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By Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas @coolreece15

“The office or position of a Leader” Merrier-Webster definition of Leadership.

Can Rajon Rondo Lead???  With Garnet, Pierce, and Rivers gone can Rondo be the man?  Meaning can he led the Boston Celtics to eventually win a championship or compete in the east?  Some say no; some say yes, but everyone has a different opinion or idea of leadership.  The bottom line is we question Rondo’s integrity at times.  Can Rajon Rondo be trusted to honor his values, and does he behave ethically?   We know off the court  he has never been a trouble maker, and has no reports of getting arrested.

“The act or an instance of Leading” Merrier-Webster second definition of Leadership

On the court Rondo’s play and stats speak for themselves.  Rondo is one of the best defenders in the game, and very unselfish player.  Through out his career Rondo has averaged 11pts, 8asst, 5rebs, while shooting 48% from the field.  The more amazing thing is how he takes his play to another level once the playoffs start, which is a true sign of a great player; Rondo averages 14pts, 9asst, 6rebs.  Rondo has 4 All-Star appearances, Led the league in steals in 2010 (2.3) Led the league in  assist and triple doubles in 2012 (11.7 asst and 6 triple doubles) and 2013 (11.1 asst and 5 triple doubles).  Based on those stats you would have to say that Rondo could and should be a leader.

“Capacity to Lead” Merrier-Webster third definition of Leadership

What hurts Rondo is his relationships, it has reported that he is hard to coach and to play with. Even some rumors of fights in practice, granted it is hard to play with someone that you can’t get along with but who said leaders can’t be assholes?  Michael Jordan punched teammates, Kobe Bryant is known to alienate his teammates, hell he aggravated the great Phil Jackson.  Let’s give Rondo a break he is only 27.  Maybe there is some growing up to do, and finally without the veteran Big 2 (Pierce and Garnett), he can blossom into a new role.  Newly hired Head Coach Brad Stevens might let Rondo do more of his own thing and get out of Rondo what Doc Rivers never could.  At the end of the day through out Rondo’s career he has been statistically leading by example, now its time to Lead as the face of a rebuilding Celtics franchise.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @coolreece15

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

After Game 6 we should be All Hail the King.  Except for 3 quarters LeBron refused to show up.  Lose the headband and enter the Cape.  Yes LeBron became a superhero all in one quarter.  We will excuse the 2 or 3 turnovers down the stretch, we will excuse the deferring to Wade when he reentered the game, hell I will just totally excuse majority of this series when it comes to King James.  Why you ask?  Because I had an epiphany last night while watching the game.  Maybe LeBron James is a Great player not an All-Time Great Player!

Now if your computer/phone/pad or whatever you are reading this on is still working because you spit out a beverage on it from shock, let me explain.  What if LeBron is just (and I use JUST very lightly when it comes to these people) Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor, James Worthy, or Clyde Drexler Great?  These players are some of the 50 greatest to play the game, so there is no dishonor in that, but we have compared LBJ to the best to EVER to play the game.  We put him on the level of His Airness, Larry Legend, Magic, Wilt, Mr. Sky-Hook, The Logo, and Mr. Russell.  Maybe just maybe he is not in that caste.

I question this notion not because of the talent, physical ability, stats, and accomplishment, but I question this because of what he sometimes lacks from the shoulders up.  The Mentality is what I question.  Can you imagine MJ disappearing for quarters on end in the Finals?  Bird and Johnson have lost Finals but yet they were still an impact in each and every quarter and game.  That is the mentality they have/had they refused to ever be eliminated from a game and if they were taken out of  their game they went down swinging.  Even Kobe Bryant has that will to win at any cost, sometimes to the detriment of his team and teammates.

