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“Got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain”- Jay-Z.  That’s right Hov, you sure do, now I love Beyonce as much as the next warm blooded male, but I must say her new single on the radio “Drunk In Love” may be the sexiest song of hers yet.  I know people are going to list other sexy songs by Mrs. Carter, but for me “Drunk In Love” and “Dance for you” does it for me.  So I decided to put it to a vote for sexiest song.

First is the challenger:  Drunk In Love:

Now I know all you Women (and some Men, cause I’m guilty of it) think you can hit that high note (yes singing in the car is fun right).  How sexy is the versus about the surfboarding?  Also some of us can relate to that late night session after coming from the bar/club and waking up in a strange part of your home.  Also we get a nice smooth versus from Jay (“Eat the Cake Anna Mae”), but I can understand if that kills the sexy for some.   Overall the song is grown and sexy, definitely something I could play to get things started or ended.

The Champion:  Dance for You

Now I love this song.  Just the image or the imagining of the woman you love, or really like seducing you through the art of dance.  Yes Sir!  I’m down.  Ms. B tells us she is going to make that body rock and all we have to do is sit down and watch.  The beat just has a very sensual feel, without feeling too stripper like.  The best part of all, is that this dance is in total appreciation of how good of a man we have been.

So there you have it, choose the winner, and if you have other Beyonce songs that you think are sexier than these two please do tell.

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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By: Maurice ” Cool Reece” Thomas

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     I’m the first to admit when comes today’s contracts in sports I’m quick to say “is that player worth that much money?”, especially in the NFL.  You have players like Tony Romo who just recieve an extension worth 108 million dollars but only have one playoff win and alot people feel he doesn’t deserve it.  Yahoo Sports reports that Tony Romo makes $6,302.52per hour, while Peyton Manning only makes 400 dollars more than Romo.  What about other celebrities that makes enormous amount of money like actors or musicians?  How come we don’t judge them on their money and performance?  As Chris Rock would say “Now that ain’t right!”

     Jason “Big J” Allen my fellow UnSportsMenMic colleague asked me “how can i be so quick to hate on Megatron, but not say anything about other entertainers?” Like Ryan Reynald from the movie R.I.P.D. had two bombs in the same week, and yet he probably made millions for just being part of the film.  Hell, he scored 9 million for Green Lantern, and according to “Big J” it was terrible.  Bottom line is he’s right, a lot of people do judge athletes more than actors and musicians including myself. But why?  Until this article I never thought about how much an actor or musician made.  I never really cared, but a lot of that has to do with the fact we don’t hear about the money  they make.  Mostly people care to hear about the drama they go through or what they wore on the red-carpet. 

     So i decided to google overpaid actors and the first link I clicked on was forbes.com and the actor they had first was Eddie Murphy.  I can only think well damn Eddie’s movies have sucked in the recent years.  And what’s funny is there were other websites saying he’s the most overpaid as well. Now for a second let’s compare him in athlete terms, he would be an athlete that came out the gates hot in his rookie contract, then got his pay day for his second contract and then decided to stop striving t be the best.  We would “Kill” that guy in the media and would want him to return the money, or in the words of Eddie Murphy “HALF! Give me half Eddie”.  Furthermore I decided to search for over paid music artist came up with very little info, but I was hoping to see Jay-z name somewhere especially after the recent album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”.  I’m not saying he’s overpaid, but if he comes out with more average to terrible material like that again then somebody will have to make a list just to add him on (I’m prepared for the black lash, holla at me @CR_Unsportsmen).

     In my opinion actors or music artist always get a pass for the money they make in comparison to athletes, because almost everyone has played a sport, or at least been around sports.  With that you feel like if you had just worked harder, had a better break, or just had more of God- given talent “we” could have been a pro!  How many times have you watched a game and could point out what the player did wrong before an announcer?  How many times have you said “Man! he should have done this…” “Man! I would’ve done this/that instead”.  I’m sure most if not all of you have, and that is where our “skepticism” or our harsh judgement comes from.  On the other hand, we all don’t feel like we can/could make it as an actor, or musician, so we have a habit of giving them a pass. .  Though they all have pre maddona moments, but athletes are the ones I hear the most about, because of sports media with “breaking news” of new contracts, contract disputes, or contract extensions.

