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By: Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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When is it time for Terrel Owens, Randy Moss, and Chad Johnson to retire?  Does any team want them?  Do they have what it takes to be a NFL wide receiver again? Of course not!  They might catch a few balls here and there and may be a good offensive asset on a team, but what they lack is leadership.  Yea they can teach  players how to run a route, how to read coverages, but can they teach you how to be a winner?  HELL NO!  Can they teach players how to conduct themselves on and off the field?  HELL NAH!  Can they lead by example?  HECK NO!  Based on their history, as a NFL team you got to go Whitney Houston and say “HELLS TO THE NO!”

First, all of them need to stay away from social media, reality shows, or just being in the media (making news).  Chad can’t stay away from trouble or twitter. Clearly he tweets about everything else but football.  Would you want that on your hopefully budding franchise?  Then you have Randy who is probably sitting in corner somewhere saying to himself “I’m the best receiver in the league”, yet alligator arms passes in the Super Bowl, and telling people how he pays off fines (“Straight Cash Homie”).  T.O is either bowling, playing softball, basketball, tennis, golf, diving off something, or maybe even playing badmitting for a charity event. With all the headaches and distractions, they have going on it’s no wonder nobody wants them.  Yet they are looking at the league and can’t understand why they don’t have a job.

Who knows what these guys are doing, or what they can bring to the table for a team.  Why would a team waste their time for an older, slower, or average hand receiver.  Remember that the G.O.A.T. Jerry Rice at an extended age led the Raiders to a Super Bowl appearance, but after the Raider stint, he couldn’t find a job as a starter.  Mike Shannahan was on record saying that Jerry would have started for his team if he wasn’t in his 40’s.  Now that is the greatest, and he had no outside issues, and he couldn’t get a job late in his career.  Then these guys have no chance, they might as well retire and move on because majority of teams needs are not a receiver especially an older one.

Either way all of them have question marks about their game and character.  Bringing unwanted attention, destroying locker rooms, or feeling they are above the team.  If they could have just kept their mouths closed, they might still have a job, instead of sitting at home (I bet Randy Moss is smoking a Blunt right now!)  Maybe it would have been different for them if they could have ever got the concept of there’s no “I” in team. Instead of the concept of there’s a “me, me, me”.  The thing that T.O., Moss, and Johnson love the most!

Veteran guys like them you just don’t need!

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

By Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas @coolreece15

We all have heard of that term the “Patriot Way” but what does that term really mean?  I always thought of how they like to separate themselves from other teams in the league in so called class and sportsmanship.  Yet they had spy gate, they ran around and taunted the Jets after a victory, but got upset when the Jets responded in turn.  Some say the “Patriot Way” is a philosophy of champions or its about everyone doing their job as a team.  I’m starting to see the” Patriots Way” differently, how they cut or not resign players after they get old or maybe even get diabetes (sorry Kyle Love).  Maybe the “Patriots Way” is if  you complain about a check you don’t get a check, ask Wes Welker, because Danny Amendola got his check.  I feel like the “Patriot Way” is like the Sith Rule of Two, one Master (Belicheck) and one Apprentice (Tom Brady).

I could say that the “Patriot Way” is propaganda pushed by the Empire, with Belicheck being Palpatine and Tom Brady being Darth Vader.  The “Patriot Way” has always seemed to take troubled players and turn them into heroes in their system, ask Corey Dillon how it felt turning to the Darkside, Randy Moss even saw some glory and career revival.  Now you can’t save them all (Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth), but they do a great job of turning troubled players against the world.  As Palpatine would say it “let the hate flow through you”. We can all agree that as long as Belcheck and Brady are at the helm the “Patriot Way” will also stand for playing smart, being disciplined and everyone competing at their best.  Regardless what happens they always seem to overcome the odds, hell Vader.. I mean Brady got hurt and they still managed to have a winning season.  How long can this last though?

