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By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

This is going to be fun, especially since I live OTP (Outside the Perimeter) in Atlanta.  We all can see that Hotlanta has been very Luke Warm, and Matty Ice has melted away this year behind a terrible line.  Everything that could go wrong for the Red and Black has, and now all the ATL is hoping the Dirty Birds “Rise UP!!!” or nose dive into oblivion.  Now I figured the Falcons wouldn’t make the playoffs I wrote that in the NFC Predictions (granted I had the Steelers in the Superbowl vs. Niners, and I thought the Bucs would be better, so what the heck do I know.) I just didn’t foresee them being this bad.  Well I guess I’m transforming into Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, or should I say turn into Al Borland, because if you ever watched Tool Time (Home Improvement) you know Tim could never fix anything.  Either way I’m here to tell the world “How to Fix The Atlanta Falcons”.

Speaking of Tool Time, I really could go for Pam Anderson helping me write this article.  Sorry I take that back, I’m a Married Man now.  Anyway let’s get to it:

1.  Jonathon Martin-  I know everybody just let their jaws hit the floor, but Atlanta needs Offensive Line help badly.  BADLY! even to the point that if the Dolphins release Martin, or Richie Incognito they need to jump through the hoop of fire to pick either one of them up (honestly you hope for Incognito he is a better lineman, but maybe a bigot).  If Martin is available they should give him a try, just to see if he will want to prove the world wrong and show that he can be tough and you don’t need to N-Bomb him or threaten his family on voice mails (for the record who leaves messages anymore, text harassment is the new wave).

2.  Get the team off the trainers table.  These Falcons have got to get healthy and get Roddy White, and Weatherspoon back.  They need these guys to help contribute to the team.  The injury bug has ran through the team and no one is knocking on the door to save the day, so the first needs to be the last and Roddy White needs to become the number WR he used to be.

3.  Find a way to get after the Quarterback.  I would be having FA try outs for any pass rushers that would/could at least breathe on an opposing QB.  The Falcons need to generate some kind of pass rush, and honestly Mike Nolan should start taking blitz schemes from teams like New Orleans, New York Jets, and other teams that don’t have dominate pass rushers ( no disrespect to Mo Wilkerson, cause he is a beast!).  I know the best pass rush is rushing 4 and dropping 7, but the Falcons actually have really good corners, rookies or not, they do a decent job in man to man and zone coverage.  So Nolan’s main objective is Quarterback harassment.  Throw the book at the teams every week, make the Gritz Blitz Deluxe at least if you don’t win you could possibly sell some merchandise.

4.  Change the Offense back to the early Matt Ryan days.  Go back to basics and run the ball, even if it is not effective, it will keep teams honest.  Actually when the Falcons run to the right side of the line they are averaging 4.4yds a carry, and 3.5yds running up the middle.  So stay away from the left side, but run there to keep teams honest.  Also get back to the WR, TE, and RB screen game to slow down opposing teams pass rush.  When you have a sub par line you have to do anything in your power to protect your QB so getting the ball out quickly and confusing the defenses so they can’t tee off on Matt Ryan.  Screens, Draws, shuffle passes, misdirection runs, and counters.  Sometimes you will have to frustrate the fan base and run on 3rd and longs.  The point of the offense should become no MISTAKES!!!  No 7 turnovers in 2 weeks!  Allow your defense and playing the field position game help you keep the games close and then let Matty Ice, be Matty Ice with clutch plays down the stretch to win games.  Tony Dungy once said you can win 10 games a year if you don’t beat yourself with turnovers.

5.  Maybe the fans want the high draft pick.  Maybe tanking this season will help for the future?  You needed pass rush help and yet the Falcons drafted 2 corners last draft (which I said was dumb), and you brought in a has-been Usi who has done nothing, so cut him at the end of the season.  Let Roddy White go unless he wants to take a home town discount (doubt it because I know he doesn’t tip well at restaurants).  In the draft use early picks on pass rushers and O-Linemen, and use late picks on a running back, and wide receiver.  Build the team around Julio Jones, and Matt Ryan.


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NFC NFL Predictions

By: Raymond “Big Play” Miller @BpRunSportsmenm (BP)

By: Jason “Big J” Allen @UnSportsMenBigJ (Jay)

By: Maurice “Cool Reece” @CR_Unsportsmen (CR)

It’s a new start to the NFL season, where most teams have championship aspirations.  The UnSportsMenMic have decided to give our predictions and preview the upcoming season.


BP: Cowboys Giants Redskins Eagles-

Romo isn’t clutch, but M. Kiffin is.  Giants start out hot, but cool off at the end.  RG3 stays healthy, but lack of a preseason hurts him.  Eagles have a high octane O but there D struggles so they finish in Last sorry CR, #KellyAintJimmy.

JAY: Washington Giants Eagles Cowboys-

In RG Thriller I trust, despite the racist name, Fletcher will hold down the defense enough.  I think the Giants bounce back sorta, but fall short of the playoffs.  Eagles are still a process and I don’t trust the Kelly offense yet.  Finally the bottom falls out for the Cowboys and Romo gets destroyed in the Media for the contract, but yet he will have his best statistical season.

CR: This division is the hardest to pick from because every year a different team wins the division.  Vick and RG3 might get hurt cause they don’t like to slide.  The Giants are always inconsistent.  The Cowboys are a ball of confusion because they are probably the most talented but never live up to it.  So let’s just say one NFC East team will make it.

