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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

Everybody in the NFL has been making a big fuss over the NFL coming out and saying if no one volunteers for “Hard Knocks” the league will pick a team.  Honestly I think that is a terrific idea!  As much as we (not me I love him) hate on Roger Goodell, he always seems to be on the right path.  I think he should eliminate volunteers and choose the team every year.

First off everyone needs to know what qualifies or disqualifies you from being on “Hard Knocks”:

1.  You have to missed the playoffs at least two weeks in a row to be on the show.

2.  If you have participated in “Hard Knocks” in the last 10 years you are no longer eligible

3.  Or if you just got a new coach you can’t participate.

Now that you have the rules down, I’m all for the choosing of the team without volunteers, why you ask?  Imagine when/if the Eagles don’t make the playoffs next year Goodell should choose the Eagles.  This way we can see all this “Speed Read” Offense.  We can see this new way of training, conditioning, and eating that keeps his team “FRESH”.  We get to see an aging Mike Vick try to hang out to whatever is left.  Compelling right?  Not to mention other characters like Riley “I will call you a Ninja” Cooper.

How about in the near future when Brady is starting to become washed up and the Patriots happen to miss the playoffs for two years, we get to see the Sith Lord himself, Bill Belichick, operate and work hard to build one more winning team for Brady to lead.  We get to see an old Ben Kenobi-type Brady still weaving his magic.  We can see Brady prepares with the chip still on his shoulder from draft day.  Can you even picture this?  I’m getting excited with the possibilities.

Hell, why stop at choosing the teams, I feel like Goodell should mandate that the Jaguars take Tebow and then make them do “Hard Knocks”.  Can you imagine all the fun it will be to see the acclaimed Terrible Tebow practices.  Also we get to see the Wide Receivers bite their lips, because Tebow is their teammate and he loves God and you never bash a man of faith (unless he touches little boys).

Hopefully you are starting to see the awesomeness of the NFL/Goodell just picking the darn team and letting us enjoy.  Right now if nothing changes (i.e. head coach) with all the dysfunction going on in Tampa Bay, they would be delicious TV.  We might actually see a team revolt.  I can see it now the  team comes out to practice with pitchforks and torches to run Greg Schiano out of town as if he was Frankenstein’s Monster (the name Frankenstein was the Doctor not the Monster).

Earlier in the last season of Hard Knocks  “Cool Reece” wrote about how terrible the show was, but I think the choosing of the team would help make the show exciting again.  You can just choose the biggest trainwreck, most compelling star, or coach out of a bunch of losers.  These are just my thoughts tell me what you think, by leaving a comment or tweeting me @UnSportsmenBigJ.

Jason “Big J” Allen

By: Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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How can the NFC East be one of the most talented divisions, but also be one of the most inconsistent divisions in the NFL? The way these teams play reminds me of some girls I’ve tried to date or sleep with, but always ended up a tragedy.  I know your thinking football and dating don’t mix right?  You’re absolutely right!

Its not like I sit around thinking about girls while watching football.  But let me explain why I compare the two.  BTW No-Homo.  Season after season your never know what team is going to win the division, its always a crap shoot.  They either tease you into thinking they can have a good chance at winning a Superbowl.  In fact a certain team won a Superbowl then the next few years have been completely horrible.  Or they hype you up thinking you’ve found, “THE ONE”, the player that will get you to the promise land, but all you find is a disappointing season.  The NFC East is hard to predict just like a WOMAN!

Fellas, have you ever dated a women that was fine as hell and you think you can get with her?  She throwing that Miley Cyrus at you, but once the opportunity presents its self she ends up being a teaser.  Kinda like the way the EAGLES play.  They excite fans with their speed and fast pace offense, but its a tease.  Because they will find a way to lose, either they are going to turn the ball over, play bad defense, or just not score enough points.

How about a girl you’ve slept with but, in the back of your mind you know she isn’t marriage material.  She has potential, but lacking in other areas.  The GIANTS of course.  They have a proven 2 time Superbowl winning Quarterback and a possible Hall Of Fame coach but this season they start 0-4.

Or a chick that the first few times you see her she was fine ass hell, but the next few times you see her she is suspect. On Seinfield they called this the “Two-Face”.  This is the REDSKINS.  You saw her at the club looking amazing and then you see her later with no make-up, without her wig, or weave and looks like a Dumpster Fire.  Also she forgot to use Dove in certain areas. 