Are we starting to see the fall of the iron clad “Patriot Way”, because it’s starting to feel like a New Hope in the NFL, where the rebels (the rest of the league), maybe catching up or at least finding the one weakness in the Death Star (which was a glaring weakness, come on space design has to be better than that).  Obviously the force is not with Gronk because he can’t stay healthy.  The owner can’t keep up with his own damn ring. Lets not talk about Aaron Hernandez, because he is about to be in a heap of trouble.  Maybe just maybe with the recent signing of Tim Tebow, we are seeing a change to a new apprentice?  Palpatine did always want Luke Skywalker to join the Empire.  How do you transition from one Golden Boy?  You get another Golden Boy.  Tebow might cause more of a media frenzy for the upcoming season, but that’s if they put him on the field. I think it would be a good thing for Tebow, and if he is not the next apprentice he can at least be General Grievous.  So really what is the Patriot Way?  Seems like the term has changed since it was first penned.  We know this for certain, as long as the Sith Two reign at the top of the Galaxy, or NFL, we will be under their Rule!

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @coolreece15

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas



By: Jason “Bg J” Allen

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As sports fans we sit around and argue about who is the greatest and who is the best in their prime.  At the end of the day we will never know but it is fun to speculate, so I decided to take an argument that the UnSportsMenMic team have argued a lot about.  Cool Joe vs Tom Terrific: Ultimate Grudge Match.

Now I know initial reaction from everyone that is not a Patriots fan is screaming JOE MONTANA! Period, point blank, end of discussion.  Yet I feel differently, I tend to lean toward Tom Brady so let the controversy begin.  I will look at who made their offensive talent better, who had the better overall team (defense), better coaching, durability, career achievements, and the covenant “Clutch” to make my argument.

            Let’s start with the fact that I’m a Niner fan so we can’t accuse me of bias because the bias would say Cool Joe all day.  Yes I root against Tom getting his 4th ring so he won’t tie Joe.  Yet that’s a perfect place to start Super Bowls and rings.  Joe has been to 4 and won 4, while Brady has been to 5 and won 3.  Now, everyone is saying easy win for Joe, but hold on for one second.  Montana won his first ring with a good supporting cast (Remember Rice was not with the team for the first 2 rings).  Montana made offensive stars out of Dwight Clark, and Fred Solomon at WR.  I bet no one can even name the RB on that 1981 team…  Exactly so again Montana was the star.

This is no different then Brady during his first run, Troy Brown, David Patten at WR, Kevin Faulk, and Antowain Smith at RB.  Again neithter had great talent, but both pushed their teams higher.  We all know the history of the Niners, eventually Montana got weapons like Rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig, and even Brent Jones.  Tom Brady did get help in the way of Randy Moss, and Corey Dillon.  Now he won a ring with Dillon, but was 0-1 with Moss.  I know the masses are clamoring for Wes Welker, but I’m sorry Brady made him; he was a nobody in Miami.  So for overall talent I call it Montana. Tom Brady has won with a bunch of no names and continued to be successful.  So Tom Brady wins making his teammates better.

Another knock people will throw Brady’s way is that he won his Super Bowls with great defenses and Montana led the team to Super Bowls with great offense.  Not so fast, in Montana’s 14 seasons with the Niners the defense averaged 10th in total defense.  Now with this ranking of 10th they have only ranked lower than 15th in 3 seasons (20th in ’79, 27th in ’80, and 21st in ’82).  So the defense has been extremely solid in Montana’s tenure.  In Brady’s 13 years with the Patriots the defense has an average rank of 17th; they have only been over 15th in 6 out of his 13 years.  So Brady has never had the Defenses Montana had, especially lately.  So my edge goes to Brady again for winning with a Defense not as dominate as Montana.

Now we go to coaching.  I think in general you give the edge to Bill Walsh, but in this argument you REALLY give the edge to Bill Walsh.  Walsh was an offensive coach compared to Belichick’s defensive minded coaching, which helps a QB like Montana.  Secondly Walsh changed the NFL offensively, with the West Coast offense.  Now I know the Football minds are yelling, “Belichick with the 2 set TE’s with athleticism is changing the game.” Before you jump off a cliff the 2 TE set is a function of Formation 2 in the West Coast Offense that used a H-Back (TE/FB remember Tom Rathman and William Flyod) and a TE in the formation so again a creation of the West Coast and Walsh.  Let’s not forget the great scouter of talent Walsh was (we have talked about Bill Belichick’s lack of draft impact).  Walsh had a great eye for talent, Montana goes down and he had a Hall of Famer, Steve Young (who he traded for from the Buccaneers), ready as a back up.  Brady goes down, and yes they go 11-5 with Matt Cassel, but we know Cassel was a scrub and the Pats missed the playoffs.  This also lends to the thought of Montana having a better overall team then Brady.  Better coaching edge is Montana, which means a win for Brady, because again he carries more of the burden for his team’s success.