     Maybe if I was able to watch Beyonce perform all her shows than I would probably have a different opinion on her.  The same if i saw how many retakes Denzel Washington had to have while filming a movie.  Then maybe I would have more of an opinion if they make too much money, but all we get is the finished product to judge them on.  So is it fair for athletes to be judged for how much money they make?  No, but there’s no editing in sports so I’ll be judging Romo every Sunday.  And just like unemployed Bart Scott “Cant Wait!”

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

By: Raymond “Big Play” Miller

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The Knicks believe in Peace but are they just chasing headlines?  With the acquisition of the artist formerly known as Ron Artest, the Knickerbockers bring in an enforcer, a tough nosed guy with a Charles Oakley type mentality.  Many believe (myself included) that Metta will help protect Melo from having to guard players like David West and Carlos Boozer.  Yes I know Peace is a wing player, but he’s stronger than Melo and who’s gonna punk him out?  Throw a beer on him and see how quick he turns back into Ron Ron.  The question is this move necessary?  The Knicks need a big man that can rebound, defend and backup Chandler and although I like the move.  If not for what Brooklyn has been doing this offseason would the move have been made?  At the end of the day on paper the Knicks are still the 5th best team in the east (Heat, Pacers, Bulls, and Nets), but having three defensive minded players (Tyson, Shump, and Peace) doesn’t hurt.

Onto my thoughts….

1. Pouncey brother’s with a “FREE HERNANDEZ” hat… Really!!!!
2. Tim Lincecum 148 pitches on a no-hitter congrats, but that joker won’t pitch again for a month.
3. Chris Davis 37home runs at the break.  Oh yeah please believe more tests are coming.
4. So everyone pushes for the #voteforFreddie campaign and now he isn’t playing because he jammed his thumb?  C’mon Son, should have went with Puig.
5. I like Carson Palmer as a sleeper in fantasy football this year he’s playing with the best receiver and offensive coach he’s ever had.
6. Derrick Rose is officially now 100%.  In July… Really!!!!  C’mon Son.
7. Is it me or does it seem like some players in the NBA Summer league look like they never played the game before.
8. Jay-z line of the week “I brought sand to the beach cuz my beach is better” classic Jay.  And once again Jay-Z doesn’t need the advertising from me.
9. George Zimmerman found not guilty.  Really, so in Florida you can shoot an unarmed black kid and get away with it?  Next you will tell me that Casey Anthony can have/get another kid…  Wait, you got to be kidding me, smh
10. Quote of the week from @hubbuchNYP “Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers just filed a motion to have his trial moved to Sanford, FL”
*Bonus* Matt Harvey All-Star game MVP!  (editors note: Ray wrote submitted this at 11AM)

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller




By: Jason “Big J” Allen, Follow Me @UnsportsmenBigJ

“Charges don’t stick to dude, he’s Teflon” Jay-Z “The Ruler’s Back” This is the NFL, John “Teflon Don” Gotti, nothing seems to effect the NFL image, EVER!  I have felt this way for a while but recently reading Joseph Haas (great follow too @JerseyHaas) Dings & Dents: The NFL Image Problem it made me think “Why can’t the NFL go the way of the MLB, and NBA image wise?”  What makes the NFL so untouchable?  At one time or another both the NBA, and MLB was considered untouchable, but boy how the mighty have fallen.  So what sets the NFL apart?  Why does the bad image never hurt the NFL?  One huge reason is the NFL is marketed as the “Ultimate TEAM SPORT!”

Let’s start with the NBA, during its heyday the talent was great and the technical part of the game was amazing.  Less athletes but you had more skill on the floor.  The first hurdle the NBA hit was a drug problem in the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s.   Say what you want about the David Stern, but he spent a whole career as a Commish cleaning up that image.  Luckily with emerge of Magic/Bird, and later MJ he had the great thought to promote “SuperStars”.  Yes, come one come all and see these extraordinary men play basketball.  The NBA is the most “Star studded” league out of the majors three, and that was by design.  Stern basically said look at how my league just produces stars you can follow from college up to the big leagues.  Well eventually that backfired with straight from high school jumps, which lowered the skill on the court, and the adding of more franchises (less is sometimes more).  Also the drug image got replaced eventually over time with the “Thug persona”.  Who could forgot players coming to the arena looking like rappers?  So you marketed a league around individual SuperStars and when the SuperStars were not as talented, or represented a certain aspect of the society that the masses couldn’t relate to, the league, got a bad rap (no pun).  Now the NBA is making every player go Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie” and we are starting to see the NBA fashion atmosphere come straight from the runway to the Press Conference.  I’m not to keen on the 1 year rule the league has mandated I think it should be closer to the NFL with 3 years so we can see these players grow overseas, or in college.  Also with the Stars actually being talented, and LBJ taking the spotlight to lead the league we are seeing a revamped image similar to the dare I say MJ years.

