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By: Jason “Big J” Allen

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     “Republicans buy shoes too.” -Michael Jordan

      This was Jordan’s answer in response to why he wouldn’t lend support to Democrat candidate Harvey Gantt, in the 1990 Senator election against Jesse Helms.  Now I know there have been other athletes that have taken similar neutral stands, so they wont hurt endorsements and etc.  The problem now is we have birthed a generation of non activist athletes, and let’s face it, sorry Sir Charles you all are role models.

On the heels of this Trayvon Martin case a lot of athletes took to twitter and showed their feelings and thoughts on the matter within 140 characters of course.  These tweets struck a reaction from me, as I looked around the landscape and realized, where have all our athletic activist gone?  Remember the days of Mohammad Ali, fighting against America’s unfair drafting of Blacks in the Vietnam war.  Ali stood up for much more in his era, and was more than just the “Baddest Man Alive” he was a revolutionary.  How about Jim Brown who has dedicated his life to fighting injustice of race, creed, and even went Bill Cosby on the plight of the modern black community.  We all remember the stoic picture in the 1968 Olympic games of Tommie Smith and John Carlos putting their black gloved fist in the air in protest of Black poverty in America.  Billie Jean King working to get equal pay for women in tennis and one of the biggest advocates of Title IX.  I’m sure your getting the point that sports has had a huge history of activist standing tall for a cause and helping mold the public to the cause.  Or at least getting people to have an open dialog about the topic.

So where did the Sports Activist go then?  It’s simple they went the way of consumer and capitalist money making.  Just like the Michael Jordan’s quote it is easy to be silent and make money, then to make a stand and offend.  Also in our new political correct atmosphere, the backlash for speaking up/out will always offend someone.  Offended people don’t buy shoes from athletes they dislike or don’t agree with.  I just wish these figures with so much influence will walk in the line of fire unafraid sometimes and help motivate people to fix some of the ills of this world.  We saw a similar swell in the Obama campaign, regardless of how you view his politics, we did see how the athlete/celebrity status helped change a Nation by making a first happen.  Now imagine if that swell was used to fight unemployment, legislature, and awareness of good causes.

I know in reading this a lot of people will say “Why do I care what an athlete says when it comes to my beliefs” and you are right.  Or you might say “I watch/root for them for what they do on the field/court/diamond/etc I don’t want their opinion on my stance” and again you would be right.  A lot of the country was outraged at Bob Costas using his platform to talk about his view on guns, and I say to you, if he never said anything would the country have had a dialogue about guns in America?  Probably not.  For good or for bad conversations being had on issues that we want to sweep under the rug is good for both parties involved.  I’m not asking you to give a Damn about what athletes think, feel, or stand for.  I’m asking athletes to give a damn about the influence they can wield to make a difference.  The choice is ours to take action or to ignore.  Now I don’t agree with what Roddy White and Victor Cruz said on twitter, but their mere opinion about the Martin case got the topic talked about again in my household.  That’s what I want to happen in households all over the world, and these figures made to be larger than life can help that.  Maybe one day athletes will realize that we all have a responsibility make a better world, and they can be the spark to start a revolutionary fire!  Without Michael Jordan’s support Harvey Gantt lost to Jesse Helms, an open bigot and race baiter.  Now Gantt loss is not Michael Jordan’s fault, but Michael Jordan didn’t HELP either and sometimes that is just as bad.

“Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat him as he could be, and he will become what he should be”
Jimmy Johnson

“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you”
John Wooden

 “Every kid around the world who plays soccer wants to be Pele. I have a great responsibility to show them not just how to be like a soccer player, but how to be like a man.”-Pele

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

By: Raymond “Big Play” Miller

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Free Agency is pretty much done in the NBA, and free agents are making decisions on teams for numerous reasons, some leaving for places that are more comfortable (D12 to Rockets), have a better chance to win (A.I. to Warriors), or just for the money (Josh Smith to Pistons). The decisions made by these players are debatable were they the best moves for these players?  We will see in time.
Dwight Howard

Former team: LA Lakers
Best Fit: Houston
Worst Fit: Atlanta, Lakers
Decision: Houston
Howard showed that the big stage was too much for him, could you imagine him playing in his hometown Atlanta… me neither.  Houston allows him to be himself and play with a budding superstar in James Harden and not feel handcuffed and bullied by Kobe.  Atlanta would have been Orlando all over again for Howard, so that was definitely a no go.

