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By:  Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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Why is the smallest position in football talk the most?  Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman have this twitter war about who’s the best corner in the league.  Of course ESPN loves it!  But notice corners and receivers do the most talking.  From The Playmaker (Michael Irving) to T.O., even PrimeTime, to DeAngelo Hall.  Is being on the outside make you king of your own football Universe?

Notice quarterbacks don’t say anything (you make get Jay Cutler vs Philip Rivers beef, or a very confident Tom Brady) and they have every right to talk.  They are steady trying to prove themselves as an elite. Even guys on the line of scrimmage going thru the trenches have a right, because they maul each other every play.  Yet corners and receivers have this swag (imaginary or real) about them as if their “god” of football.  But some receivers are not even physical. Some receivers don’t block.  Some receivers only run one route (Randy Moss). So dare I say some receivers aren’t really football players?

You can make the same case for Corners.  Some of them don’t play the run, refuse to get off blocks, whiff on easy tackles (Asaunte Samuels), we are not going to mention bad technique or blowing coverage because you bite on a underneath route.  Imagine if other positions were allowed the luxury of these mistakes?  Oh yeah they aren’t because they would get benched.  Sad thing is most corners are overrated like Revis (yeah I said it).

If your team didn’t win the Super Bowl then STOP TALKING!  Although I’m with Sherman on this topic.  Sherman has 12 int in two seasons while Revis 16 ints in 6 seasons, and I’m sorry, but Revis has been acting like a diva lately.  Did he really expect the Jets to call him? After this ninja was nowhere to be found 2yrs ago from holding out.  To quote Richard Sherman “You mad brah!”   Sherman might be running his mouth like a girl but they all suffer from little man syndrome or the “I’m insecure so I need to make myself feel better”. The people with arguably the biggest Hero, or Goat possibility (Chris Culliver in the Super Bowl) need to learn to stop talking SHIT! And just play the game.  What do you think?

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

Knicks 5-0

THE NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS ARE OFF TO A 5-0 START, BUT THEY DON’T HAVE PARADES DOWN THE CANYON OF HEROES (where NYC teams celebrate with fans) in November.  Although, it maybe to early to tell if they can even make it to the Finals; history shows that the last 2 times the Knicks started out 5-0 they’ve made it there (’70 and ’94). Under Mike Woodson (Woody as the players call him), these Knicks have gone back to there roots and to what the city is about.  Being tough and physical which results to playing great D.

How did this change happen?  From Mike Antoni’s(no D) high octane uptempo 7 seconds or less offense, without a thought toward Defense (see how that works out for you Lakers).  To now holding opponents to 90 points or less a game and being the 2nd highest scoring team in the league?  Easy answer veteran leadership helps.

The Knicks went out and acquired Felton, Kidd, Thomas, Camby, Wallace and Brewer.  The play of Felton and Kidd starting on the court together helps with ball movement.  With a bench that can boast being 10 men deep with scorers. When Shumpert (best on and off ball defender) returns the D will be even better perhaps like the Pistons unit, that Woody won a ring with in ’03-’04 season.

The story here is Carmelo Anthony, a great scorer that would always think about Defense, but would never play it (unless against LeBron), has officially bought in.  He’s in great shape (thank you Olympics) and is allowing Woody to coach him. Melo’s play will force Amare Stoudmire aka S.T.A.T., Standing Tall And Talented, to the bench to ball out with the 2nd  unit.  A 2nd unit that consist of Camby, Novak, and an extremely controlled J.R. Smith

The Knicks are built to beat the Heat, but doing it in a 7 game series is something else; however, by being dominant at home and above .500 on the road (beating the teams your suppose to beat). So before we start chanting “Long Live the King”, Melo may have his ring.


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