MLB is the perfect example of duality in image.  The MLB loved its status of “America’s Pasttime”, it had stars, excitement, and history.  The thing that hurt the MLB saved it all at the same time.  It’s history and reliance on numbers.  The MLB is probably the slowest evolving sport, look at its stance on replay.  Look how it refuses to put a better product on TV.  You have officially divided your fans MLB, the younger generation looks at you like a dinosaur because of your lack of technology and advancements, while the older generation looks at your PED issue as the destruction of the beloved stats.  When you have a drug problem that enhances performance, which enhances stats, it hurts the history of a sport that is so numbers and history orientated to a mockery.  Right now as I write your Home Run King was a PED user, and the league lacks the guts to do anything about it, because that would be change and we know the MLB is slow to do that.  So for the foreseeable future whenever we see a player jump in stats we will ask questions of how legit it is (Please let Puig be the real thing).  The MLB is directly responsible for its image of cheaters and old geezers, because it turned its head during the early reports of PED use.  The MLB turns its nose up at tech that can make the game better, or at least help get the call right (Angel Hernandez anyone).  Now because of the image you have made part of your culture you have a generation of kids growing up in the “Steroid era/PED era” and we are starting to see an apathy when it comes to cheaters.  Now the MLB is cleaning house and trying to slowly introduce technology, but it maybe a little to late to reclaim the #1 spot in America’s heart.

Now I know the NFL has had 30 arrest since the end of the Super Bowl, and right now one of the NFL’s stars is going through a trial that is revealing more horrendous acts every day.  Yet the Shield takes a bump, and like a good blacksmith the league continues to smooth it out.  Because the NFL is promoted as a team sport, and a next man up mentality its hard to associate the league with the acts of individuals.  Yes, the NFL promotes stars, you have your Peyton Manning who had a million commercials and SNL appearances, but did we forget that just 2 years ago we had a league with no Peyton Manning in it, and we still watched.  Imagine if the NBA lost LBJ for a year, would YOU watch?  Probably not.  In the NFL numbers don’t matter only wins Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning have some of the worse regular season stats of QB’s but yet they sit with 2 rings each.  We don’t call them a bum, because they win.  MLB you can have nasty numbers but turn up in the postseason and all everyone will point to is your average regular season’s when it’s HOF time (Curt Schilling is still not in HOF yet he helped revive and lead two snake bitten franchises to a World Series Championship).  Hell the NFL touted out Replacement players in 1987 and even Replacement Refs in two separate occasions (Fail Mary, the Nation will never forget) and we still watched.  This is all because the NFL never rests its head on one gimmick to be marketable.  The NFL never forgets its past, but always tries to push the envelope into the future, all while reminding America this is a team sport and one player will never destroy that image, even if its been 30 so far.  The NFL has Stars, the NFL has Stats, and the NFL has a image that everyone can get behind “Teamwork”.  So when it comes to an image to quote Lebron James and Lil’ Wayne the NFL “Ain’t got no worries!”

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

By: Raymond “Big Play” Miller @bprunsportsmenm

The clock strikes midnight and NBA Free Agency has begun along with the wheeling and dealing.  It’s a time in the league when most franchises actually feel like they can make the moves to dethrone the champs (the Heat).  Top players such as Dwight Howard, Josh Smith and JR Smith (yea I said J.R. Smith) are almost guaranteed to change teams while CP3 will get his $107mil to live and die in LA (professionally).  However, I’m more intrigued by the second-tier stars the Andre Igudola, Paul Milsap, Al Jefferson, and  the Tony Allen’s of the world.  You know glue guys that are great for teams in there own way and I believe can help championship contending teams compete against the Heat.