Andre Igudola

Former Team: Denver Nuggets
Best Fit: Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors
Worst Fit: Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns
Decision: Golden State Warriors
A.I. is not a superstar, but is definitely the kind of player a contending team needs.  Teamed up with Curry, and Thompson, he can become the defensive force and to the basket slasher to open up shoots for the Dynamic Sharpshooting Duo.  Atlanta would have been a good fit too, A.I. is a five tool player that can stuff the stat sheet, but we know he wouldn’t be winning anything in the Hotlanta.  Going to the Kings or Suns just would’ve been a money grab.  So A.I. chose to try and win the chip Golden State Warriors was the best place.

Josh Smith

Former Team: Atlanta Hawks
Best Fit: Houston, Milwaukee
Worst Fit: Detroit, Dallas
Decision: Detroit
This “ninja” took the money forget about winning and being a leader he wanted the paper and he got it.  Detroit was one of the worse fits for him if his pursuit was to ever win a ring.  He will definitely have the green light offensively so 3 point shots is a go!  Also the Bucks would have been a good move so he could have teamed back up with Larry Drew, he would have been familiar with the system, and the Bucks seem to be trying to blow the team up to rebuild.  Also the Bucks would have marketed the heck out of Josh Smith.  The smartest move would’ve been to form a big 3 in Houston (Howard, Smith, and Harden… what about Lin? HA) and see if you would contend for a ring, but I think Smith lacks the discipline and we know Kevin McHale would have slapped  (ok benched) Josh Smith he would have pulled a 3 pointer.  Chase that cash young man!

JJ Redick

Former Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Best Fit: LA Clippers
Worst Fit: Charlotte Bobcats
Decision: LA Clippers
Can we add another long to the fire please?  Great move by Redick by agreeing to the sign-n-trade with the Clippers, he can be the sharp shooter the Clippers need to open up lanes for CP3.  Now Redick may be a defensive liability, but your paying DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin for a reason.  Redick gets to play with a great point guard and a coach that’s great when having elite talent.  Do we even have to comment on the Bobcats?  Redick probably would have gotten more money, been in the starting line-up, and could have put up decent numbers.  Yet we all know the end result, Bobcast back in the lottery with another terrible draft pick by His Teribbleness (Michael Jordan).

Monta Ellis

Former Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Best Fit: Atlanta, Dallas
Worst Fit: Milwaukee, NY Knicks
Decision: Dallas Mavericks
I felt this was a good decision by Ellis although it was risky to opt out of $11mil he did move on to an organization known for winning and that not to long ago won a championship.  The Mavericks need Ellis more than Ellis needed them, because Dallas NEEDS more scoring.  We all know Ellis is a scorer that needs tons of shots, and with only real scorer being Dirk, Ellis will get his opportunities offensively.  Atlanta would have been a great place to land too, with the team semi rebuilding and losing Teague, Ellis could have played point guard again in that scoring point mode similar to Westbrook, Rose, and Tony Parker (guess who’s current head coach was a former Spurs asst coach?) with the additions of Millsap, and Horford they would have been an exciting team to watch.  He had to get out of Milwaukee, with Jennings and him there was not enough basketballs to go around.  The Knicks would have bee the same thing imagine J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, and Ellis trying to share and play team basketball.  Did you imagine it?  By mid season one of them would have been traded.

What do you think and if I missed anybody important hit me up and I will tell you my take.  Get ready for another exciting Basketball season.

