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The draft is among us and this draft is very important for a lot of teams.  The typical thought is in every draft if you can select at least three to four 4 or 5 year starters, your team is set up for success.  Our reigning Super Bowl champs are a prime example of how the draft can lift you to lifting the Lombardi.  Without further ado here is Big Play’s Mock draft…  Oh Yea Let’s Go Gang Green, Draft Like A Jet! (At least like a New Jet no more Gholston picks please!)

1. Texans:  Jadeveon Clowney DE, there’s rumors out there that Houston wants to trade, but do you want to be the team that passes on a once every 20yrs talent?  Probably not!

2. Rams: Jake Matthews OT, bloodlines outweighs Robinson’s superior talent.  Has any family put out more NFL talent?

3. Jaguars: Johnny Manziel QB, the staff wants Khalil Mack, my guess is the owner steps in to sell tickets.  Also with the report that Manziel doesn’t want to go to Jacksonville would make for good trade bait.

4. Browns: Khalil Mack OLB, Pettine gets the guy on the outside Rex never could get.

5. Raiders: Mike Evans WR, Evans is big, strong, and with speed.  It’s the Raider way!

6. Falcons: Greg Robinson OT, finally some protection for Matty (N)Ice (and Atlanta fans still wont be happy because it’s not Clowney and if Watkins is still on the board they would want him too)

7. Buccaneers: Sammy Watkins WR, the #1 WR hands down, and I know your thinking “If he is the best WR then why did the Raiders take Evans?”  The Raiders also took Heyward -Bay over Michael Crabtree.  Like I said, the Raiders Way!  Watkins will be great across from Jackson.

8. Vikings: Aaron Donald DT, Zimmer gets his Geno Atkins

9. Bills: Taylor Lewan OT, more OLine help for young EJ

10. Lions: Odell Beckham Jr WR, We know the Lions have other needs (secondary!), but the shadow of Millen still looms, and finally Caldwell gets his 3rd WR to complete his Colts O… I mean Lions Offense.

11.Titans: Darqueze Dennard CB, the top corner to replace Verner

12. Giants: Zack Martin OT, TE makes sense but Eli needs protection, and an upright Eli will only throw 15 interceptions not 27.

13. Rams: Calvin Pryor S, reminds me of Earl Thomas, a hard hitter that is needed in the new black and blue division.  The NFC WEST!

14. Bears: Timmy Jernigan DT, Bears were terrible against the run last year, he will help.

15. Steelers: Eric Ebron TE, Miller’s getting long in the tooth, so Pit drafts his successor.  This is another team that has a lot of needs and getting younger is a huge need, but we all know historically the Steelers have been great in the draft.

16. Cowboys: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix FS, ball hawking safety which is much needed for Dallas’ awful back end.  Message to Jerry Jones, resist every instinct to trade up for Manziel.

17. Ravens: Brandin Cooks WR, even with the acquisition of Steve Smith, Ravens still need some youth at the position.  This will set up the Ravens with two speedy WR for the future (Smith and Cooks) and we know how Flacco loves the deep ball.

18. Jets: Bradley Roby CB, with Ebron, ODB, and Dennard gone Jets stay true to their board and take best player available at a position of need.

19. Dolphins: Cyrus Kouandjio OT, Miami lost a couple starters to their line, they start building it back with the OT from the Tide.

20. Cardinals: Blake Bortles QB, successor to Carson Palmer in 2 years, and remember Palmer was a QB that sat before he became a starter.
21. Packers: Justin Gilbert CB, tall, rangy guy should help in match ups vs Jeffrey, Marshall, and Megatron twice a year (a job I don’t envy).

22. Eagles: Kyle Fuller CB, with how Philly scores points it will force teams to play catch up, you need corners

23. Chiefs: Teddy Bridgewater QB, perfect pick for both the team and the player.  Bridgewater could sit for a couple seasons behind the intellectual Smith and learn to maximize his strengths and limit his weaknesses, especially deciding gloves or no gloves.

24. Bengals: Jason Verrett CB, Can never have enough corners, when your D Line is that good you wont have to cover for long.  Plus they are not ready to give up on Dalton… yet!

25. Chargers: Louis Nix III NT, A power pig to put on the front line, just don’t sport the Bolo.

26. Browns: Derek Carr QB. Browns try their hand at it again for a franchise QB, especially since Johnny Football is off the board, could we see a trade since Manziel doesn’t want to be in J-Ville?