Trades are a way to improve as my Knicks have acquiried Andrea Bargnani giving them a poor man’s Dirk to spread the floor, I will miss Steve “Novacaine” Novak though.  Rumors of Rajon Rondo, Luol Deng, and Jeremy Lin (already Houston? Again glad Knicks didn’t resign) being moved are out and about as well.  The next few weeks in the NBA should be very interesting with possible player movements but as far as any team beating the Heat, I just don’t see it happening, but I would love my Knicks to do it though.
Onto my thoughts….
1. Bottom Line the Nets got names in that trade if you think that makes them better than MIA, INDY, CHI your cray.
2. Did my eyes just see that the Pittsburgh Pirates are 21 games above .500 Wow!!!
3. Yasiel Puig should and must make the all-star team would be good for baseball.
4. Oh Gawd!!!! My reaction after seeing Meagan Good at BET Awards.
5. Speaking of the Awards loved the tribute to Charlie Wilson and celebration of Jamaican musican “Yeah Mon!”
6. I actually like the Tim Hardaway Jr pick and to my knowledge no Hardaway has ever been awful in the league (Tim Sr, and Penny).
7. #Salty! The look on Nerlens Noel face after not being picked 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
8. Maybe Ray Lewis knew what he was talking about “with no NFL watch how crime go up” we all laughed, but now 30 arrest since the end of the Super Bowl.  Maybe he was talking about the players doing all the crimes.
9. Speaking of NFL I hate the top 100 list it’s absolutely ridiculous a bunch of friends putting down names of people they cool with, RG III number 15? No Jimmy Graham at all?
10. July 4th #MagnaCartHolyGrail as if Jay-Z need me to advertise.  And that might be the Dopest Commercial out.

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller

The Cablinasian Album

I wanted to give Tiger Woods the chance to have the Blackest article written about him so I was inspired by The Blueprint Album by Jay-Z, because I think he is the blueprint for success in golf.

“T iz I G to the E R”, started playing at 2 and was whipping his Daddy by 11.  In Stanford they (a Native American teammate) nicknamed him “Urkel”.  You know it’s bad when another race nicknames you a lame brotha from tv (shout out to Jaleel White).  Yet “Tiger, Tiger, that ninja Tiger” only wanted to be a Champion.

“Hola Tigvito, that’s what they yelling when he walks the green with his people”, Tiger won his first pro tournament in 1997 the Masters.  It should have been all love, but Fuzzy Zoeller let it be known that we will serve Fried Chicken and Collard Greens now.  Tiger realized “Aint No Love in the heart of the PGA”.  “First a Cablinasian (black dude) wins a major and everyday Fuzzy wakes up and nobody even remembers his name.”

“The Takeover breaks over homie” Tiger moved the community and brought other races to Golf and finally made the world tune in for every event.  During his reign, Tiger won the Grand Slam, at one point he won six consecutive tournaments, in 2006 he had 12 major wins.  Tiger had a streak of 264 weeks at number #1 (that’s over 5 years), the pinnacle was in 2008 he won the U.S. Open on one leg.

“I’ll never change, this Eldrick Woods everyday” with this dominance they couldn’t attack his game so they attacked his behavior, and changed the game to stop him.  They went after his cursing on the course and slamming of his clubs when he hit a bad shot.  Tiger Proofing was next, where they added yardage to the tee, to stop long hitters like Tiger.  Why?  Because there was nothing else, “All Tiger needs. I got my endorsements. Check (GM, Nike, Titleist, General Mills, American Express, Accenture, Gatorade, Gillette, TAG Heuer, EA Sports, and Buick), my family life is looking good. Check.  Until…

We discovered that Tiger loves “Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls. Girls all over the world (except the sistas either they kept quiet or Tiger didn’t have none). Leave a message on your machine because I would love to mate you, especially when I’m back in town.”

“I can’t see them coming down my eyes but I got to make the apology cry.”  After the incident (SUV+golf club=Trouble) and impending divorce Tiger had a closed media apologies where he got off easy.  Everything that Tiger had or needed started to vanish.  He lost endorsements, but Nike and EA Sports stayed with him.

“Renegade! never be afraid to say what’s on my mind at any given time or day” Tiger took to rocking the Goatee, wearing all black, like he was Darth Vader.  Tiger’s return also had the masses saying “You don’t know, what your doing, doing, doing.”  He fired his longtime Caddy Steve “Black Ass stating” Williams, and hired his friend Bryon Bell.  He got a new swing coach and went away from the swing that had the Nation fist pumping.

“But in these times it seems to me there’s a lot of golfers out there that want to win like T. Woods.”  People have tried to put Rory Mcllory, Dustin Johnson, and others, as the next Tiger but we are patiently waiting for when “The Rulers Back”.


– Jason

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