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I’ve taken my talents to South Beach; Boom Boom Room is shut down for the week.  I’m in wet willies drinking.  Someone call me a cab, but I’m definitely in my zone and so is Tony Parker if the Heat keeps leaving Cole and Chalmers on him.  For those who think Erik Spoelstra can’t coach give the man credit for adjustments made after his team loses a game, especially a game 1.  After losing Game 1 to OKC in last years Finals Heat won 4 straight; after losing games in this years playoffs the Heat have not only won the next game after that but some of them have been blowouts.  Why do you think Pop’s been praising LBJ and questioning the medias basketball IQ?  Meanwhile having his Spurs interns digging up dirt on Gloria (LeBron’s mama). Popovich knows in the Finals you don’t win most games shooting 43% from the field and 32% from 3 and only having 4 turnovers again is highly unlikely.  

Honestly, I feel like the Heat should establish Bosh down low and try to draw fouls on Duncan and Splitter; moreover, putting LBJ on Parker starting the 2nd half would make some sense. LeBron gonna do what he do and play his game and getting teammates involved early.  The other side of this is LBJ may have to take the game over if Wade isn’t more consistent. Bottom line Heat win tonight 95-85.

Raymond “Big Play” Miller


It’s the NBA Finals and unless you are living under a rock we all know this series should and will be a Great ONE!  Is Duncan going to match Kobe in rings, and make an argument for having the best Dynasty of this Era (Move over Lakers).  Will the King get revenge on the Spurs sweeping him when he was just a Prince?  Either way this is a career finishing, or defining moment for whoever wins this series.  So I decided to go around what the experts are saying and see if I can pull some points that both teams would need to win.

Spurs ways to win:


The Spurs are a good rebounding team, and they will have to keep that trend up, because we all know the Heat are a lackluster rebounding team (looking at you Bosh).  Along with rebounding they have to revel in the aggressive play in the paint.  The Heat should be coming in a bit beaten and battered so continue the process and hope by Game 6 or 7 the Heat run out of fuel.

Make LeBron a scorer

We saw when LeBron has to carry the SCORING load aka go back to his Cleveland days, the Heat fall apart.  Yes make LeBron become Carmelo Anthony, no teammates involved and dribble, dribble, dribble.  The Spurs should be used to this blueprint, because they used it to sweep the Cavs in the Finals years ago.

Manu, Manu, Manu get off the Milk Carton

This one is easy, the Spurs need Manu to be Great, not good, but GREAT.  These playoffs Manu has shown up in sprinkles, yet this series that will not do.  If Manu can outperform Wade in this series, the Spurs will win.  Remember James and Parker will be a wash, Tim Duncan will basically make Bosh a wash so you need Manu to out perform Wade.  In Game 7 I feel the Heat rediscovered who they are and will bring in a more aggressive Wade, so Manu needs to do what he does best. Score, and frustrate opponents.

Heat Need To Win

Spoelstra needs to out coach Pop, or Better turn into Pat Reily

Erik Spoelstra has to show that he is “THE COACH” in this series.  He can not be out coached like he was in the Bulls and Pacers series.  Why?  Well the Spurs are a way better and polished team then the Pacers and Bulls.  They will take advantage of the bad coaching and bad positioning.  Spoelstra also needs to tap into his inner Reily, and promote strong paint defense, and rebounding.  Remember Reily’s saying “No Rebounding= No Rings”  Spoelstra has to live in that saying and get the Heat to buy in.

Heat Bench has to outplay Spurs bench

The Heat bench was M.I.A. (no pun) for most of the Pacers series, to bad the Pacers didn’t have a strong enough bench to take advantage.  Well the Spurs do, hell Pop benched his starters against the Warriors and the Spurs benched sparked a come back.  So I’m looking directly at you Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Norris Cole, and “Birdman Birdman” (thank you Shaq) Chris Anderson.  These guys have to out perform the Spurs bench and add an element to help the starters to get rest.  If LeBron has to play 44+ minutes a game in this series we will see a repeat of the Mavs vs Heat Finals when LeBron had nothing left in the tank.