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller

By: Jason “Big J” Allen, Follow Me @UnsportsmenBigJ

“Charges don’t stick to dude, he’s Teflon” Jay-Z “The Ruler’s Back” This is the NFL, John “Teflon Don” Gotti, nothing seems to effect the NFL image, EVER!  I have felt this way for a while but recently reading Joseph Haas (great follow too @JerseyHaas) Dings & Dents: The NFL Image Problem it made me think “Why can’t the NFL go the way of the MLB, and NBA image wise?”  What makes the NFL so untouchable?  At one time or another both the NBA, and MLB was considered untouchable, but boy how the mighty have fallen.  So what sets the NFL apart?  Why does the bad image never hurt the NFL?  One huge reason is the NFL is marketed as the “Ultimate TEAM SPORT!”

Let’s start with the NBA, during its heyday the talent was great and the technical part of the game was amazing.  Less athletes but you had more skill on the floor.  The first hurdle the NBA hit was a drug problem in the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s.   Say what you want about the David Stern, but he spent a whole career as a Commish cleaning up that image.  Luckily with emerge of Magic/Bird, and later MJ he had the great thought to promote “SuperStars”.  Yes, come one come all and see these extraordinary men play basketball.  The NBA is the most “Star studded” league out of the majors three, and that was by design.  Stern basically said look at how my league just produces stars you can follow from college up to the big leagues.  Well eventually that backfired with straight from high school jumps, which lowered the skill on the court, and the adding of more franchises (less is sometimes more).  Also the drug image got replaced eventually over time with the “Thug persona”.  Who could forgot players coming to the arena looking like rappers?  So you marketed a league around individual SuperStars and when the SuperStars were not as talented, or represented a certain aspect of the society that the masses couldn’t relate to, the league, got a bad rap (no pun).  Now the NBA is making every player go Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie” and we are starting to see the NBA fashion atmosphere come straight from the runway to the Press Conference.  I’m not to keen on the 1 year rule the league has mandated I think it should be closer to the NFL with 3 years so we can see these players grow overseas, or in college.  Also with the Stars actually being talented, and LBJ taking the spotlight to lead the league we are seeing a revamped image similar to the dare I say MJ years.

MLB is the perfect example of duality in image.  The MLB loved its status of “America’s Pasttime”, it had stars, excitement, and history.  The thing that hurt the MLB saved it all at the same time.  It’s history and reliance on numbers.  The MLB is probably the slowest evolving sport, look at its stance on replay.  Look how it refuses to put a better product on TV.  You have officially divided your fans MLB, the younger generation looks at you like a dinosaur because of your lack of technology and advancements, while the older generation looks at your PED issue as the destruction of the beloved stats.  When you have a drug problem that enhances performance, which enhances stats, it hurts the history of a sport that is so numbers and history orientated to a mockery.  Right now as I write your Home Run King was a PED user, and the league lacks the guts to do anything about it, because that would be change and we know the MLB is slow to do that.  So for the foreseeable future whenever we see a player jump in stats we will ask questions of how legit it is (Please let Puig be the real thing).  The MLB is directly responsible for its image of cheaters and old geezers, because it turned its head during the early reports of PED use.  The MLB turns its nose up at tech that can make the game better, or at least help get the call right (Angel Hernandez anyone).  Now because of the image you have made part of your culture you have a generation of kids growing up in the “Steroid era/PED era” and we are starting to see an apathy when it comes to cheaters.  Now the MLB is cleaning house and trying to slowly introduce technology, but it maybe a little to late to reclaim the #1 spot in America’s heart.

