hard hitter that is needed in the new black and blue division.  The NFC WEST!

14. Bears: Timmy Jernigan DT, Bears were terrible against the run last year, he will help.

15. Steelers: Eric Ebron TE, Miller’s getting long in the tooth, so Pit drafts his successor.  This is another team that has a lot of needs and getting younger is a huge need, but we all know historically the Steelers have been great in the draft.

16. Cowboys: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix FS, ball hawking safety which is much needed for Dallas’ awful back end.  Message to Jerry Jones, resist every instinct to trade up for Manziel.

17. Ravens: Brandin Cooks WR, even with the acquisition of Steve Smith, Ravens still need some youth at the position.  This will set up the Ravens with two speedy WR for the future (Smith and Cooks) and we know how Flacco loves the deep ball.

18. Jets: Bradley Roby CB, with Ebron, ODB, and Dennard gone Jets stay true to their board and take best player available at a position of need.

19. Dolphins: Cyrus Kouandjio OT, Miami lost a couple starters to their line, they start building it back with the OT from the Tide.

20. Cardinals: Blake Bortles QB, successor to Carson Palmer in 2 years, and remember Palmer was a QB that sat before he became a starter.
21. Packers: Justin Gilbert CB, tall, rangy guy should help in match ups vs Jeffrey, Marshall, and Megatron twice a year (a job I don’t envy).

22. Eagles: Kyle Fuller CB, with how Philly scores points it will force teams to play catch up, you need corners

23. Chiefs: Teddy Bridgewater QB, perfect pick for both the team and the player.  Bridgewater could sit for a couple seasons behind the intellectual Smith and learn to maximize his strengths and limit his weaknesses, especially deciding gloves or no gloves.

24. Bengals: Jason Verrett CB, Can never have enough corners, when your D Line is that good you wont have to cover for long.  Plus they are not ready to give up on Dalton… yet!

25. Chargers: Louis Nix III NT, A power pig to put on the front line, just don’t sport the Bolo.

26. Browns: Derek Carr QB. Browns try their hand at it again for a franchise QB, especially since Johnny Football is off the board, could we see a trade since Manziel doesn’t want to be in J-Ville?

27. Saints: Kelvin Benjamin WR, another big target to go along with Colston and Graham for Drew Brees

28. Panthers: Cody Lattimer WR, after gutting there WR core Carolina starts to rebuild it

29. Patriots: Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE, Belichick drafts a TE to pair with Gronk to hopefully have the same success he had with trigga man Hernandez.  I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pats trade up for Ebron or trade down for more picks.
30. 49ers-: Jordan Matthews WR, a big sure handed guy to groom behind Boldin, just don’t have him learn how to go get the ball from mediocre Crabtree (Sherman words not mine), and don’t learn how to go across the middle soft from Davis (Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor words not mine) and he will be fine.

31.Broncos:  Ryan Shazier LB, if there’s one thing we found out in the SB, Denver needs more speed on D especially since you can’t draft more heart!
32. Seahawks: Joel Bitonio G, The champs draft a replacement for the disappointing Carpenter.  Does it feel like the Seahawks are pulling a Marlins and blowing the team up to rebuild for a later run?

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Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

Everybody in the NFL has been making a big fuss over the NFL coming out and saying if no one volunteers for “Hard Knocks” the league will pick a team.  Honestly I think that is a terrific idea!  As much as we (not me I love him) hate on Roger Goodell, he always seems to be on the right path.  I think he should eliminate volunteers and choose the team every year.

First off everyone needs to know what qualifies or disqualifies you from being on “Hard Knocks”:

1.  You have to missed the playoffs at least two weeks in a row to be on the show.

2.  If you have participated in “Hard Knocks” in the last 10 years you are no longer eligible

3.  Or if you just got a new coach you can’t participate.

Now that you have the rules down, I’m all for the choosing of the team without volunteers, why you ask?  Imagine when/if the Eagles don’t make the playoffs next year Goodell should choose the Eagles.  This way we can see all this “Speed Read” Offense.  We can see this new way of training, conditioning, and eating that keeps his team “FRESH”.  We get to see an aging Mike Vick try to hang out to whatever is left.  Compelling right?  Not to mention other characters like Riley “I will call you a Ninja” Cooper.

How about in the near future when Brady is starting to become washed up and the Patriots happen to miss the playoffs for two years, we get to see the Sith Lord himself, Bill Belichick, operate and work hard to build one more winning team for Brady to lead.  We get to see an old Ben Kenobi-type Brady still weaving his magic.  We can see Brady prepares with the chip still on his shoulder from draft day.  Can you even picture this?  I’m getting excited with the possibilities.