Don’t make a Star out of a Non Big Three for the Spurs

What I mean by this, is we expect Duncan, Parker, and possibly Manu to go off and ball out.  At the end of the Finals if we are talking about the great performance of a Leonard, Splitter, Neal, Blair, or Bonner.  Don’t allow any of these player sot make a big four, or play well enough on defense to make on of the Heat big three disappear.  If I had to choose I would say be careful with Blair….  (that’s me letting everyone get all the laughing out)…  (you probably just looked up his numbers and realized he has rarely played in this series)…  (and now do you have control of yourself?  Good I will continue).  Blair has the body and aggressive post play that he can actually contribute in this series.  The Heat have shown they can’t deal with post players that can bang.  So again Heat don’t allow a Big Four to emerge for a Series.

Now these points are outside the box points that I think each team needs to win.  I reserve the right to switch up after each game.  What do you think of my outside the box points?

Jason “Big J” Allen




So it is easy to look back in hindsight and say what someone should have done, but what the Pacers should have done was win Game 1.  Why??? Not because the Pacers could have taken a 1-0 lead, not because the Pacers get the home court back (they did win Game 2 so they got the home court back), and not to show the Heat who’s boss.  They needed to win Game 1 because they would have had the adjustment advantage for Game 7.

We can all agree that Frank Vogel out coached Erik Spoelstra whole series, but Spoelstra didn’t have to be perfect to win, he just needed to be able to respond to every aggressive chess move that Vogel made.  Vogel had the whole sporting community confused and actually thinking the Pacers were a better team than the Heat.  Ladies and Gentlemen let me assure you that the Heat were and are the better team in this series, but because of the extreme out coaching of Spoelstra, the Pacers looked like a Championship ready team.  Look at the line up man for man:

Starting PG




Starting SG




Starting PF




Starting C




Frontcourt Bench

Hansbrough/Mahimi/ etc



Backcourt Bench

Augustin/ Green



Best player on team




You may not totally agree with who I said is better after watching the series but pound for pound Wade is better than Stephenson (watch Game 7 if you don’t believe), West and Bosh is a tie, Bosh averaged 18pts and 8reb in the regular season West averaged 15pt and 7rebs again a wash.  The Heat have the better superstar and the better bench.  So Heat won 4 out of 7 categories, and what closed the gap was Frank Vogel’s coaching.

Vogel did make a questionable coaching decision at the end of Game 1, and that cost him the series.  The whole series went tit for tat, and every time Vogel implemented a game plan sto stop whatever the Heat did he won, but by the time they reached game 7 it was Spoelstra’s turn, and Vogel didn’t have the luxury of adjusting a game plan.  Imagine if Vogel would have changed his Game 6 strategy going into Game 7 and the same outcome happened, in Game 7 (blow out).  We would have killed him for changing his plan from what worked in Game 6.  Instead Spoelstra had the luxury of going into Game 7 knowing what Vogel had planned.  So imagine if the Pacers won Game 1, then Heat adjust win Game 2, the Pacers adjust win Game 3, Heat adjust  win Game 4, eventually that would led to a Game 7 with Vogel having the adjustment advantage.

Now I don’t want to totally throw Spoelstra under the bus, because he made great adjustments for Game 7.  He took Wade off George and let James guard him the whole game (George fouled out and only had 7pts).  He also made the early offensive game plan to get Wade and Bosh involved because we all know James can get his whenever.  Getting Wade and Bosh involved early helped them be more active on the defensive end.   Another great strategy change was the Heat trapping and pressuring the ball handler.  This is great because the Pacers are not great ball handlers as a team, it slowed down their offensive sets so they didn’t have the whole shot clock to pound the ball down low, and lastly it allowed the smaller Heat post defenders to fight their way out of bad post positions.  Another great coaching adjustment for the Heat was immediately double teaming the ball in the post.  They never really let West and especially Hibbert get the ball in man to man situations, if you can find a major fault in Hibberts game besides inconsistency it would be that Hibbert is not a good passer out of the post, so he couldn’t take advantage of the double teams.  So again Spoelstra did his homework and came out with a game plan that led to a complete blow out in Game 7.