Now I know the NFL has had 30 arrest since the end of the Super Bowl, and right now one of the NFL’s stars is going through a trial that is revealing more horrendous acts every day.  Yet the Shield takes a bump, and like a good blacksmith the league continues to smooth it out.  Because the NFL is promoted as a team sport, and a next man up mentality its hard to associate the league with the acts of individuals.  Yes, the NFL promotes stars, you have your Peyton Manning who had a million commercials and SNL appearances, but did we forget that just 2 years ago we had a league with no Peyton Manning in it, and we still watched.  Imagine if the NBA lost LBJ for a year, would YOU watch?  Probably not.  In the NFL numbers don’t matter only wins Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning have some of the worse regular season stats of QB’s but yet they sit with 2 rings each.  We don’t call them a bum, because they win.  MLB you can have nasty numbers but turn up in the postseason and all everyone will point to is your average regular season’s when it’s HOF time (Curt Schilling is still not in HOF yet he helped revive and lead two snake bitten franchises to a World Series Championship).  Hell the NFL touted out Replacement players in 1987 and even Replacement Refs in two separate occasions (Fail Mary, the Nation will never forget) and we still watched.  This is all because the NFL never rests its head on one gimmick to be marketable.  The NFL never forgets its past, but always tries to push the envelope into the future, all while reminding America this is a team sport and one player will never destroy that image, even if its been 30 so far.  The NFL has Stars, the NFL has Stats, and the NFL has a image that everyone can get behind “Teamwork”.  So when it comes to an image to quote Lebron James and Lil’ Wayne the NFL “Ain’t got no worries!”

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

By Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas @coolreece15

“The office or position of a Leader” Merrier-Webster definition of Leadership.

Can Rajon Rondo Lead???  With Garnet, Pierce, and Rivers gone can Rondo be the man?  Meaning can he led the Boston Celtics to eventually win a championship or compete in the east?  Some say no; some say yes, but everyone has a different opinion or idea of leadership.  The bottom line is we question Rondo’s integrity at times.  Can Rajon Rondo be trusted to honor his values, and does he behave ethically?   We know off the court  he has never been a trouble maker, and has no reports of getting arrested.

“The act or an instance of Leading” Merrier-Webster second definition of Leadership

On the court Rondo’s play and stats speak for themselves.  Rondo is one of the best defenders in the game, and very unselfish player.  Through out his career Rondo has averaged 11pts, 8asst, 5rebs, while shooting 48% from the field.  The more amazing thing is how he takes his play to another level once the playoffs start, which is a true sign of a great player; Rondo averages 14pts, 9asst, 6rebs.  Rondo has 4 All-Star appearances, Led the league in steals in 2010 (2.3) Led the league in  assist and triple doubles in 2012 (11.7 asst and 6 triple doubles) and 2013 (11.1 asst and 5 triple doubles).  Based on those stats you would have to say that Rondo could and should be a leader.

“Capacity to Lead” Merrier-Webster third definition of Leadership

What hurts Rondo is his relationships, it has reported that he is hard to coach and to play with. Even some rumors of fights in practice, granted it is hard to play with someone that you can’t get along with but who said leaders can’t be assholes?  Michael Jordan punched teammates, Kobe Bryant is known to alienate his teammates, hell he aggravated the great Phil Jackson.  Let’s give Rondo a break he is only 27.  Maybe there is some growing up to do, and finally without the veteran Big 2 (Pierce and Garnett), he can blossom into a new role.  Newly hired Head Coach Brad Stevens might let Rondo do more of his own thing and get out of Rondo what Doc Rivers never could.  At the end of the day through out Rondo’s career he has been statistically leading by example, now its time to Lead as the face of a rebuilding Celtics franchise.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @coolreece15

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

By:  Jason “Big J” Allen @unsportsmenBigJ

“All you need is LeBron, and you can win”; “If I had the big 3 they could coach themselves”; “Man, Spoelstra can’t coach Pat Riley is making him great”.  -Comments from the peanut gallery.  I know some of you reading this have made comments like this or at least very similar.  I’m here to say stop that crazy talk.  Don’t let your hate/love of LeBron overshadow how Great Erik Spoelstra is as a coach.  Yes I just said Great!  I will examine the knocks on Spoelstra and why they are just simply crazy.