Hell, why stop at choosing the teams, I feel like Goodell should mandate that the Jaguars take Tebow and then make them do “Hard Knocks”.  Can you imagine all the fun it will be to see the acclaimed Terrible Tebow practices.  Also we get to see the Wide Receivers bite their lips, because Tebow is their teammate and he loves God and you never bash a man of faith (unless he touches little boys).

Hopefully you are starting to see the awesomeness of the NFL/Goodell just picking the darn team and letting us enjoy.  Right now if nothing changes (i.e. head coach) with all the dysfunction going on in Tampa Bay, they would be delicious TV.  We might actually see a team revolt.  I can see it now the  team comes out to practice with pitchforks and torches to run Greg Schiano out of town as if he was Frankenstein’s Monster (the name Frankenstein was the Doctor not the Monster).

Earlier in the last season of Hard Knocks  “Cool Reece” wrote about how terrible the show was, but I think the choosing of the team would help make the show exciting again.  You can just choose the biggest trainwreck, most compelling star, or coach out of a bunch of losers.  These are just my thoughts tell me what you think, by leaving a comment or tweeting me @UnSportsmenBigJ.

Jason “Big J” Allen

By: Jason “Big J” Allen, Follow Me @UnsportsmenBigJ

“Charges don’t stick to dude, he’s Teflon” Jay-Z “The Ruler’s Back” This is the NFL, John “Teflon Don” Gotti, nothing seems to effect the NFL image, EVER!  I have felt this way for a while but recently reading Joseph Haas (great follow too @JerseyHaas) Dings & Dents: The NFL Image Problem it made me think “Why can’t the NFL go the way of the MLB, and NBA image wise?”  What makes the NFL so untouchable?  At one time or another both the NBA, and MLB was considered untouchable, but boy how the mighty have fallen.  So what sets the NFL apart?  Why does the bad image never hurt the NFL?  One huge reason is the NFL is marketed as the “Ultimate TEAM SPORT!”

Let’s start with the NBA, during its heyday the talent was great and the technical part of the game was amazing.  Less athletes but you had more skill on the floor.  The first hurdle the NBA hit was a drug problem in the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s.   Say what you want about the David Stern, but he spent a whole career as a Commish cleaning up that image.  Luckily with emerge of Magic/Bird, and later MJ he had the great thought to promote “SuperStars”.  Yes, come one come all and see these extraordinary men play basketball.  The NBA is the most “Star studded” league out of the majors three, and that was by design.  Stern basically said look at how my league just produces stars you can follow from college up to the big leagues.  Well eventually that backfired with straight from high school jumps, which lowered the skill on the court, and the adding of more franchises (less is sometimes more).  Also the drug image got replaced eventually over time with the “Thug persona”.  Who could forgot players coming to the arena looking like rappers?  So you marketed a league around individual SuperStars and when the SuperStars were not as talented, or represented a certain aspect of the society that the masses couldn’t relate to, the league, got a bad rap (no pun).  Now the NBA is making every player go Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie” and we are starting to see the NBA fashion atmosphere come straight from the runway to the Press Conference.  I’m not to keen on the 1 year rule the league has mandated I think it should be closer to the NFL with 3 years so we can see these players grow overseas, or in college.  Also with the Stars actually being talented, and LBJ taking the spotlight to lead the league we are seeing a revamped image similar to the dare I say MJ years.

MLB is the perfect example of duality in image.  The MLB loved its status of “America’s Pasttime”, it had stars, excitement, and history.  The thing that hurt the MLB saved it all at the same time.  It’s history and reliance on numbers.  The MLB is probably the slowest evolving sport, look at its stance on replay.  Look how it refuses to put a better product on TV.  You have officially divided your fans MLB, the younger generation looks at you like a dinosaur because of your lack of technology and advancements, while the older generation looks at your PED issue as the destruction of the beloved stats.  When you have a drug problem that enhances performance, which enhances stats, it hurts the history of a sport that is so numbers and history orientated to a mockery.  Right now as I write your Home Run King was a PED user, and the league lacks the guts to do anything about it, because that would be change and we know the MLB is slow to do that.  So for the foreseeable future whenever we see a player jump in stats we will ask questions of how legit it is (Please let Puig be the real thing).  The MLB is directly responsible for its image of cheaters and old geezers, because it turned its head during the early reports of PED use.  The MLB turns its nose up at tech that can make the game better, or at least help get the call right (Angel Hernandez anyone).  Now because of the image you have made part of your culture you have a generation of kids growing up in the “Steroid era/PED era” and we are starting to see an apathy when it comes to cheaters.  Now the MLB is cleaning house and trying to slowly introduce technology, but it maybe a little to late to reclaim the #1 spot in America’s heart.