 I have just seen to many times with LeBron his impact on the game being nullified.  A huge bulk of his problems deal with his limited offensive repertoire.  Teams that play team defense give LeBron fits, because LeBron basically has 3-4 offensive moves.  The dribble pull up for 3, the drive to the lane layup, and the short jumper in the paint.  He has no real shake or bake, no comfortable spot or shot he can go to when the chips are down.  This lends itself to LeBron being unsure of himself and killing his psyche in stretches of games.  These David Cooperfield like disappearances in games is what separates All-Time to just Great.

Would there ever be a question of who is the leader of the team with an All-Time great on it?  No, but when Barry Allen (or Wally West) decides to be Flash again, it becomes D. Wade’s team, Period!   We have seen clips of LeBron being vocal and trying to lead, but how much of that do we really believe or buy into?  There should never be a question of who is Batman and who is Robin.  When West joined the Lakers it became his team over Baylor.  Clyde joined the Rockets it was The Dream team no questions asked.  We knew it was Dr. J team when he was on the Sixers with Moses Malone.  When an All-Time Great is on your team they are the leaders, even when there is a Great player on the team too.  Yet in LeBron’s case we still have questions to who is the real leader of the Heatles.  Sounds more like Great not All-Time.

We have touted LeBron as the Greatest Player on the Planet.  I just think the mental toughness, and over all passion to lead and win is something LeBron wants, but doesn’t know how to manifest.  So maybe we should stall all the G.O.A.T. talk and focus on what he is, a Great player chasing Greatness, and right now the jury is still out if LeBron will land in the top 5 or top 50 of Greatest Basketball players.  Remember every King wasn’t the greatest some Kings are just…  Good.

Jason “Big J” Allen


“If I ain’t better than Big I’m the closest one ” Jay-Z

You can take this anyway, sub “Big” with Michael Jordan and then you would have Kobe Bean Bryant’s legacy.  Last night “The World’s Greatest Basketball Player On The Planet” was a total no show.  So it begs the question, “WWKD” what would Kobe do?

I’m not a huge Kobe fan but I respect the Black Mamba.  When you have a chance to win a championship and your the #1 (LeBron James) guy for your team numbers go out the door it’s about mindset. The mindset that everyone in the building, players, fans, and coaches know that I’m the best player in the gym and I’m about to take this damn game over. 

I felt that Lebron had that chance in the beginning of the 2nd half to do just that.  Neal hit that big 3 pointer to get the Spurs and fans excited going into the half.  James needed to hurt their feelings coming out of the locker room, like the Mamba would.  Unfortunately, he came out like a Prince who was disinterested and upset about the efforts of Bosh and Wade.  Instead of getting in those guys faces LeBron showed them that the Heat are nothing without him (we’ve seen this Cleveland #DelonteWest #Gloria).

Kobe would’ve cursed them jokers out, he also would have forced his opponent to adjust to him instead of settling for jumpers.  Losing by 36 is not what kills me, it’s seeing a great player seem like he’s ok with having an average game.  At the end of the day to heck with being liked, your legacy is on the line.  Kobe wouldn’t and won’t let anyone dictate his legacy but him.  Even if that means snitching on Shaq, playing with Kwame Brown, pissing off Phil Jackson (and reuniting), or even shooting his team out of games.  At the end of the day that’s what the Mamba is and will always be.  If the Heat lose this series what will LeBron’s legacy be known for?  He might not even know from the way he played in Game 3.  So again ask in Game 3 WWKD?

Raymond “Big Play” Miller


Ha, Ha Welcome back to the Boom Boom Room, where we started from the bottom now we here. Y’all tricks breathe easy, I know I’m a day late so patron will be a dollar short tonight its $11 a shot. Also y’all ninjas know the dress code; you can’t rock boots in here, only Timberland in here will be the producer.  Now onto the show!