Let’s attack the elephant in the room and that is the Big 3 MADE Erik Spoelstra talk.  Yes do Superstars make winning easy?  Yes Sir, ask Rick Adelman how many Championship chances he would have had if not for Shaq/Kobe, MJ/Pippen, Magic, Isiah Thomas.  See a trend here?  The Superstars, or better yet some of the 1, or 2 best players in the game at the time held Adelman back.  Who coached these teams, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Chuck Daly, all time greats that we don’t knock because they had Greatest Players in the World in their era.  So stop the Big 3 talk, if you exclude the 2003-2004 Detroit Pistons, every team in the last 20-25 years who won titles have had Superstars not a Superstar, but SuperstarS (most had Big 3 of thier own).  We don’t take away from Phil for MJ/Pippen/Rodman, Reily for Magic/Jabar/Worthy, so why do we reduce Spoelstra’s ability for LBJ/Wade/Bosh (and some of you don’t respect Bosh as a Superstar).  We do this because LeBron is not Jordan and Spoelstra is not Phil Jackson type personality.

The first two years before LBJ took his talents to South Beach, and we had the Heatles, Spoelstra won about 56% of his games with one Great and a ton of average players (Michael Beasley, Jermaine O’Neal, Quentin Richardson, and Carlos Arroyo).  I know you look at the 1st rd exits in both years, the Atlanta Hawks I can’t defend, but the next year the Celtics bounced Spoelstra and the Heat.  Give him credit he still got the team above .500 in the East and we know you can make the playoffs with a sub .500 record.  In Spoelstra’s first 2 years as head coach Dwayne Wade had the best years of his career and Wade credited Spoelstra for helping smooth out his shooting form.  Once again you need multiple superstars to make championship runs, but with one superstar Spoelstra continued to keep the Heat above water.

“No rebounding, No Ring” words spoken by Pat Riley, but the Heatles are one of the worse rebounding teams ever.  Why would Pat Riley make a team that went against his philosophy?  Because Pat Riley deferred to Erik Spoelstra to build this two time championship team.  For the last time world please repeat after me “PAT RILEY IS NOT BEHIND THE SCENES COACHING THE HEAT!”  Stop that talk, this is Spoelstra’s team and it shows.  They devalue rebounding and post play.  Say what you will about “Showtime” Lakers, but they were a down low post playing team, don’t believe me see the name Kareem Abdul-Jabar.  Spoelstra’s team is not built that way, he believes in the new wave of the NBA.  Wingman scoring, huge emphasis on the Guards and Small Forward play, with situational defense, and three point shooting.  This is not the Riley way, but the Spoelstra way, because its coached by SPOELSTRA!

Lastly, if you watched the Finals, Spoelstra out coached Popovich in situational moments, and for a good majority of the series.  You want to know why Tony Parker didn’t play down the stretch of Game 6 and 7, because LeBron James wore him down.  A move Spoelstra made, he decided to have LeBron switch onto Tony Parker earlier.  How about the small line up Spoelstra forced Popovich to have to play?  Spoelstra neutralized the Heat’s weakness of rebounding by making the Spurs go small or move their bigs out of the lane to respect shooters.  Also how about the Game 6 decision to let LBJ go “Cleveland” style in the 4th quarter by giving LBJ isolation and a running start from just below half court to attack the basket.  Another great testament to Spoelstra’s coaching is his ability to watch and breakdown tape, so his team will be prepared for the next game.  This NBA Playoffs, anytime the Heat lost a game they won the next game.  Also an interesting stat is outside of these Finals if the Big 3 lost game won in the playoffs they usually went on to sweep the next four games.

So before we give all the credit to LeBron, and Riley.  Before we disregard Spoelstra’s coaching ability.  Before we start wondering if Spoelstra is a Hall of Fame coach.  Let’s just respect what this man has done thus far in his young coaching career.  The Zen Master didn’t have his team do Yogi for 1 ring, but 11.  Pop didn’t lose his hair on his way to 1 ring, but 4.  Riles didn’t keep dying his hair black for 1 ring, but 4.  And Spoels didn’t watch hours of tape, take a LBJ shoulder bump, and a Dwayne Wade cursing out to just win 2 rings, but….