Now I know the NFL has had 30 arrest since the end of the Super Bowl, and right now one of the NFL’s stars is going through a trial that is revealing more horrendous acts every day.  Yet the Shield takes a bump, and like a good blacksmith the league continues to smooth it out.  Because the NFL is promoted as a team sport, and a next man up mentality its hard to associate the league with the acts of individuals.  Yes, the NFL promotes stars, you have your Peyton Manning who had a million commercials and SNL appearances, but did we forget that just 2 years ago we had a league with no Peyton Manning in it, and we still watched.  Imagine if the NBA lost LBJ for a year, would YOU watch?  Probably not.  In the NFL numbers don’t matter only wins Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning have some of the worse regular season stats of QB’s but yet they sit with 2 rings each.  We don’t call them a bum, because they win.  MLB you can have nasty numbers but turn up in the postseason and all everyone will point to is your average regular season’s when it’s HOF time (Curt Schilling is still not in HOF yet he helped revive and lead two snake bitten franchises to a World Series Championship).  Hell the NFL touted out Replacement players in 1987 and even Replacement Refs in two separate occasions (Fail Mary, the Nation will never forget) and we still watched.  This is all because the NFL never rests its head on one gimmick to be marketable.  The NFL never forgets its past, but always tries to push the envelope into the future, all while reminding America this is a team sport and one player will never destroy that image, even if its been 30 so far.  The NFL has Stars, the NFL has Stats, and the NFL has a image that everyone can get behind “Teamwork”.  So when it comes to an image to quote Lebron James and Lil’ Wayne the NFL “Ain’t got no worries!”

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

Real Steel, iRobot, or a little know movie by the name of Robot Jox (youtube it the movie is worth it), but all of these movies dealt with robots, or virtual reality sports. What if we are not that far off from that? Or will there ever be a time when the machines “Rise Up” and become the athletes?
I know it sounds a little far fetch but with our new tech savvy generation who knows. Today I was hanging with one of the homeboys and his one year old daughter (shout out to Millie) knew how to work an iPad I was amazed. She knew how to drag, drop, click on photos on Facebook, close the application, and open up her favorite app (ABC’s by Elmo). So it made me think about how sports would be in the future with technology.
Will major sports be too tech savvy? We already have jumped on instant replay, tennis has a computer that can tell you if the ball was in bounds or out, even hockey has the goal line rigged so a horn goes off if the puck passes. Yet what if they took it to another level with A.I.? Could we eventually see man vs machine (and I’m not counting Kasporov vs the computer)? Or what if competitive video gaming become a major, sport like a new virtual Madden or NBA2K.
Would these new sports or new take on old sports be less appealing to the public? Will humans be like characters on WALL-E? Just sit in a chair and let machines do everything? Maybe it’s hard to see in our lifetime but it makes you think. Sports as they are now could be boring in the future. Lets face it kids are not going outside like WE used to. When I was young you couldn’t keep me indoors. Now you have programs to encourage kids to play outside for at least 60 minutes (play60). Eventually we might just plug ourselves into the matrix, and then we wouldn’t have to worry about player safety so much Mr. Goodell, but it will be interesting to see the future of sports mixed with technology.


Ladies and Gents welcome back to the Boom Boom Room, where if your lady’s fine she can dine and if she tough she outta luck.  We have a two drink minimum tonight people and you ninjas over there in the back take your feet off my couch, cause you aint Rick James.  Shoulda never gave yall money.