Going back to the main point if the Pacers win Game 1, all these adjustments for the Heat would have been in Game 6 and then the ball (no pun) would have been in Vogel’s court and we have seen that when he has the ball or plan on his side the Pacers typically get the victory.  Let’s be honest we really didn’t want to see the Spurs vs Pacers, everyone just wanted to see LeBron and the Heat lose.  So for the Haters enjoy the Finals, because you’re actually going to watch the Finals.  If Vogel manhandled Spoelstra like this, wait til he gets a load of Pop!

Jason “Big J” Allen


We got Crown(Royal) on deck, boom boom room locked down, crown on deck, crown on…..speaking of the crown as my eyes see it ladies & gentleman The KING shall return to take his talents to… Cleveland… That is, a part of me feels like I’m watching the Miami Cavs anyway. To quote @FrankIsola (Wade playing like Larry Hughes, Bosh playing like Drew Gooden), which means the BIG 3 are now playing like the LONE 1 (LBJ is the 1 in case you forgot).


That’s not what LeBron signed up for (Melo would take it though) so let’s look at Wade and Bosh. Wade looks injured, no explosiveness, no lift, no energy damn is that Gabrielle Union pie that serious??? then again. Bosh isn’t hurt so what’s the excuse? Yeah I know he’s a finesse player getting dominated on the defensive end but what about the offensive side? With Wade struggling Bosh should be making the Pacers adjust to his style of play. Yea he yells and gets animated after a good play, but where is that energy when Hibbert is backing him down (No Homo). What’s even worse is Bosh and LeBron are getting paid the same this season; ridiculous! The Cavs with Mike (do whatever you want LeBron) Brown back in the fold and the probability of them selecting Nerlens Noel with the #1 pick, or trading the 1st pick to stock talent, added with some guy named Kyrie Irving already there; in my opinion it makes sense so people brace yourself for the DECISION 2014!

Onto my thoughts…..
1. Hibbert’s gotta be smarter than that right? Why follow Jason Collins after it.
2. Tyler Hansbrough is the dirtiest player in UNC history.
3. So let me get this straight Mets sweep Yanks and then get swept by Marlins? #baseball
4. Stephen Strasburg has too much talent to be this inconsistent and unfortunately he might be injury prone. Makes the Nationals look stupid for sitting him last year.
5. I think Mangini will help the 49ers a lot, with the Jets I thought he got ripped to many times over that Gholston pick. Seems people forgot his other 1st rd picks Ferguson, Mangold, Revis, and Keller.
6. That’s right Keyshawn to hell with Beiber! I trying to switch seats when cops rolled up.
7. If your not from Boston, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, or Chicago are you watching the NHL Playoffs? Well you should because it’s actually been good.
8. The way Tiger played this weekend I thought Lindsey Vonn dumped him.
9. Miguel Cabrera #BEAST nuh said.
10. Can Patrick Ewing get an NBA job please c’mon Larry Drew got the Bucks job… Larry Drew!!!


Just my thoughts right or wrong its just how I’m feeling at the time. Tell me what you think at




Ray “Big Play” Miller


Ha, Ha Welcome back to the Boom Boom Room, where we started from the bottom now we here. Y’all tricks breathe easy, I know I’m a day late so patron will be a dollar short tonight its $11 a shot. Also y’all ninjas know the dress code; you can’t rock boots in here, only Timberland in here will be the producer.  Now onto the show!

