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When the 6’9″ small forward was bought out of his contract with the Sixers; the question around league circles was “where would be the best fit for Danny Granger?”   A guy with immense talent but with the durability of Mr. Glass (At least he doesn’t rock the haircut).

There was to much bad blood for it to be with the Heat (yet it would have stuck it to Indiana), to much depth to be with the Spurs, and OKC would’ve made sense.  However, now that we know Granger has chosen the Clippers, what can we expect from him?     First off a starting five of Paul, Griffin, Jordan, Granger and Dudley would be a tough match up for anyone in the West.  Doc Rivers is the right coach to make it all work.  He is used to having multiple superstars on one team and getting them to a common goal (as long as he doesn’t have a Rondo part 2 in the group).  The move also improves the depth of the Clippers bench with Crawford, Collison, and Reddick bringing the fire power.

The big question is how much does Granger have in the tank.  Also why would the Pacers trade him away in the first place?  I know about the terrible shooting percentage, how uncomfortable he seems coming off the bench, but you would think Larry “Legend” wouldn’t get rid of a former All-Star working his way back in unless there was a flaw.  So now we sit, wait, and see what will come of Mr. Gla…  I mean Danny Granger.  I’m not saying this move would make the Clippers the favorite to win the Western Conference, but it won’t hurt there chances either.  At least until Granger gets hurt again.

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Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller


By Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas @coolreece15

“The office or position of a Leader” Merrier-Webster definition of Leadership.

Can Rajon Rondo Lead???  With Garnet, Pierce, and Rivers gone can Rondo be the man?  Meaning can he led the Boston Celtics to eventually win a championship or compete in the east?  Some say no; some say yes, but everyone has a different opinion or idea of leadership.  The bottom line is we question Rondo’s integrity at times.  Can Rajon Rondo be trusted to honor his values, and does he behave ethically?   We know off the court  he has never been a trouble maker, and has no reports of getting arrested.

“The act or an instance of Leading” Merrier-Webster second definition of Leadership

On the court Rondo’s play and stats speak for themselves.  Rondo is one of the best defenders in the game, and very unselfish player.  Through out his career Rondo has averaged 11pts, 8asst, 5rebs, while shooting 48% from the field.  The more amazing thing is how he takes his play to another level once the playoffs start, which is a true sign of a great player; Rondo averages 14pts, 9asst, 6rebs.  Rondo has 4 All-Star appearances, Led the league in steals in 2010 (2.3) Led the league in  assist and triple doubles in 2012 (11.7 asst and 6 triple doubles) and 2013 (11.1 asst and 5 triple doubles).  Based on those stats you would have to say that Rondo could and should be a leader.

“Capacity to Lead” Merrier-Webster third definition of Leadership

What hurts Rondo is his relationships, it has reported that he is hard to coach and to play with. Even some rumors of fights in practice, granted it is hard to play with someone that you can’t get along with but who said leaders can’t be assholes?  Michael Jordan punched teammates, Kobe Bryant is known to alienate his teammates, hell he aggravated the great Phil Jackson.  Let’s give Rondo a break he is only 27.  Maybe there is some growing up to do, and finally without the veteran Big 2 (Pierce and Garnett), he can blossom into a new role.  Newly hired Head Coach Brad Stevens might let Rondo do more of his own thing and get out of Rondo what Doc Rivers never could.  At the end of the day through out Rondo’s career he has been statistically leading by example, now its time to Lead as the face of a rebuilding Celtics franchise.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @coolreece15

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

Wall Street Ray Allen

Imagine that you are one of three people to revive a company.  You make it to the top and then everyone decides to bring in a fourth guy to the company.  You agree because you promoted within the company and you know the guy.  After a few years the company is getting a bit stale and out dated and you are not getting along with the fourth partner you agreed to bring in.  It gets to the point where the other two original members want you to help the company from the sidelines and start a new “Big Three” without you.

What would you do?  Play your role knowing your unhappy and things are not going your way?  Continue to take the paycheck because of loyalty and history? And what if a company that 2nd best in your field two years ago, and number one last year ask for your services in a similar role, less money, but a chance at more success?  This was the situation faced by Ray Allen.

We perceive Ray Allen as a traitor, because how could he leave his boys and go to the enemy?  Well where were his friends when they benched Ray Allen?  Where were his friends Rajon Rondo became the new “Big Three”?  Doc Rivers even admits he didn’t handle the situation well, and he felt he was part of the reason Ray left.  If your job showed you this much disregard how would you react, honestly.  Strip away the millions and the brotherhood and look at the NBA as a job and majority of us would have been looking for a new gig.  Ray Allen’s new gig just happened to be with the defending world champs and the #1 villain in Cleveland LeBron “King got a Ring” James.

Kevin Garnets childish behavior over the matter is ridiculous, be hurt I understand that it’s a human response, but get over it.  Should Minnesota feel bad that you left and “lose your number” because you helped build something there and moved on?  No they respected your decision and still showed you love when you walk into the arena.  Trust me KG I feel you, that was your brother, you shared your greatest career accomplishment with him, but we all move on especially when you feel disrespected.

My favorite quote from Wall Street is:

Bud Fox: How much is enough?
Gordon Gekko: It’s not a question of enough, pal. It’s a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn’t lost or made, it’s simply transferred from one perception to another

Everybody should respect Ray Allen’s decision because he made it out of winning first and second showing the Celtics organization, and Rondo that he still has something left in the tank.  So how much is enough when you feel disrespected?  Or does only winning or losing matter?  How does the perception of Ray Allen change in your mind, because who he plays with?


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