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

After Game 6 we should be All Hail the King.  Except for 3 quarters LeBron refused to show up.  Lose the headband and enter the Cape.  Yes LeBron became a superhero all in one quarter.  We will excuse the 2 or 3 turnovers down the stretch, we will excuse the deferring to Wade when he reentered the game, hell I will just totally excuse majority of this series when it comes to King James.  Why you ask?  Because I had an epiphany last night while watching the game.  Maybe LeBron James is a Great player not an All-Time Great Player!

Now if your computer/phone/pad or whatever you are reading this on is still working because you spit out a beverage on it from shock, let me explain.  What if LeBron is just (and I use JUST very lightly when it comes to these people) Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor, James Worthy, or Clyde Drexler Great?  These players are some of the 50 greatest to play the game, so there is no dishonor in that, but we have compared LBJ to the best to EVER to play the game.  We put him on the level of His Airness, Larry Legend, Magic, Wilt, Mr. Sky-Hook, The Logo, and Mr. Russell.  Maybe just maybe he is not in that caste.

I question this notion not because of the talent, physical ability, stats, and accomplishment, but I question this because of what he sometimes lacks from the shoulders up.  The Mentality is what I question.  Can you imagine MJ disappearing for quarters on end in the Finals?  Bird and Johnson have lost Finals but yet they were still an impact in each and every quarter and game.  That is the mentality they have/had they refused to ever be eliminated from a game and if they were taken out of  their game they went down swinging.  Even Kobe Bryant has that will to win at any cost, sometimes to the detriment of his team and teammates.

 I have just seen to many times with LeBron his impact on the game being nullified.  A huge bulk of his problems deal with his limited offensive repertoire.  Teams that play team defense give LeBron fits, because LeBron basically has 3-4 offensive moves.  The dribble pull up for 3, the drive to the lane layup, and the short jumper in the paint.  He has no real shake or bake, no comfortable spot or shot he can go to when the chips are down.  This lends itself to LeBron being unsure of himself and killing his psyche in stretches of games.  These David Cooperfield like disappearances in games is what separates All-Time to just Great.

Would there ever be a question of who is the leader of the team with an All-Time great on it?  No, but when Barry Allen (or Wally West) decides to be Flash again, it becomes D. Wade’s team, Period!   We have seen clips of LeBron being vocal and trying to lead, but how much of that do we really believe or buy into?  There should never be a question of who is Batman and who is Robin.  When West joined the Lakers it became his team over Baylor.  Clyde joined the Rockets it was The Dream team no questions asked.  We knew it was Dr. J team when he was on the Sixers with Moses Malone.  When an All-Time Great is on your team they are the leaders, even when there is a Great player on the team too.  Yet in LeBron’s case we still have questions to who is the real leader of the Heatles.  Sounds more like Great not All-Time.

We have touted LeBron as the Greatest Player on the Planet.  I just think the mental toughness, and over all passion to lead and win is something LeBron wants, but doesn’t know how to manifest.  So maybe we should stall all the G.O.A.T. talk and focus on what he is, a Great player chasing Greatness, and right now the jury is still out if LeBron will land in the top 5 or top 50 of Greatest Basketball players.  Remember every King wasn’t the greatest some Kings are just…  Good.

Jason “Big J” Allen


Sorry for the delay still upset about my Knicks losing so I raised the prices in the Boom Boom Room and U.O.E.N.O it (Shout out to Rocko).  Alright time to make the same moves in a calendar year as Jamie Foxx from a slave named D’jango to the President (White House Down).