What about that “All-American Girl” (blonde of course).  She is the one you’ve tried to date in High School, but never could get it because you were in the “friend zone”.  These are the COWBOYS. On paper the relationship would be great.  You get along as friends, but can never figure out why you can’t take it to the next level with her, or “Unfriend Zone” yourself.  Then when you get close she starts to have meltdowns and has problems upstairs (yea I’m talking about Jerry Jones).  Just another tease. (Video is Explicit)

Bottom line is its all about expectations. These NFC East teams just like some women are expected to be a winner. These teams have strong potential, but they don’t bring it every Sunday.  The NFC East has a total of 4 wins. Really!?  I guess just like in life you have to go through the bad to hopefully get to the good.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

What type of Woman is your team?  Twitter me or leave a comment

By:  Raymond “Big Play” Miller

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Before the season started I saw these two match ups on the NFL Week 3 schedule and said to myself that this could be called “Revenge of the Fallen” with Andy Reid going back to Philly and Ed Reed going back to Baltimore, so here’s the advantages I see in these match ups and who will win and why:

Kansas City @ PHILADELPHIA (-3 51)


Chiefs advantage: a balanced ball control attack with a QB in Smith that doesn’t turn the ball over.  Smith will make the checkdowns to get Charles out in space and the fact that they want to win this game badly for Reid.



Eagles advantage: tempo, TEMpo, and more TEMPO!  The Eagles can run a multitude of plays which won’t allow the Chiefs to sub in and out.  Facing Shady McCoy and DJax (his play this year lets us know he didn’t give a damn last year) that won’t be an easy task for the Chiefs.



Who will win and why: Chiefs +3 and the over, in two games the Eagles haven’t stopped anyone and J. Charles and D. Bowe will be the best skill players at their respective positions that the Eagles have faced thus far. The fact McNabb’s number is being retired will just make it an awful night for the fans of Philly. Kansas City wins 31-27


Houston (-2 1/2) @ Baltimore


Texans advantage: The passing game!  Schaub already had Johnson and Daniels, but with the sudden emergence of Hopkins to go along with Foster on check downs;  it could be a long day for Baltimore’s secondary.



Ravens advantage: Physicality!  The Texans are a team that doesn’t like to play physical offensively.  Flacco should be able to stretch the field with Smith for some huge gains, and the combo of Dumervil and T-Sizzle (Ball So Hard University) can wreck any teams game plan.

Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championship

Who will win and why: Texans -2.5 and the over.  Normally, I would take the Ravens, but I just don’t think they can score right now to keep up with the Texans.  Plus J.J. Watt!!!!! is due for a big game. Texans 31-17

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller


How to Stop Chip Kelly Offense

By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

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The First Monday night football game of the season held what some are calling a revolution of the NFL game.  Others are calling it a fad or a gimmick ala the Wildcat.  Regardless of what side you place your claim, at the end of the day as long as Chip Kelly has a job this Speed/Read offense is here to play…  I mean stay.

Watching the Speed of the game made everyone sit up and say “Man the Eagles could win the division”, it also had people saying “How do you stop this offense.”  Well rest easy, because Big J has seen ways to stop the Chip and Vick offensive out pour.

Naturally like all things you need the personnel to execute a defense that can stop this Speed Read offense.  You have to have an aggressive, fast, and agile defensive line.  A good mix would be the new LB/DE hybrid players, or the LB/Safety hybrid player.  With good mobile beef in the middle.  When you look back at the Oregon days that is exactly how teams that beat them did. Look at the Auburn vs Oregon tape in the 2011 National Championship.  Having guys that can attack the runner and passer without having to go small (more DB on the field) is a must.  Your linemen and Linebackers have to be able to attack and cover for a bit.

Sometimes looking at the history of why things are created can help destroy it.  Kelly created this offense to help off set not getting the biggest, strongest, and fastest athletes. So he created an offense to be an equalizer, to give the average to good player a punchers chance.  You know what offense was also created in this vain?  The West Coast “Bill Walsh the greatest EVER!” Offense!  Why is this important?  Well do we all remember a certain defense called the “46” that shut it down?  I’m sure we all do, this Defense was all about PRESSURE on the ball. Get there fast and when you get there hit hard.  This Defense if ran properly would completely demolish this offense.  Only concern is all the Cover 0 (secondary coverage that has no safety over top and everyone is in Man to Man) or Cover 1 (one safety back) you would have to play to be effective.  Buddy Ryan created a defense, that was never duplicated with the same success after he left, but if someone took the time to use its principles it would give the Speed/Read fits.

This leads me to another Ryan… Rob Ryan and the “Amoeba Defense”, this has been known to give Tom Brady fits, and who ran the most plays in a game before Kelly came along?  The New England Patriots.  Also the Patriots use a similar read and react offense, that Kelly utilizes.  Why this Defense would be effective is because the sets and formations are hidden.  Linemen standing up, Linebackers in 3-point stances, Defensive Backs at the line of scrimmage, just pure chaos.  So why not match chaos with chaos?  The “Amoeba Defense” would make it hard for the offense to read and react to the defense.  Especially when you wouldn’t know who would be dropping into coverage or rushing.

