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By: Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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LeBron James reminds me of Neo in the Matrix Trilogy. From the beginning of his career everyone knew he was the ONE, except for him.  His early years he was Mr. Anderson, not Neo.  In the 2011 Finals Agent Smith finally got him and killed Mr. Anderson, but it was needed so LeBron could be reborn in the 2012 Finals as Neo and realized he was “The One”.  This year LeBron has been playing like he is “The One”, but just like the Matrix Trilogy Agent Smith returned, but Agent Smith is no NBA opponent, Agent Smith is LeBron’s LEGACY and GREATNESS!

Since last year in the  2012 NBA Finals Lebron James had that killer instinct, attack mode.  You could see that drive and confidence written all over his face. All the LeBron haters had to keep their mouths closed.  Now in this year’s NBA Finals has the pressure of being Great started to erode him?  Has Agent Smith started to multiple and become a bigger force?  After Game 3 it seems that way, Neo is being cornered and has no where to run or fly away.  LeBron’s biggest nemesis is himself.

I keep hearing about the Spurs defense or Wade being hurt, or even the experience of Popovich and the Spurs’ Big 3, child please, everyone stop it!  Its Lebron! I saw it in the Pacer series in Game 1 even though the Heat won LeBron to me looked unsure of himself.  In my opinion Lebron James is scared of failing.  Lets face it LeBron had only became a finisher last year.  Remember the 2009 game winning three in Game 2 against the Orlando Magic.  You would have thought LeBron was just a fan who won a 2500 dollar check during halftime.  Even he was shocked that it went in.  When the going gets tougher it seems LeBron is very passive or shook!  Or it could be that if he can’t drive to the basket he begins to fold.  If LeBron can’t see inside “The Matrix” he becomes ordinary, and Agent Smith starts to take over.  Eventually we all hope LeBron can live up to the savior we were all told he would become.  Maybe he will but I don’t see it happening this year Spurs in 5.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

Real Steel, iRobot, or a little know movie by the name of Robot Jox (youtube it the movie is worth it), but all of these movies dealt with robots, or virtual reality sports. What if we are not that far off from that? Or will there ever be a time when the machines “Rise Up” and become the athletes?
I know it sounds a little far fetch but with our new tech savvy generation who knows. Today I was hanging with one of the homeboys and his one year old daughter (shout out to Millie) knew how to work an iPad I was amazed. She knew how to drag, drop, click on photos on Facebook, close the application, and open up her favorite app (ABC’s by Elmo). So it made me think about how sports would be in the future with technology.
Will major sports be too tech savvy? We already have jumped on instant replay, tennis has a computer that can tell you if the ball was in bounds or out, even hockey has the goal line rigged so a horn goes off if the puck passes. Yet what if they took it to another level with A.I.? Could we eventually see man vs machine (and I’m not counting Kasporov vs the computer)? Or what if competitive video gaming become a major, sport like a new virtual Madden or NBA2K.
Would these new sports or new take on old sports be less appealing to the public? Will humans be like characters on WALL-E? Just sit in a chair and let machines do everything? Maybe it’s hard to see in our lifetime but it makes you think. Sports as they are now could be boring in the future. Lets face it kids are not going outside like WE used to. When I was young you couldn’t keep me indoors. Now you have programs to encourage kids to play outside for at least 60 minutes (play60). Eventually we might just plug ourselves into the matrix, and then we wouldn’t have to worry about player safety so much Mr. Goodell, but it will be interesting to see the future of sports mixed with technology.


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