Streaks, I said STREAKS!  19-0-3 or 15-0 while both streaks are great from the Blackhawks and Heat respectively; and no disrespect to the NHL but I’m going with the Heat here. Ain’t no damn ties in the NBA it’s either a win or a loss; the fact that the Heat have won 7 of those games on the road is also impressive.  While I can’t lie the Blackhawks are doing this coming out of a lockout; to do this during a regular scheduled season would be straight panty droppers great, but to do it after a lockout is like competing and dominating with the heart of a champion.  Which is exactly what the Heat are, and like the Nature Boy always said “to be the man you got to beat the man.”  Oh yea and “Woooo!” (Can’t quote Ric Flair without that). Now try to tie that up and onto my thoughts:
1.  Kobe said he would have smacked Ibaka for that flagrant (nut shot) on Blake Griffin.  Yeah just like Kobe smacked Chris Childs?  #ThrowTheFlag
2.  Lauren Silberman you say NFL tryout…  I say publicity stunt.
3.  As a Knick fan I hate LBJ, but I’m glad he didn’t seriously hurt himself on that alley-op it didn’t look good at first.
4.  Speaking of injury, how LBJ’s look worse and he stays in th3 game, while Melo trips on his own two feet and was out for the rest of the game?  Like JD would say “just saying”.
5. With the Chiefs acquiring Alex Smith, and tagging Branden Albert who will they pick with the 1st pick?  My mock draft will be on www.unsportsmenmic.com on 4/24
6.  Joe Flacco says the contract wasn’t about money but respect. Child please (Although, I really wanna say what Stephen A. said)
7.  Michael Turner gets cut by Falcons and says he has a lot left in the tank; he must’ve been talking about his whip, because them legs are shot.  He ran last year like Eddie and Charlie Murphy beat his legs, for wiping his boots off on their couch.  (“Should have never gave yall old Running Backs Money!)
8.  Brian Cashman breaks his ankle skydiving and I’m like Damn even the GM getting hurt for the Yanks.
9.  I’m actually starting to believe that the Lakers will make the playoffs.  Yet  they don’t wanna see OKC in the 1st rd.
10.  Anxious to see how free agency starts out next Tuesday and will Mike Wallace get more than the 5yr/55mil that Vincent Jackson got last season.
Just my thoughts man right or wrong its how I’m feeling at the time.  Now what do you think?  FOLLOW ME NOW @bprunsportsmenm

Ray “Big Play” Miller

We sit down and discuss if Jordan is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

Welcome to the Boom Boom Room, sit back relax, grab yourself a drink, (non-alcohol depending on what time of the day it is) and enjoy the show.

So here’s how I feel about Kobe calling out Dwight Howard; I UNDERSTAND IT.  Howard hasn’t played with a sense of urgency all season and clearly doesn’t know what’s on the line playing in LA.  Los Angeles is a big market and an organization that is known for championships.  When your team is stacked with a Nash, Mamba (Kobe), Gasol, and World Peace fans expect rings.  However, you can’t question a guy’s injury (some people’s pain threshold is stronger than others), or inability to play through it.  That is where Kobe was wrong in his quote.  I personally think that a Josh Smith and Ivan Johnson for Howard makes sense for both teams, lowered expectations for Howard in regards to winning a ring and Josh would be on a team that would appreciate his talents.

Onto my thoughts

  1. Throw the Flag! Damn Dwight now your daddy speaking for you, man up son.
  2. Did Antwan Jamison say that Jordan at 50 could average double digits? “Ninja Please, If you don’t Stop Now” (in my best R. Kelly singing voice)
  3. Love @MikeHillESPN’s comment on LBJ, “LeBron has become like NEO when he figured out the Matrix.  Everything around him appears in slow motion while he dominates” true statement.
  4. John Giannone (Hockey Reporter) is the toughest sideline reporter in sports.  Puck to the face still kept working.  Let me see you do that Craig Saeger while rocking a loud ass suit.
  5. Inside the NBA is the greatest sports show out there period.
  6. As a Knicks fan, an Iman Shumpert to Suns deal makes no damn sense.
  7. I like Miami (The U) to make the Final Four.  And maybe Ray Lewis will get God on their side to win it all.
  8. Indiana what kind of defense was that at the end against Illinois?  Looked like everyone went to sleep, and wasn’t smart enough to fall asleep in front of the basket.
  9. Melo is a BEAST!  But the haters will say he’s a selfish and a chucker #Melo4MVP
  10. So if the 49ers lose in the playoffs next year, will Kaepernick get even more tats?  Unbelievable

Make sure you tip your bartenders, servers, and remember these are just my thoughts right or wrong this is how I’m feeling at the time, so tell me what you think.