Last but not least, you can resign to the motto that the best defense is a good offense.  If you can move the ball and keep the Eagles offense off the field, it will help take their rhythm away.  Running a good solid ball control offense where you eat up time of possession will rest your defense and also putting points on the board will make the Eagles offense have to press a bit.

Now if all of this fails, the best thing you can do is fake injuries, cramps work the best, or you can do the old school lay on the player after a tackle so he can’t get the ball to the officials quickly.  At the end of the day I can’t wait to see how this offense changes the look of the NFC East. Will teams start drafting players to help stop Chip Kelly?  Think about when the Rams were the “Greatest Show On Turf” the whole NFC West tried to load up on DB to stop them.  I can see the NFC East becoming the hybrid player/scheme/defense division in a few years, and then it might infect the league.  I know one thing for certain though, training camp wind sprints will take on a whole new meaning when it comes to conditioning.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

By: Jason “Big J” Allen

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“I like him, I like him too, I wish I could draft the best players in the world!”  Sorry Lil’ Wayne for butchering your song, but Fantasy Football has changed the Football fan.  Now, for better or for worse is your decision.  The new age fan has an allegiance to a team, but they are more aligned to the players they decide to draft.  Now NFL and football purist have trouble conceiving how you can root against your team or draft a player off a rival team.  Yet this is the new fan, “The Fantasy Football Loyalist”.

A perfect example of this fan is my one and only fiance Jess (What’s your Fantasy? Football Team Name), she is a huge college football fan (Go Noles!), but not so much NFL.  Hell she was dumb enough to be a Jets fan at first (Sorry Raymond “Big Play” Miller) when she chose a team, she thought Rex Ryan would be a cool coach to play under, once they got Tebow she jumped off the Jets and joined me in 49er paradise.  I tell you all this to say she had an immediate advantage in Fantasy Football over me, because she carries no “Heart picks”.  You know the pick you do with your love (for me it’s always been Frank Gore, now currently it’s Kaepernick) of players on your team.  Instead Jess picks players solely on the “Janet Jackson Rule” aka the “What have you done for me lately”, she cares less about who you play for and if you play against the 49ers.  The new fan “The Fantasy Football Loyalist”.

We are seeing more and more of these types of fans pop up and a lot of them live by the thought of “If MY team wins the Super Bowl, I feel great, but if my Fantasy Football team wins I GET PAID (or at least bragging rights in non money leagues)”.  So now you are seeing fans that have huge allegiance to players.  Not the teams.  Not the organizations.  Not the legacy of a franchise.  None of that, just the player and what he can produce, that’s where the fandom ends and “The Fantasy Football Loyalist” begins.

These type of fans bother the purist who believe in one team, one rooting interest, and one goal of Super Bowl Championships.  Some purist go as far as to say that “The Fantasy Football Loyalist” are ruining the game, but I beg to differ.  These fans are changing and uplifting the game.  These fans will watch the dreadful Jaguars when I wont because they need Cecil Shorts III to catch a touchdown.  These fans a lot of times know more about players and the league than the single minded “I only care about my team fan” (I have lived in D.C. [Pigskin fans], Pennsylvania [E-A-G-L-E-S, Steel Nation], and now outside the ATL [Dirty Birds] so I know a lot about single minded fans), and that is what grows the game.  Teams you won’t watch they will, and root for their fantasy player as loud and hard as you will for your team.  Lets be honest these type of fans are the reason for the NFL RedZone Channel.  Thank You “The Fantasy Football Loyalist”.

All my NFL purist just face the fact that “The Fantasy Football Loyalist” is here to stay.  They have made old dogs like me learn new tricks if I want to compete in the Fantasy Football landscape.  So yes “I like Him, and I like Him too”, and if Russell Wilson is on the board at a reasonable pick, I’m taking him.  When he plays the 49ers twice this year, I will hope for 300yds 3tds, but a 49er victory.  Does this make me a bad fan?  Probably so, but I have lost to my fiance in a Fantasy Football playoff round and hearing her brag is worse than any Super Bowl the 49ers could lose to the Ravens.  Damn You “The Fantasy Football Loyalist”!

Fantasy Furnace for real Fantasy Football advice.  I lost to my Fiance so you know I need help @fantasyfurnace

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

By: Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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Is it that serious that Riley Cooper said to N word towards other white people?  Of course he was wrong for using it, but he was at a Kenny Chesney concert. Most “niggas” don’t know who Kenny Chesney is, hell I didn’t and still some what don’t.  Does that make him racist?  Was he calling a black person a nigger?  If he used a different racial slur it wouldn’t be that much of a big deal.  Based on what Riley said, I dont have a problem with it.  How can we fault him when we (Black folks) use it all the time.  Do we own the word?  Chris Rock said it best “its not always the word but its the context in which the word is said.”

