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It is opt out season and all that ESPN is spouting about is where LBJ and Melo will land.  Most think the King will return to the paradise we call South Beach (and if you have ever seen a Pitbull video who can blame him), and ME-lo is looking to be lifted and landing in the Windy City, Chi-town!  All I hear is that both want more weapons and a place to win more rings or A ring.  When I hear this I think to myself why not the Washington Wizards?  I know I’m a homer, but now I will make an argument for why The King and Melo should seriously consider D.C. their new home:

1.  Young Talent

The Wizards have a backcourt that can become one of the greatest in the league for a few years.  John Wall and Bradley Beal are up and comers, and they could benefit from having a legitimate #1 option in the offense.  The Wizards are one of the youngest teams in the league so these guys will be around for a while and the team can grow with the eventual aging superstars.

2.  The team compliments your weaknesses

When you look at the Knicks and the Heat, rebounding and down low scoring was an issue for both, thus morphing LBJ and Melo into post up players, and having to become better at rebounding to help their respective teams.  Well if the Wiz resign Gortat and with NeNe already down there, they have size, rebounding, and scoring.  Also both of these big men can shoot the 12-15 footer.

The team weakness in the playoffs was lack of composure and no go to scorer down the stretch.  Add Melo or LeBron, problem solved.

The Heat struggled with Point guard play, enter Mr. Dougie/NaeNae Dance John Wall. They also have a wily veteran coming off the bench in Andre Miller to help too.

3.  The Bench/Depth is not San Antonio good, but they are not bad either

As I mentioned above you have Miller for leadership and veteran sensibility, but you have a young energy guy in Martell Webster as the back up SG.  I figure to get either one of these superstars we wouldn’t be resigning Ariza, but you would have  youth at the back up SF in Otto Porter Jr (who is a bust so far), Chris Singleton, and Glen Rice Jr. You then look at Old Man Drew Gooden, Al Harrington, and the younger Trevor Booker at the back up PF with Kevin Serephin in the back up C position.  Again great Depth and granted these guys would look a lot better with a Melo or LBJ on the court.

4.  The City

Growing up in D.C. (called “Chocolate City” when I lived there, or the “Gun Murder Capital”) it’s a beautiful city.  Everyone knows about the sights and history there, but it is not far off from being a legitimate major market.  Especially if one of the superstars were to grace the city and play there.  The D.C. market is as competitive as the Miami market, naturally D.C. can’t touch NY, but those stars would bring business and marketers there.  We just witnessed the RGIII craze.  Imagine the The King heading to D.C., LBJ would be come the Mayor and the President in the same year.  Imagine Melo coming here with his roots in Baltimore and not snitching.  Also his wife’s reality show would have to be filmed in D.C. bringing more awesome to the city.

Also there are very little to no sports demons of the past for them to battle in D.C.  When it comes to Basketball it is Wes Unseld, and that is it.  In Miami LBJ will always be held to D-Wade and Pat Riley’s popularity.  In NY Melo has tons of demons in the Basketball Mecca!  Washington D.C. could be the house they built, ala MJ and Chicago.

5.  You can do something Michael Jordan could not

You can accomplish something that the great Michael Jordan could not…  MAKE WASHINGTON D.C. A WINNER.  Now I know MJ was old and the air was out of the Jumpman, and he was more of a Ground man.  But MJ suited up and he couldn’t lead the Wizards to the playoffs, let alone sniff a Championship.  LeBron, you can claim a victory in a Jordan failure.  How awesome would that be?  Melo would begin to rewrite the books about his legacy with a Championship, but he can also claim that which “His Airness” could not.  That allure alone should push King James here, and that double win for Melo’s legacy should be tempting.

All I’m saying is that the Washington Wizards should be on these Superstars radar and sadly enough they probably are not.  So if everyone in D.C. or everyone that loves the Wizards could share this and build up a ground swell that maybe will reach one of these superstars we may get my wish, and eventually get all of D.C.’s wish and that is to win the NBA Championship!

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Jason Allen

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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By: Raymond “Big Play” Miller @bprunsportsmenm

The clock strikes midnight and NBA Free Agency has begun along with the wheeling and dealing.  It’s a time in the league when most franchises actually feel like they can make the moves to dethrone the champs (the Heat).  Top players such as Dwight Howard, Josh Smith and JR Smith (yea I said J.R. Smith) are almost guaranteed to change teams while CP3 will get his $107mil to live and die in LA (professionally).  However, I’m more intrigued by the second-tier stars the Andre Igudola, Paul Milsap, Al Jefferson, and  the Tony Allen’s of the world.  You know glue guys that are great for teams in there own way and I believe can help championship contending teams compete against the Heat.

Trades are a way to improve as my Knicks have acquiried Andrea Bargnani giving them a poor man’s Dirk to spread the floor, I will miss Steve “Novacaine” Novak though.  Rumors of Rajon Rondo, Luol Deng, and Jeremy Lin (already Houston? Again glad Knicks didn’t resign) being moved are out and about as well.  The next few weeks in the NBA should be very interesting with possible player movements but as far as any team beating the Heat, I just don’t see it happening, but I would love my Knicks to do it though.
Onto my thoughts….
1. Bottom Line the Nets got names in that trade if you think that makes them better than MIA, INDY, CHI your cray.
2. Did my eyes just see that the Pittsburgh Pirates are 21 games above .500 Wow!!!
3. Yasiel Puig should and must make the all-star team would be good for baseball.
4. Oh Gawd!!!! My reaction after seeing Meagan Good at BET Awards.
5. Speaking of the Awards loved the tribute to Charlie Wilson and celebration of Jamaican musican “Yeah Mon!”
6. I actually like the Tim Hardaway Jr pick and to my knowledge no Hardaway has ever been awful in the league (Tim Sr, and Penny).
7. #Salty! The look on Nerlens Noel face after not being picked 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
8. Maybe Ray Lewis knew what he was talking about “with no NFL watch how crime go up” we all laughed, but now 30 arrest since the end of the Super Bowl.  Maybe he was talking about the players doing all the crimes.
9. Speaking of NFL I hate the top 100 list it’s absolutely ridiculous a bunch of friends putting down names of people they cool with, RG III number 15? No Jimmy Graham at all?
10. July 4th #MagnaCartHolyGrail as if Jay-Z need me to advertise.  And that might be the Dopest Commercial out.

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller

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