While looking at the Final Four teams left in the NBA Playoffs Indiana, Memphis, Miami, and  San Antonio I realized two things; there’s not one team from a major market.  No NY, LA, CHI, BOS, or DALL, even though there’s no place like Miami right Pitbull.  Furthermore there’s not much star power besides LBJ and Wade (No Melo, Kobe, Durant, Rose, Dirk, CP3) and yes I know Duncan aka Timmy has 4 rings and is a sure fired Hall of Famer but having one commercial where him and Steve Nash are dribbling basketballs doesn’t make you an appealing superstar.  However, the point I’m making is playing with grit, toughness, and togetherness (Grizzlies, Pacers, and Spurs) is the new way to be successful in the NBA and will the league be okay with that?  I guess the ratings will determine how the league feels about it.

Onto my thoughts…
1. Damn blaming Melo, Chandler, and JR the reasons why the Knicks lost the series.
2. Forget the flagrant foul the way Tony Allen was rolling on the floor in game 2 I thought he got shot.
3. Memo to all sports franchises when you think you have it bad, look at the Astros!
4. Go ahead and start those Dwight Howard to the Rockets rumors.
5.Can we please start CP3 to the Knicks rumors (wishful thinking on my part)
6. I gotta hand it to Miguel to sing, dance, and do a WWE move is impressive. The way he kicked one girl in the head and did a Hulk Hogan leg drop on the other and still be composed enough to still sing mad props… right Chris Brown (who had an awful performance at the billboard).
7.  Charles Woodson goes full circle, by going back to Oakland, critics are wondering why, well let me give you 4.3mil reasons.
8. I’d like to see RGIII buy some game tickets for those fans that bought him gifts on his registry, instead of sending out pics of him posing on gift boxes (yeah I’m hating)
9. NY Rangers down 3-0 can they make the comeback?  Doesn’t matter because the Penguins will probably win the Cup anyway.
10. So every time Dan Gilbert puts his son on stage, Stern gives Cavs the 1st pick.  After all MJ did for the league he can’t give the Bobcats/Hornets just one? I’m just saying (shout out to JD)

These are just my thoughts right or wrong its how I’m feeling at the time.  Tell me how you feel or what you think on twitter @bprunsportsmenm

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Ray “Big Play” Miller

We sit down and discuss if Jordan is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

Welcome to the Boom Boom Room, sit back relax, grab yourself a drink, (non-alcohol depending on what time of the day it is) and enjoy the show.

So here’s how I feel about Kobe calling out Dwight Howard; I UNDERSTAND IT.  Howard hasn’t played with a sense of urgency all season and clearly doesn’t know what’s on the line playing in LA.  Los Angeles is a big market and an organization that is known for championships.  When your team is stacked with a Nash, Mamba (Kobe), Gasol, and World Peace fans expect rings.  However, you can’t question a guy’s injury (some people’s pain threshold is stronger than others), or inability to play through it.  That is where Kobe was wrong in his quote.  I personally think that a Josh Smith and Ivan Johnson for Howard makes sense for both teams, lowered expectations for Howard in regards to winning a ring and Josh would be on a team that would appreciate his talents.

Onto my thoughts

  1. Throw the Flag! Damn Dwight now your daddy speaking for you, man up son.
  2. Did Antwan Jamison say that Jordan at 50 could average double digits? “Ninja Please, If you don’t Stop Now” (in my best R. Kelly singing voice)
  3. Love @MikeHillESPN’s comment on LBJ, “LeBron has become like NEO when he figured out the Matrix.  Everything around him appears in slow motion while he dominates” true statement.
  4. John Giannone (Hockey Reporter) is the toughest sideline reporter in sports.  Puck to the face still kept working.  Let me see you do that Craig Saeger while rocking a loud ass suit.
  5. Inside the NBA is the greatest sports show out there period.
  6. As a Knicks fan, an Iman Shumpert to Suns deal makes no damn sense.
  7. I like Miami (The U) to make the Final Four.  And maybe Ray Lewis will get God on their side to win it all.
  8. Indiana what kind of defense was that at the end against Illinois?  Looked like everyone went to sleep, and wasn’t smart enough to fall asleep in front of the basket.
  9. Melo is a BEAST!  But the haters will say he’s a selfish and a chucker #Melo4MVP
  10. So if the 49ers lose in the playoffs next year, will Kaepernick get even more tats?  Unbelievable

Make sure you tip your bartenders, servers, and remember these are just my thoughts right or wrong this is how I’m feeling at the time, so tell me what you think.