The NBA had its all-star weekend in Houston and despite the influx of celebrities and NBA stars there; the league is taking a hit for the lack of All-Stars taking part in competitions such as, the slam dunk, 3point contest, or the lack of effort giving in the skills competition. So how does the league change this?  With the amount of money these superstars make it’s almost impossible to entice any of them to risk injury for fans.  David Stern, who’s on the verge of retiring, has a chance to end his reign as NBA commissioner with a “Bang!”(Sorry Mike Breen).  What do superstars with money want?  That’s right more money.  Stern has to up the ante and pay these guys; maybe a million to the winners in the 3point and skills competition and 2 million to the dunk contest winner.  While having a percentage going to their respective charities and that should make it more enjoyable to fans and get the Stars to come out before Sunday.
Onto my thoughts:
1. Been a long time since I seen an All-Star play as bad as Chris Bosh did. DAMN!!!
2. Roger Goodell made $30mil from this past season and still telling folks what to do like he underpaid. Castro, Fidel
3. Of course Kate Upton got a boob job its cold as hell in Antarctica; need the extra mass for warmth.
4. Kentucky lost by 30 points to Tennessee, Calipari must’ve been shook by NCAA and did everything by the book, because this freshmen class is… OK? I guess he didn’t pay anyone but Nerlens Noel.
5. Kyrie Irving’s a BEAST, but LBJ made the Cavs a winner.  To tae the words from JD “just saying”.
6. Alicia Keys was terrible at halftime, still fine though
7. Happy as all get out that Blue Ivy look like her mama.
8. There must be a playoff team that Alec Ogletree (UGA) was going to be drafted by at the end of 1st Rd.  So to be dumb enough to get a DUI before the combine…  #ThrowTheFlag!
9. Dwight Freeney and Charles Woodson being let go by their respective teams is surprising, especially Freeney, but if they could let go of Peyton then they damn sure could get rid of his black ass
10. As for hockey (NHL), ah well haven’t seen any hockey yet seems I got bronchitis. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

As always these are just my thoughts, right or wrong, its how I’m feeling at the time.  Now what do you think, so follow me @bprunsportsmenm.


By Jason “Big J” Allen @unsportsmenBigJ

Queue Evil empire music from Star Wars.  Now enter Darth Vader or for this article Roger Goodell.  With Goodell coming out mentioning how he would want to get rid of the kickoff there has been a huge disturbance in the NFL “Force” and uproar.  At first I felt the same way and then I thought, maybe this is a good thing or a chance to open the door for improvements.  Why did I change my mind? Because just like Darth Vader, Roger Goodell needs to bring balance to the NFL or rather safety so the NFL will not become existent or worse GOVERNMENT RUN!

Don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment, young Jedi.  Most don’t like Goodell because we have felt he has taken his power overboard, but let’s not forget that no different then the Republic giving full power to Senator Palpatine, which birthed Emperor Palpatine, the players granted Empe…  I mean Roger Goodell this power.  So don’t get mad when he “force chokes” your favorite players with fines and suspensions, because this is the bed the players made.

I know I know, he is taking away the violence in the game and yes we watch for the total carnage on the field.  Football is Violent and it’s our modern day Gladiator sport and he is making them wear “Skirts” (in my best southern redneck voice), but that comment is a total lie.  Fantasy Football please stand up.  This game has made the NFL more popular than anything else especially with the female demographic.  As a Fantasy Football owner you just love 6-3 scores right?  I know you do.  Also numbers and ratings have shown that the viewing public hates low scoring games or what we all call DEFENSIVE BATTLES.  Look at the Baltimore vs New York Giants Super Bowl in 2000 a 40.4 rating, and even the Tampa Bay and Raiders Super Bowl a 40.7 rating.  What do they all have in common?  Low ratings.  The average Super Bowl rating in the modern era (1998-2009) is 41.7 the thought that it would be a defensive battle, and low scoring, people thought it would be boring.  So violence is not the attraction for Football.

Lastly I’m defending Darth Goodell because with the recent lawsuits against the league about player safety and trauma after their career, Goodell HAS to make the game safer.  Why?  Because what happens if the NFL is deemed unsafe for the public?  Either the Government gets rid of it or the Government takes over it.  Look at our history in America, Government in Drugs, Alcohol (at one point the gov’t thought it was too dangerous and outlawed it until crime and bootlegging alcohol made cities more dangerous so they brought it back under restrictions), Cars with seat belts, and even gun control.  Things deemed unsafe the gov’t takes care of.  So Goodell is doing whatever he can to preserve our precious sport.

Now I don’t think getting rid of kickoffs is the answer, but I do believe thinking outside the box like this will eventually lead to the answer.  So just like Darth Vader, Goodell had to go to the Darkside and become the villain to protect the ones he loves (NFL).  But just like Luke Skywalker, NFL fans are stubborn, arrogant, and refusing to see through our emotions.  Just face it Darth Goodell is our Father and will eventually protect us from the Emperor Palpatine U.S. Government.