27. Saints: Kelvin Benjamin WR, another big target to go along with Colston and Graham for Drew Brees

28. Panthers: Cody Lattimer WR, after gutting there WR core Carolina starts to rebuild it

29. Patriots: Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE, Belichick drafts a TE to pair with Gronk to hopefully have the same success he had with trigga man Hernandez.  I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pats trade up for Ebron or trade down for more picks.
30. 49ers-: Jordan Matthews WR, a big sure handed guy to groom behind Boldin, just don’t have him learn how to go get the ball from mediocre Crabtree (Sherman words not mine), and don’t learn how to go across the middle soft from Davis (Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor words not mine) and he will be fine.

31.Broncos:  Ryan Shazier LB, if there’s one thing we found out in the SB, Denver needs more speed on D especially since you can’t draft more heart!
32. Seahawks: Joel Bitonio G, The champs draft a replacement for the disappointing Carpenter.  Does it feel like the Seahawks are pulling a Marlins and blowing the team up to rebuild for a later run?

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Raymond “Big Play” Miller

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Johnny Manziel: Money. Power, Respect

By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

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I remember as a kid a great man once told me (at least in my mind) that you have to make the Money first, then when you get the Money, you get the Power, then when you get the Power, you get the Woman.  That man was none other than Tony Montana aka “Scarface”, now I agree with Tony on the first two, but then I have to take a page from “The Lox” and add Respect.  Money, Power, Respect is the key to life.  I’m not comparing Johnny Football to Scarface, or to “The Lox” but at the heart of Scarface and the song it’s about the American Dream.  So why are we hating on Johnny Manziel for living “The Dream”?

Regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s game against Alabama, Johnny Manziel will be loved or hated no matter what he does.  He is the vain of American society, he is the rich, privileged kid with family MONEY.  America wants you to be humble when you are that guy.  America wants you to point out that it’s not your money its your families money.  America wants you to be Aaron Murray.  Forget what America wants, this is Manziel.  He is Johnny “Football”!  What is he doing that will change our daily lives?  Nothing.  Yet we all have an opinion on the “spoiled brat”.  If he was a broke, coming from a family of hardships we would look at his behavior as A: over confident B: ignorant of culture because the environment he grew up in and C: Boy being a boy.  The Money of his family has given him a stature that Johnny Manziel doesn’t try to live down to and why should he?

Winning the Heisman alone gives you Power, but being the first freshman to win it puts you in a 1 and 1 group.  First one to do it and the way people are reacting to his actions he may be the last one to do it.  We look at Johnny Manziel and can’t understand why he can’t just go about his business and be a professional.  The problem is he is not a professional and we are to blame, we have given him this Power and have made him a celebrity overnight.  He used to have a normal…ish life but once he beat Alabama, then had that outstanding Bowl Game performance, and then was voted the Heisman Trophy winner, he wakes up now and EVERYBODY wants a piece of him.  For better or for worse.  How many jersey’s has NCAA/Texas A&M sold?  How many people are asking him for autographs?  How many people tweeting or reporting his day to day actions?  When you are put into this box, your power becomes fleeting and eventually annoying.  Yet and still we have to remember who gave him this POWER, and platform.  WE DID!

After the first two this is the issue most have with Manziel.  The RESPECT!  People feel like he has not given enough to deserve/receive some in return.  With all of his awards and big plays in his freshman season you would think Manziel would garner more respect outside of Defensive Coordinators and Head Coaches.  People like to point to the body language Manziel had when Kevin Sumlin was chewing him out during the Rice game.  I look at the situation as the ultimate respect, because a player of Manziel’s status could have barked back or pleaded his case, instead he kept his helmet on (which all my coaches have always told me to do when they confront me) and took his place on the bench.  What about the lack of Respect that the Rice players showed him?  Last time I checked Manziel was paving a slight path for College players to get paid, and Rice players, getting blown out by the way, had the nerve to taunt him after Manziel just scored on them?  Huh?  Makes no sense, but all we wanted to do was jump on Manziel’s lack of maturity.

No matter how you feel about Johnny “Football” Manziel, it doesn’t matter, because his family and his autographs have MONEY, his play on the field has made him a huge POWER in college football, and we have to RESPECT that he is here to stay.  Maybe he gets his first taste of humble pie against Alabama.  Maybe he wont get his slice of that humble pie until he gets destroyed in the NFL.  With all this being said lets enjoy the ride and let the young kid live.  So to steal a bit from Drake (who Manziel has quoted before) Johnny Manziel can say “I got Everything, I got Everything; I can not complain, I can not; I don’t even know how much I really made I forgot, its a lot; I came up, that’s all me; Stay true, that’s all me; No help, that’s all me”

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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