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I’m not the hugest Batman fan, when I was younger I did enjoy him more until I realized a lot of things about Batman I didn’t like. here is my list and goes a little something like this:

1.  He is a lunatic, only person I think is crazier than Batman is Rorschach from “Watchmen”.  You don’t believe Batman is crazy?  Please look at the facts:

-He dresses up as a BAT as a grown ass man!

-He trains kids to fight crime even after some have died, he vows to never do it again and then up pops another kid sidekick (or teen sidekick)

-In his fight against crime he refuses to use guns because his parents were killed by guns, yet everyone uses guns on him.  I would say that is dumb but we all know Batman is smart; see #2.  Hell at least use rubber bullets.

-When a villain is not afraid of an all powerful alien, but shudders in their boots because a man in a bat costume glares at them, that is insane.  In the words of the late James Brown, I don’t know Karate, but I know KRRAAZZYYY!  Now imagine a guy that knows both, beware Chuck Norris.

-He is a billionaire that rather spend time with a kid, and old man, in a dark, dank cave instead of being an awesome jet setting billionaire that has tons of sex with models, buying the night spots, and just going crazy with the family inheritance.

-Not to mention the women to really catch his eye are a Princess of an Assassins Guild, a cat burglar (granted the cat suit would do it for me too, especially if you throw Halle Berry, or Michelle Pfeiffer in it), Renaissance fighter, a spy for the Black Hand, a crazy plant lady who has tried to poison him, his former bodyguard, and an Amazon Warrior (Kudos if anyone can name all of the women I’m referring to, and then you will realize that you are as geeky and pathetic as I…  I call that a soul mate).  You date crazy, because you are crazy!

So yes Batman is Bat-Shit Cray (I know saying cray is very uncool now, its like when I first heard my mom say swag. WORD OFFICIALLY DEAD!) Crazy.

2.  I don’t mind insane characters, hell I like Rorschach, even the insane Deadpool, and Punisher.  Yet they make Batman unbeatable, which is my main problem with Batman.  Don’t give me the super intelligence angle either, you can be the smartest man in the world or even in the universe but one solid punch from a Man of Steel should shatter a skull.  Now lately they have made Batman more vulnerable and don’t have him going toe to toe with the likes of Darkseid, but there was a point when Batman was the underdog that could… no matter how unrealistic the odds.

3.  Batman is so FUCKING COOL!!!  And I hate him for it.  I’m a Supes fan through and through and the Ultimate Boy Scout can’t hold a candle to the awesomeness of Batman.  The hiding in the shadows, the overlooking the city like a crime fighting Gargoyle.  Just nothing compares to The Cool of The Batman (that would be a great album name for an Alternative Hip Hop Artist, Childish Gambino I’m looking at you).

Enjoy this short by the man who made my image of Batman so cool Bruce Timm (and for a lot of us he shaped our love for the DC Animated Universe, and I wish Timm and Dini would get back in to help with the movies):

Here is a trailer for the upcoming “Son of Batman”, and we know the DC Animated Universe hits Home Runs!  This looks amazing!

And lastly just a great geekgasm, this definitely has Frank Miller Batman era written all over it.  Lord why can’t we get this in real life?

Happy 75th Anniversary Batman and here is to another 75 years of being crazy, unstoppable, and cool!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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VOD: Justice League: WAR

Man of Steel 2 aka Superman vs Batman, pleeazze!  Push that back as long and far as you want to.  We don’t need that as long as we have the DC animated universe.  This time with a new installment Justice League War.  TRAILER PLEASE

So as the trailer probably showed this is an origin story for the formulating Justice League.  Just to put it out there I’m a huge DC animated universe fan.  The work Bruce Timm and Paul Dini laid for this universe still works today, now they are not attached to this project, but those cartoons and movies growing up made my love for comics as well as the heroes.  So I absolutely loved this movie!  It is not as gruesome and adultified (I know not a word) as Justice League: Flashpoint (Spoiler:  They killed kids and Batman carries a gun), but it has its blood.  This movie tells a slight different story of the Justice league coming together (from what I have heard this takes after the New 52, which explains alot).

First difference is Cyborg.  Cyborg is part of the team and not Martian Manhunter, yet this doesn’t bother me because we need more brothas in the superhero game (Not drunks like Hancock, or uppity Kings like Black Panther… joking).  In all seriousness I like the change because Cyborg can handle all the heavy tech/computer savvy info being thrown at us.  Another difference is the extremely over underlined romantic tension between Superman and Wonder Woman (yes they are dating in the New 52).  Also they made Billy Batson better known as Shazam an original member.  You still get Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern.

The movie revolves around an extremely massive Darkseid that is coming to terraform the Earth, so I guess Darkseid didn’t watch Man of Steel, because I could have sworn that was the plot that General Zod tried to hatch.  Just like a villain to steal an idea and suffer the same results.  I enjoyed the fighting and action, every character got a chance to shine and show why they can hold their own solo.  Naturally we had to go through the usual, “we are solo heroes and eventually we learn to work as a team to save the day”.  Some of my favorite parts were naturally everything Batman was a part of.  Some of his lines and conversations are just classic, even Hal Jordan makes a “True Blood” reference when talking to Batman.  I’m glad they didn’t make Batman unbeatable, they did show his vulnerability.  They also did the consistent Batman being 3 steps ahead of everybody.  Now I’m one of the biggest Superman fans there is and I always get pissed off when they make Batman a physical equal, to a certain degree, when they face off.  This movie finally does justice (no pun) to the question; what would happen if Batman didn’t have time to prepare and just ran into Superman and a fight took place?  It seems the New 52, which this is based off, has depowered Superman a bit.  Now don’t get me wrong he is still an unbelievable force, but at certain points when I thought he would dominate he didn’t or rather couldn’t.  It’s so much to like about this film.  Wonder Woman was amazing in it and you really get the Amazon Warrior feel from her.  Just the brutal and excited way she fights really hammers home her love of battling and war.

Only thing I didn’t like is the short 79 minute running time.  I thought it could have used 15-20 more minutes of feeling out the characters feeling each other out, but hey I can’t complain, it’s not a Joss Whedon film.  This movie is like Green Lantern breaking his arm and has to switch hands to use his ring.  Same cool powers, still really good constructs, but with a slightly different feel.  If you can find this film digitally watch it now, if not it comes out Feb 4th on DVD,  it is a MUST SEE!  I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To, but pay if you have to for this one!

Written By:

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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