P.S.- Sidebar I never understood how Luke’s lightsaber went from Blue to Green between Empire Strikes Back to Return of the Jedi.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

Donkey Kong SUH

By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

Follow your boy @UnSportsMenBigJ

“Grab ‘em by da throat, Grab ‘em Grab ‘em by da throat, Push ‘em in the head, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp ‘em in the face,  and kick ‘em nuts”- sorry this is just an excerpt from my latest rap song called Ndamukong Suh.  Funny thing is these are just not lyrics over exaggerating life, this is a reality of the 2 time reigning champion of dirtiest player in the NFL; Donkey Kong Suh (I know Cortland Finnegan, former dirtiest player, is happy).  When is enough, ENOUGH NFL or Detroit Lions?

Every week we look at the NFL fine and call people out on hard hits, and the reason they preach these measures is for the safety of the players.  Donkey Kong Suh is a living, breathing, pass rushing determinant to player safety.  How can this guy continue to be employed in a league that tried to suspend on of the most respected players in the game, Ed Reed, for a split second judgment call hit?  Yet Suh who is consistently making these decisions to be DIRTY, continues to be given benefit of the doubt.

Notice I said DIRTY not AGGRESSIVE play, there is a major difference in the two.  If I rush the passer, fall, and aggressively pursue the QB and hit him below the knee and get a flag, ok that’s aggressive.  If I get thrown to the ground and use my leg to clip the QB, again illegal, but aggressive play.  If I try to kick the QB in the jewels?  That’s down right Christiana Aguilera “Dirty”.

InEpisode 8 of UnSportsMenMic Conduct, I mentioned Jim Schwartz as a possible coach to be fired and this was part of the reason.  Schwartz said he didn’t see the play as it happened but said he’d “be very surprised if it was anything other than just the natural course of the game.”  What?  The Lions should have been the first to hand out discipline, but instead they will do like they do with all their players let them run the asylum.  The Lions have had repeat issues with Leshoure, Farley, Berry (who was released), and now Young, sorry Young Sr..  You will never win with these knuckle heads, especially with one of their leaders being Donkey Suh.

I know the older players will say that’s how we played the game, and I respect the good ole days, Shout out to Deacon Jones, but in this new NFL it’s not allowed anymore.  The NFL is facing lawsuits now for not protecting their players in the past and not releasing knowledge to the players of what lasting effects head injuries would do to them.  You know a good way to stamp, excuse me stomp, your message of player safety?  Suspend Suh for a YEAR, so he wouldn’t be able to play until Thanksgiving next year.  I know it’s harsh but so was Bounty Gate, and that was mainly about what? Player safety!  Its time for Roger Goodell to stand up and slightly steal a line from Denzel Washington’s, Alonzo Harris character, in Training Day, “Donkey Kong Suh and got sh*# on me, and your suspended for a year”

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

FINALLY THE NFL AND THE FIRST FAMILY MIGHT GET WHAT THEY’VE WANTED SINCE THE END OF THE 2007 SEASON.  Peyton vs Eli, The Sheriff vs Mr.Clutch, Intense vs Ah Shucks, with the Super Bowl in there hometown of New Orleans, dam Jason (Expectations of Peyton Manning in Denver) was right it is Super Bowl or bust for Denver.  Roger Goodell probably has pee’d on himself in delight just of the thought of a Manning vs Manning Super Bowl.  As if the league wasn’t popular enough.

Eli has the G-Men at 6-2 and tell him a team they can’t beat and watch them beat the brakes off them (You saw that 49ers game). The front four of Tuck, Osi, JPP, and Canty (I call the “Gangham Gang”) are a terror for opposing quarterbacks and along with Nicks and Cruz (best slot WR in the game, sorry Welker you can’t dance like Cruz); the G-Men will be a tough out in the playoffs.

Peyton’s the story here; coming off 4 neck surgeries.  Come on we thought he’d be successful but this is ridiculous.  The sheriff is on a mission like “YALL MUST’VE FORGOT”(Yes a Roy Jones Jr. reference). Peyton in his last 4 games has completed 75% of his passes with a td-int ratio of 12-1 and look at the remaining schedule: @ Cinn, @ Car, SD, @ KC, TB, @ Oak, @ Balt, Cle, and KC that could easily be a 12-4 finish.  Let’s not forget that Peyton has the young guns on the outside Decker, and Thomas; the wise old hands of McGahee, and Stokley.  For the second time in his career a defense that can stop somebody with rush ends Miller and Dumervil.

Man as long as someone takes out Brady for Peyton in the playoffs they won’t be stopped (still not sold on the Texans). Now Eli beats Brady but he ain’t never beat Peyton.  Stay tuned because Archie Manning may become the king of Bourbon Street and the NFL, move over Goodell, the First Family is here! #CooperManningwefeelyourPain


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