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Durant the Bad Guy

Say Hello to the Bad Guy!  This should be the motto of Kevin Durant, not jokingly blaming recent techs on a Kendrick Perkins influence.  I think Kevin Durant is denying himself the key factor in his mental make up to make him a Champion, “Competitive Anger”.  So Kevin please give into your Dark Passenger and give the nickname the Durantula a whole new meaning.

I can go on and on with reasons everyone will disagree with my aforementioned statement.  And all those statements and reasons would be valid.  Just that when Durant plays with a chip on his shoulder his game in my opinion seems to rise.  I looked up incidents of The BAD DURANT coming out and saw what he accomplished.  So here goes:

  • 12/29/2011 Thunder vs Grizzles: Westbrook and Durant get into it on the sideline of the Memphis Grizzles game.  Durant goes off for 32pts, 8reb, shoots 58% from the field and 40% from 3.
  • 1/30/2012 Heat vs Thunder: Durant gets a tech will jawing with Chris Bosh, and Durant drops 33pts, 10reb, and 60% from 3.  After the game Durant gives Bosh a bite of Venom by calling him a fake “tough guy” in the league.  (Damn Bosh, Shaq called you the RuPaul of big men and now Durant chops you up).
  • 5/11/2012 Mavericks vs Thunder:  Durant receives a tech for jawing with Brandon Hayward after he dunks on him.  Durant goes for 31pts (his highest amount in the series), 6 assist (his highest in the series), shoots 66% from 3 (again highest), and 73% from the floor (and yup the highest in the series).
  • 1/2/2013 Nets vs Thunder:  Durant gets ejected but before he left he put up 27pts, 5ass, 64% from the field, and 40% from 3.
  • 1/6/2013 Raptors vs Thunder: Durant picked up a tech and scored 22pt, and only shot 54% from the field.

So outside of the Raptors game, anger has and can fuel this young man.  Now, I’m not saying Durant should turn Rasheed Wallace on us and become the Tech King.  I’m saying that he should drop the nice guy image and be the bad guy.

Look at history; usually the best scores to play the game were the most competitively nastiest people, or the bad guy.  Ask all of New York how much they hate MJ or ask Steve Kerr what happens if you foul MJ in practice.  We know how people feel about Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant.  Larry “Legend” Bird was always considered distant and disliked by many, some even teammates.  Hell its reason why Magic gets more love than Kareem “Skyhook” Abdul-Jabbar when Jabbar has 6 rings to Magic’s 5.  Heck Nike’s new campaign with Durant is “KD is Not Nice”.  So Durant give into it.

I know people are going to say, “LeBron tried to play angry two years ago and he realized that it wasn’t his style.”  Why?  Because LeBron is a medic, ala Magic Johnson, not an assassin or sharp shooter, LeBron can heal and cover up problems on your team (yes you Cleveland).  That’s why angry didn’t work for LeBron, but if you look up games where fans or players tried to get under his skin and taunt him he goes off too.

Plus what getter rival to the “King Era” then the Durantula (I don’t care if you try and sue him Mark Durante we all know who the Real Durantula is), if Durant takes my advice we can start calling him, The Hulk, or maybe Bane, and just make the steroid Durantula venom.  What do you think?  Either way we need Durant Smash! the West, and then in the Finals he can make LeBron’s punishment more severe!


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