Brothas and Sistas it seems like we are the only race to hold on to racism more than others.  I’m not saying it’s not out there but sometimes you have to let ignorant things like this go.  Lets not forget how we separate ourselves from other blacks.  We call the rowdy, ignorant, or hood blacks “ niggas!”  I’m sure he has heard the black folks in the locker room yell “Nigga this, Nigga that”.  We shouldn’t blame Riley Cooper we need to blame ourselves, for keeping a word alive that we obviously don’t want used.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

Eagles a Dynasty with VICK?

By: Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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“When I look at our football team and what we have on paper … I think we have a chance to be that. I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty,” these words would come back to haunt Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012.  Maybe Vick was not being dumb, but rather Ms. Cleo and seeing the future.  Maybe it was Andy Reid’s fault for bringing Vick in or making poor Defensive Coordinator decisions?  Now we might have a new coach who could possibly use Vick.

What does new Head Coach Chip Kelly look for in a QB? First, “a QB with big hands to throw the ball”, people always talk about Vick’s small stature and SMALL HANDS; negative for Vick.  Second, “a QB that doesn’t take sacks”, Vick was sacked 7.4% of drop backs 28th highest in the league; negative for Vick.  “QB’s that get the ball out quickly”, because Kelly wants the ball out in 1.5 seconds.  Granted that will be hard in the NFL, but Vick averaged 2.7 seconds and had trouble making quick reads; negative for Vick.  So far Kelly is not looking good for Vick.

Let’s look at the QB’s that have been under Kelly’s tutelage as a Head Coach.

  • Dennis Dixon– Talented guy with an average deep ball, but rarely turns the ball over.  Can run effectively when needed to, but lacked accuracy under pressure and lacks bulk.  Very similar to Vick.
  • Jeremiah Masoli- Got booted from the team but he was a 5’11 speedy QB that had an average arm.  Body type close to Vick, but washed out so we never got to see what he could have been in the system.
  • Darren Thomas- Another 6’3 guy like Dixon, Thomas did have flawed mechanics, so it made him inaccurate at times.  Again he rarely turned the ball over, and was good at making plays with his legs and moving the pocket.
  • Marcus Mariota- It’s early on him but he is also a dual threat pass/run.  Sporting a 6’4 frame, but is a bit lanky.  Has a strong arm and is very accurate

We can see three things in this group, that Kelly can coach with different types, that the players arms don’t have to be great, and that he teaches QB’s how to NOT make mistakes.  These are all factors in Vick’s favor.

Next I looked at a Chip Kelly game, so I watched the last game Chip Kelly coached, the bowl game against Kansas State.  I noticed Oregon ran some of the same plays as the Eagles; a lot of plays from Shotgun, read options, and screens.  What was different was the up tempo offense and dedication to the run game, remember:  PASS HAPPY ANDY REID IS GONE!  Kelly, unlike the Reid, likes to spread the defense to create space.  This year the Eagles ran a lot of bunched formations to help the offensive line protect Vick.

With this new scheme I think it would be great fit the Eagles.  We have a star running back, which can run between the tackles, and has good hands to catch out of the backfield.  The Eagles also have a solid backup at running back, speedy receivers that you have to respect deep so teams will play off thus giving the WR space for quick hitting plays.  If Kelly can keep the offensive line healthy with having a young team we could do damage.

Kelly’s biggest challenge will be the question of who is “HIS quarterback”.  Can he fix Michael Vick and give him a chance to redeem himself ala Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith?  If Vick is healthy and Kelly can produce a great running game like in Atlanta he might be the guy (until he gets a concussion and Kelly goes with the QB he brings in #Kapernicking). Good luck Eagles, and just don’t talk shit next year.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

Falcons Don’t Fly in Philly

The high flying falcons come out of the bye week at 6-0. However, people still have a lot of questions about their authenticity, & for good reason. With the 3-3 Eagles awaiting the Falcons, we may as well consider that winning streak broken. That’s right, go ahead and chalk them up 6-1. The Falcons haven’t won in the state of Pennsylvania since 1974, with an embarrassing record of 0-11-1.

This has been a season of firsts for the Falcons: their first 5-0 start followed by their first 6-0 streak. Matty Ice is the front runner for the MVP, Julio and Roddy alternating week to week to see who goes off, and the ageless Tony G just down right ballin’. With all of these factors on the field, the Falcons should continue trending right, and going on to their first 7-0 winning streak. After that, they just need possibly two more wins to wrap up the NFC South.

I say, “Hell Nah.” This is a bad matchup for the Falcons on all kinds of levels. Between Andy Reid being 13-0 after the bye, the elusiveness of Vick and Shady McCoy, and the speed of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, I don’t see them pulling out a win. All of these factors combined will prove too much for them damn dirty birds. My prediction is that the Falcons take the L.



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