JAY:  That’s a cop out CR we know 1 team has to come out of the NFC East, just go head and pick the Eagles cause we know you want to.

NFC North

BP:  Bears Packers Lions Vikings-

Tough division to call for me because I trust the Bears D, but don’t trust Cutler.  Trust ARod, but don’t trust Green Bay Defense.  Lions can go either way, and shoot Vikings made playoffs last year.

JAY:  Lions Packers Bears Vikings-

I know this is a shock because of how much I hate the discipline on the Lions, but I think last year was a wake up and Bush and Broyles will settle the Offense.  The People’s Champ average line and average Defense is not enough to overcome.  Marc Trestman experiment will be rocky at first, and I can see Marshall cracking.  Christian Ponder is to blame!

CR:  Packers Detroit Chicago Minnesota-

I have Green Bay winning the division, while Detroit barely makes it in.  Leaving Chicago and Minnesota at home. I believe Peterson on that HGH by the way and who knows what Chicago gonna bring.

NFC South

BP:  Saints Falcons Panthers Bucs-

Saints and Falcons will battle to the end, I really like the Panthers as they could be a dark horse, and Freeman has been too inconsistent and could be on the hot seat.

JAY:  Saints Bucs Falcons Panthers-

The Return of the Mack, Payton should right the ship.  I’m going out on a Freeman Branch and choosing the Bucs.  I like the revamped secondary, and I think there is enough muscles in the hamster to protect Freeman.  I think Ryan finishes the season with that terrible right side of line and that schedule is brutal.  Panthers will be 8-8 again and realize tha OC Mike Shula is gawd awful.

CR:  Atlanta Saints Tampa Carolina-

I predict another good year for Matty Ice, but the Falcons defense worries me.  People are hyping up these Saints like they revived themselves; good luck with that 3-4 defense.  Hopefully the name “Revis Island” would stick because somebody needs to throw Freeman a life jacket or something.  Freeman needs to swim not sink.  Then you have the sequel “The Crying Game 2” staring Cam Newton.

NFC West

BP:  49ers Seahawks Rams Cards-

49ers and Seahawks are the class of the NFC easy locks for playoffs.  A consistent Bradford would have the Rams in the hunt, and Bruce Arians will realize how special Andrew Luck really is #PalmerAintLuck #PalmerAintEvenLucky #WeDoRememberTheCardsOLine…Right.

JAY:  Seahawks 49ers Rams Cards-

Seahawks and 49ers will finish with same record, but those damn Rams will beat the 49ers so the Hawks will have a better division record.  Also I think midway through the season Kaepernick gets exposed until Harbaugh rights the ship for the playoffs.  Rams are going to be tough for EVERYBODY!  Cards will have their moments, but QB play will still haunt them.

CR:  Seahwaks 49ers Cards Rams-

Call this division the Wild Wild West, but don’t have that Will Smith song in your head, more like Kool Moe Dee if your ole’ school.  With this division I have Seattle leading the way followed by San Fran who also will make the playoffs.  Then Arizona then St. Louis. Don’t sleep on Arizona or St. Louis because they might be a force but I don’t see them in the playoffs.


BPWild Card–  Falcons over Cowboys  Seahawks over Bears

In the playoffs it’s about which QB makes the fewer mistakes as Ryan and Wilson takeout Romo and Cutler.
BPDivisional Rd–  49ers over Falcons, Saints over Seahawks

49ers O to strong for the Falcons, while the playoff atmosphere in the Superdome is to much for the Seahawks
BPNFC Championship–  Saints over 49ers

Saints outscore 49ers as Kaepernick makes the one mistake in the game that Alex Smith wouldn’t have while driving 49ers down the field to win the game

JAYWildcard– Lions over Bucs  49ers over Washington

MegaTron will show the world how he got his name ala Fitz in 2008.  RG Thriller will push the 49ers Defense to the limit, but Washington will let Gore run wild.

JAYDivisional Rd–  49ers over Seahawks Saints over Lions

Talk about total opposite games.  The Physical beat up of Seahawks and 49ers, and the high powered Offense of Saints and Lions.  I’m taking the 49ers shutting the Seahawks up and stealing a win with a controversial call, by a ref, silencing the 12th Man.  I trust Brees, I don’t trust Stafford, and a key mistake late will ruin the Lions.

JAYNFC Championship–  49ers over Saints

This is vindication because the 49ers lost the Super Bowl here last year.  Coming back to the scene of the crime is a cleansing effect to take it back to the Super Bowl in NY!  Also Harbaugh has Payton’s number right now.
CRWild Card–  Detroit over Nfc East team Seattle over San Fran

Offense to strong in Detroit, but I’m still not sold on MegaFluke.  Last year I picked Seattle to win it all. People thought I was crazy but once they started looking like title contenders then it seemed like I knew what I was talking about.  This year they take care of the defending NFC champs.

CRDivisional Rd–  Seattle over Green Bay Atlanta over Detroit

You know I’m riding Seattle all the way.  Seattle shows that the “Fail Mary” was a fluke but the Seahawks are real.  ATL will rise up and handle Detroit, and the lack of discipline will rear its head in this game.

CRNFC Championship–  Seattle over Atlanta

The Dirty Birds will lose another heartbreaker in the GA Dome.  While the Seahawks right the ship and mistakes of last years Demons.

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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