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The Woeful Wizards

By: Jason “Big J” Allen

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In the words of Popeye the Sailorman, ‘That’s all I can stands, cuz I can’t stands n’more!” I admit when it comes to the Washington Wizards I’m embarrassed, most people think I’m a Lakers Fan but I’m not.  I’m an old school Washington Bullets, Wes Unseld, and Abe Pollin loving fool.  Yet these last few years have been making me turn Gold and Purple more and more.

Remember in D.C. the hope we felt when “His Airness” himself took over as the President?  Then you went and drafted Kwame Brown (who some how still has a job), but to make it right MJ come down from the heavens or rather the box suites and played for us.  I still have my Wizards Jordan jersey hanging in the closet.  We soon realized that Jordan had some left in the tank but “His Airness” was more ground bound and could only show flashes of his former self.  We still all ate it up and loved him more for his attempt, but when the hatchet came down to fire Michael Jordan we were not that hurt or upset.  Again he drafted Kwame Brown (who has a job with Philadephia 76ers???  HOW!!!).

Ernie Grunfeld came down as a shining light he put together a Knicks team that went to the Championship, he also made the Bucks a playoff team.  So when he became our head of operations we were ecstatic.  He made two separate “Big Three” before the Celtics had a Championship “Big Three”.  He got us Gilbert Arenas (Agent Zero, The Hibachi), Larry Hughes, and Antwan Jamison, and then turned around and replaced Hughes with Caron Butler.  For the first time we were not giving away our stars (Chris Webber, Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, and Juwan Howard) we were making them.  D.C. was just happy to have a playoff team because our expectations were so low.  We even made shirts about making it out of the first round when we beat the Bulls in 2005.  See we don’t ask for much just to be competitive that’s all.

2009 was the turning POINT (Guard) in my eyes. This is where we went wrong.  We traded our 5th pick to the Timberwolves for Randy Foye and Mike Miller and the Wolves selected Ricky Rubio.  So in an evolving league of Point Guards we don’t draft one in the deepest PG draft in years.  These are the PG that went after the 5th pick, Jonny Flynn (6th), Stephen Curry(7th), Brandon Jennings(10th), Jrue Holiday(17th), Ty Lawson(18th), Jeff Teague(19th), Eric Maynor(20th), Darren Collison(21st), and Taj Gibson(26th).   What were we thinking?

So the following year we Draft our “Next Generation” Captain Picard aka John “Teach Me How to Douggie” Wall (Thank you for the 1st pick Abe R.I.P) .  Nothing against Wall, but a PG without a jump shot is not going to be overall successful (exception is Rod Strickland, because he was a baller).  2011 they draft Jan Vesely in the first round, and we know Euro players take about 3-4 years to develop and people compare him to Dirk Nowitzki we will see though.  Then we draft Beal this year, I like the pick because we need a shooter from three point range and he is young so he has time to develop.  In between all of this Grunfeld has done a good job of getting rid of bad attitudes and worse work ethic (Blatche, Young, McGee), but as a Wizard fan that doesn’t demand much we at least want to see progress.

People are paying money to see 0-7.  While everybody is making a big fuss about D’Antoni in LA, I think D’Antoni would have been perfect for John Wall and a young Wizards team that can run.  I know NeNe and Wall are out right now, but your playing in the same building as Alexander Ovechkin, you have Bryce Harper down the street, and The Savior (RGIII) right down the Beltway in Redskin Park; we need to see some life in the Verizon Center.  “I’m tough to the finich cause I eat green spinach, I’m Popeye the sailor man *toots pipe*” That’s the answer give the Wizards some Spinach.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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