Streaks, I said STREAKS!  19-0-3 or 15-0 while both streaks are great from the Blackhawks and Heat respectively; and no disrespect to the NHL but I’m going with the Heat here. Ain’t no damn ties in the NBA it’s either a win or a loss; the fact that the Heat have won 7 of those games on the road is also impressive.  While I can’t lie the Blackhawks are doing this coming out of a lockout; to do this during a regular scheduled season would be straight panty droppers great, but to do it after a lockout is like competing and dominating with the heart of a champion.  Which is exactly what the Heat are, and like the Nature Boy always said “to be the man you got to beat the man.”  Oh yea and “Woooo!” (Can’t quote Ric Flair without that). Now try to tie that up and onto my thoughts:
1.  Kobe said he would have smacked Ibaka for that flagrant (nut shot) on Blake Griffin.  Yeah just like Kobe smacked Chris Childs?  #ThrowTheFlag
2.  Lauren Silberman you say NFL tryout…  I say publicity stunt.
3.  As a Knick fan I hate LBJ, but I’m glad he didn’t seriously hurt himself on that alley-op it didn’t look good at first.
4.  Speaking of injury, how LBJ’s look worse and he stays in th3 game, while Melo trips on his own two feet and was out for the rest of the game?  Like JD would say “just saying”.
5. With the Chiefs acquiring Alex Smith, and tagging Branden Albert who will they pick with the 1st pick?  My mock draft will be on www.unsportsmenmic.com on 4/24
6.  Joe Flacco says the contract wasn’t about money but respect. Child please (Although, I really wanna say what Stephen A. said)
7.  Michael Turner gets cut by Falcons and says he has a lot left in the tank; he must’ve been talking about his whip, because them legs are shot.  He ran last year like Eddie and Charlie Murphy beat his legs, for wiping his boots off on their couch.  (“Should have never gave yall old Running Backs Money!)
8.  Brian Cashman breaks his ankle skydiving and I’m like Damn even the GM getting hurt for the Yanks.
9.  I’m actually starting to believe that the Lakers will make the playoffs.  Yet  they don’t wanna see OKC in the 1st rd.
10.  Anxious to see how free agency starts out next Tuesday and will Mike Wallace get more than the 5yr/55mil that Vincent Jackson got last season.
Just my thoughts man right or wrong its how I’m feeling at the time.  Now what do you think?  FOLLOW ME NOW @bprunsportsmenm

Ray “Big Play” Miller

We sit down and discuss if Jordan is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

Ladies and Gents welcome back to the Boom Boom Room, where if your lady’s fine she can dine and if she tough she outta luck.  We have a two drink minimum tonight people and you ninjas over there in the back take your feet off my couch, cause you aint Rick James.  Shoulda never gave yall money.

The NBA had its all-star weekend in Houston and despite the influx of celebrities and NBA stars there; the league is taking a hit for the lack of All-Stars taking part in competitions such as, the slam dunk, 3point contest, or the lack of effort giving in the skills competition. So how does the league change this?  With the amount of money these superstars make it’s almost impossible to entice any of them to risk injury for fans.  David Stern, who’s on the verge of retiring, has a chance to end his reign as NBA commissioner with a “Bang!”(Sorry Mike Breen).  What do superstars with money want?  That’s right more money.  Stern has to up the ante and pay these guys; maybe a million to the winners in the 3point and skills competition and 2 million to the dunk contest winner.  While having a percentage going to their respective charities and that should make it more enjoyable to fans and get the Stars to come out before Sunday.
Onto my thoughts:
1. Been a long time since I seen an All-Star play as bad as Chris Bosh did. DAMN!!!
2. Roger Goodell made $30mil from this past season and still telling folks what to do like he underpaid. Castro, Fidel
3. Of course Kate Upton got a boob job its cold as hell in Antarctica; need the extra mass for warmth.
4. Kentucky lost by 30 points to Tennessee, Calipari must’ve been shook by NCAA and did everything by the book, because this freshmen class is… OK? I guess he didn’t pay anyone but Nerlens Noel.
5. Kyrie Irving’s a BEAST, but LBJ made the Cavs a winner.  To tae the words from JD “just saying”.
6. Alicia Keys was terrible at halftime, still fine though
7. Happy as all get out that Blue Ivy look like her mama.
8. There must be a playoff team that Alec Ogletree (UGA) was going to be drafted by at the end of 1st Rd.  So to be dumb enough to get a DUI before the combine…  #ThrowTheFlag!
9. Dwight Freeney and Charles Woodson being let go by their respective teams is surprising, especially Freeney, but if they could let go of Peyton then they damn sure could get rid of his black ass
10. As for hockey (NHL), ah well haven’t seen any hockey yet seems I got bronchitis. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