My next argument is durability, and I know “QB’s wear dresses in this era” is what all the meat heads are saying.  Yes it was a tougher league in the Montana day so I take that in account, but Montana was a small build and you could knock him out of games.  Ask how the Bears and Giants attacked him.  Montana in his career has missed 25 games, missed one entire season in ’91 and played one game in ’92.  Brady has missed 17 games and 16 were in ’08.  Before the injury Brady was considered Eli Manning like in taking a punishment and still throwing strikes.  Montana was the same way in his prime.  Yet by pure numbers Brady is a bit more durable.  Let’s call this a tie.

Next, let’s look at awards over a career:


Joe Montana

Tom Brady




Super Bowl MVP



All-First Team



Off. Player of Year



Comeback Player of YR





So yes the edge is Montana, because of the All-Pro NFL First Team.  Brady lost a lot of these because of Peyton Manning’s statistical regular season dominance.

Now our last thing to take in account is “The Clutch” performances.  Brady has 27 4th Quarter comebacks to Montana’s 31.  So you would say case closed right?  Wrong Brady in Game Winning Drives has 38 and Montana has 33.  So if you need one drive to win it all, Brady is your man.  Joe Cool over the course of a comeback is more dominate. So I have to say here is another wash/tie.

So to recap, these are both Great QB’s and when it is said and done we may be looking at 1 and 2 or 1A, and 1B.  Yet if you break it down, Montana had better supporting cast (especially in a no salary cap era), better coaching offensively, better Defense, and Montana has more career achievements.  I think the durability and “Clutch” argument is a wash.  So for me Brady is the better QB, he has made less talent better, had worse offensive coaching, and a worse defense.  Being honest the difference between Brady having 4 or 5 rings has been the lack of Defensive talent and dynamic offensive playmakers.  Agree or Disagree?  Tell me what you think.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

By:  Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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Why is the smallest position in football talk the most?  Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman have this twitter war about who’s the best corner in the league.  Of course ESPN loves it!  But notice corners and receivers do the most talking.  From The Playmaker (Michael Irving) to T.O., even PrimeTime, to DeAngelo Hall.  Is being on the outside make you king of your own football Universe?

Notice quarterbacks don’t say anything (you make get Jay Cutler vs Philip Rivers beef, or a very confident Tom Brady) and they have every right to talk.  They are steady trying to prove themselves as an elite. Even guys on the line of scrimmage going thru the trenches have a right, because they maul each other every play.  Yet corners and receivers have this swag (imaginary or real) about them as if their “god” of football.  But some receivers are not even physical. Some receivers don’t block.  Some receivers only run one route (Randy Moss). So dare I say some receivers aren’t really football players?

You can make the same case for Corners.  Some of them don’t play the run, refuse to get off blocks, whiff on easy tackles (Asaunte Samuels), we are not going to mention bad technique or blowing coverage because you bite on a underneath route.  Imagine if other positions were allowed the luxury of these mistakes?  Oh yeah they aren’t because they would get benched.  Sad thing is most corners are overrated like Revis (yeah I said it).

If your team didn’t win the Super Bowl then STOP TALKING!  Although I’m with Sherman on this topic.  Sherman has 12 int in two seasons while Revis 16 ints in 6 seasons, and I’m sorry, but Revis has been acting like a diva lately.  Did he really expect the Jets to call him? After this ninja was nowhere to be found 2yrs ago from holding out.  To quote Richard Sherman “You mad brah!”   Sherman might be running his mouth like a girl but they all suffer from little man syndrome or the “I’m insecure so I need to make myself feel better”. The people with arguably the biggest Hero, or Goat possibility (Chris Culliver in the Super Bowl) need to learn to stop talking SHIT! And just play the game.  What do you think?

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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