As always these are just my thoughts, right or wrong, its how I’m feeling at the time.  Now what do you think, so follow me @bprunsportsmenm.


Welcome to the Boom Boom Room, sit back relax, grab yourself a drink, (non-alcohol depending on what time of the day it is) and enjoy the show.

So here’s how I feel about Kobe calling out Dwight Howard; I UNDERSTAND IT.  Howard hasn’t played with a sense of urgency all season and clearly doesn’t know what’s on the line playing in LA.  Los Angeles is a big market and an organization that is known for championships.  When your team is stacked with a Nash, Mamba (Kobe), Gasol, and World Peace fans expect rings.  However, you can’t question a guy’s injury (some people’s pain threshold is stronger than others), or inability to play through it.  That is where Kobe was wrong in his quote.  I personally think that a Josh Smith and Ivan Johnson for Howard makes sense for both teams, lowered expectations for Howard in regards to winning a ring and Josh would be on a team that would appreciate his talents.

Onto my thoughts

  1. Throw the Flag! Damn Dwight now your daddy speaking for you, man up son.
  2. Did Antwan Jamison say that Jordan at 50 could average double digits? “Ninja Please, If you don’t Stop Now” (in my best R. Kelly singing voice)
  3. Love @MikeHillESPN’s comment on LBJ, “LeBron has become like NEO when he figured out the Matrix.  Everything around him appears in slow motion while he dominates” true statement.
  4. John Giannone (Hockey Reporter) is the toughest sideline reporter in sports.  Puck to the face still kept working.  Let me see you do that Craig Saeger while rocking a loud ass suit.
  5. Inside the NBA is the greatest sports show out there period.
  6. As a Knicks fan, an Iman Shumpert to Suns deal makes no damn sense.
  7. I like Miami (The U) to make the Final Four.  And maybe Ray Lewis will get God on their side to win it all.
  8. Indiana what kind of defense was that at the end against Illinois?  Looked like everyone went to sleep, and wasn’t smart enough to fall asleep in front of the basket.
  9. Melo is a BEAST!  But the haters will say he’s a selfish and a chucker #Melo4MVP
  10. So if the 49ers lose in the playoffs next year, will Kaepernick get even more tats?  Unbelievable

Make sure you tip your bartenders, servers, and remember these are just my thoughts right or wrong this is how I’m feeling at the time, so tell me what you think.

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Durant the Bad Guy

Say Hello to the Bad Guy!  This should be the motto of Kevin Durant, not jokingly blaming recent techs on a Kendrick Perkins influence.  I think Kevin Durant is denying himself the key factor in his mental make up to make him a Champion, “Competitive Anger”.  So Kevin please give into your Dark Passenger and give the nickname the Durantula a whole new meaning.

I can go on and on with reasons everyone will disagree with my aforementioned statement.  And all those statements and reasons would be valid.  Just that when Durant plays with a chip on his shoulder his game in my opinion seems to rise.  I looked up incidents of The BAD DURANT coming out and saw what he accomplished.  So here goes:

  • 12/29/2011 Thunder vs Grizzles: Westbrook and Durant get into it on the sideline of the Memphis Grizzles game.  Durant goes off for 32pts, 8reb, shoots 58% from the field and 40% from 3.
  • 1/30/2012 Heat vs Thunder: Durant gets a tech will jawing with Chris Bosh, and Durant drops 33pts, 10reb, and 60% from 3.  After the game Durant gives Bosh a bite of Venom by calling him a fake “tough guy” in the league.  (Damn Bosh, Shaq called you the RuPaul of big men and now Durant chops you up).
  • 5/11/2012 Mavericks vs Thunder:  Durant receives a tech for jawing with Brandon Hayward after he dunks on him.  Durant goes for 31pts (his highest amount in the series), 6 assist (his highest in the series), shoots 66% from 3 (again highest), and 73% from the floor (and yup the highest in the series).
  • 1/2/2013 Nets vs Thunder:  Durant gets ejected but before he left he put up 27pts, 5ass, 64% from the field, and 40% from 3.
  • 1/6/2013 Raptors vs Thunder: Durant picked up a tech and scored 22pt, and only shot 54% from the field.

So outside of the Raptors game, anger has and can fuel this young man.  Now, I’m not saying Durant should turn Rasheed Wallace on us and become the Tech King.  I’m saying that he should drop the nice guy image and be the bad guy.

Look at history; usually the best scores to play the game were the most competitively nastiest people, or the bad guy.  Ask all of New York how much they hate MJ or ask Steve Kerr what happens if you foul MJ in practice.  We know how people feel about Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant.  Larry “Legend” Bird was always considered distant and disliked by many, some even teammates.  Hell its reason why Magic gets more love than Kareem “Skyhook” Abdul-Jabbar when Jabbar has 6 rings to Magic’s 5.  Heck Nike’s new campaign with Durant is “KD is Not Nice”.  So Durant give into it.

I know people are going to say, “LeBron tried to play angry two years ago and he realized that it wasn’t his style.”  Why?  Because LeBron is a medic, ala Magic Johnson, not an assassin or sharp shooter, LeBron can heal and cover up problems on your team (yes you Cleveland).  That’s why angry didn’t work for LeBron, but if you look up games where fans or players tried to get under his skin and taunt him he goes off too.

Plus what getter rival to the “King Era” then the Durantula (I don’t care if you try and sue him Mark Durante we all know who the Real Durantula is), if Durant takes my advice we can start calling him, The Hulk, or maybe Bane, and just make the steroid Durantula venom.  What do you think?  Either way we need Durant Smash! the West, and then in the Finals he can make LeBron’s punishment more severe!


Knicks 5-0

THE NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS ARE OFF TO A 5-0 START, BUT THEY DON’T HAVE PARADES DOWN THE CANYON OF HEROES (where NYC teams celebrate with fans) in November.  Although, it maybe to early to tell if they can even make it to the Finals; history shows that the last 2 times the Knicks started out 5-0 they’ve made it there (’70 and ’94). Under Mike Woodson (Woody as the players call him), these Knicks have gone back to there roots and to what the city is about.  Being tough and physical which results to playing great D.

How did this change happen?  From Mike Antoni’s(no D) high octane uptempo 7 seconds or less offense, without a thought toward Defense (see how that works out for you Lakers).  To now holding opponents to 90 points or less a game and being the 2nd highest scoring team in the league?  Easy answer veteran leadership helps.

The Knicks went out and acquired Felton, Kidd, Thomas, Camby, Wallace and Brewer.  The play of Felton and Kidd starting on the court together helps with ball movement.  With a bench that can boast being 10 men deep with scorers. When Shumpert (best on and off ball defender) returns the D will be even better perhaps like the Pistons unit, that Woody won a ring with in ’03-’04 season.

The story here is Carmelo Anthony, a great scorer that would always think about Defense, but would never play it (unless against LeBron), has officially bought in.  He’s in great shape (thank you Olympics) and is allowing Woody to coach him. Melo’s play will force Amare Stoudmire aka S.T.A.T., Standing Tall And Talented, to the bench to ball out with the 2nd  unit.  A 2nd unit that consist of Camby, Novak, and an extremely controlled J.R. Smith

The Knicks are built to beat the Heat, but doing it in a 7 game series is something else; however, by being dominant at home and above .500 on the road (beating the teams your suppose to beat). So before we start chanting “Long Live the King”, Melo may have his ring.


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