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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

Everybody in the NFL has been making a big fuss over the NFL coming out and saying if no one volunteers for “Hard Knocks” the league will pick a team.  Honestly I think that is a terrific idea!  As much as we (not me I love him) hate on Roger Goodell, he always seems to be on the right path.  I think he should eliminate volunteers and choose the team every year.

First off everyone needs to know what qualifies or disqualifies you from being on “Hard Knocks”:

1.  You have to missed the playoffs at least two weeks in a row to be on the show.

2.  If you have participated in “Hard Knocks” in the last 10 years you are no longer eligible

3.  Or if you just got a new coach you can’t participate.

Now that you have the rules down, I’m all for the choosing of the team without volunteers, why you ask?  Imagine when/if the Eagles don’t make the playoffs next year Goodell should choose the Eagles.  This way we can see all this “Speed Read” Offense.  We can see this new way of training, conditioning, and eating that keeps his team “FRESH”.  We get to see an aging Mike Vick try to hang out to whatever is left.  Compelling right?  Not to mention other characters like Riley “I will call you a Ninja” Cooper.

How about in the near future when Brady is starting to become washed up and the Patriots happen to miss the playoffs for two years, we get to see the Sith Lord himself, Bill Belichick, operate and work hard to build one more winning team for Brady to lead.  We get to see an old Ben Kenobi-type Brady still weaving his magic.  We can see Brady prepares with the chip still on his shoulder from draft day.  Can you even picture this?  I’m getting excited with the possibilities.

Hell, why stop at choosing the teams, I feel like Goodell should mandate that the Jaguars take Tebow and then make them do “Hard Knocks”.  Can you imagine all the fun it will be to see the acclaimed Terrible Tebow practices.  Also we get to see the Wide Receivers bite their lips, because Tebow is their teammate and he loves God and you never bash a man of faith (unless he touches little boys).

Hopefully you are starting to see the awesomeness of the NFL/Goodell just picking the darn team and letting us enjoy.  Right now if nothing changes (i.e. head coach) with all the dysfunction going on in Tampa Bay, they would be delicious TV.  We might actually see a team revolt.  I can see it now the  team comes out to practice with pitchforks and torches to run Greg Schiano out of town as if he was Frankenstein’s Monster (the name Frankenstein was the Doctor not the Monster).

Earlier in the last season of Hard Knocks  “Cool Reece” wrote about how terrible the show was, but I think the choosing of the team would help make the show exciting again.  You can just choose the biggest trainwreck, most compelling star, or coach out of a bunch of losers.  These are just my thoughts tell me what you think, by leaving a comment or tweeting me @UnSportsmenBigJ.

Jason “Big J” Allen

By: Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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Is the show Hard Knocks on HBO hard at all? I’m sorry, but this season with the Cincinnati Bengals seems like its a joke.  What’s so hard about it?  Is training camp tough?  Seems pretty easy.   Do they practice hard?  If in shorts and no pads is hard, then yes.  Are they playing physical at all?  Not even a bit, except for the first episode they did the Oklahoma drill.  Is this what really goes on in football now (Damn you CBA!)?

With the new need to protect players the NFL has taken away the physical nature of the sport.  Imagine that your an accountant, and for your training the company gives you easy problems, then expect you to handle complex problems later that week.  This is what the league has become and “Hard Knocks” is just showing the world that the league is becoming powder puffs.

Hard…  I mean “Soft Knocks” is just a joke now, you sure I’m not watching Def Comedy Jam?  All I can get from this show is laughter, grown ass men talking about superheroes, and Harrison flicking off the camera man.  Now if they show Harrison go out and hit somebody then that would be a great thing to watch. Unfortunately we are stuck seeing players with there girlfriends or the show highlighting a nobody that’s about to be cut.  I know that is part of the experience of the show, but give us something to root for.  Show a nobody working hard and getting cut because the team has other needs (Danny Woodhead anyone?).

With that being said maybe I should be critical about the team?  Is it me or does Coach Marvin Lewis seem a little soft or should I say suspect?  Even when he yells I don’t think I can take him seriously.   Could “Soft Knocks” be accidentally showing the beginning of the end of Marvin Lewis and neither him or HBO realize it?  Coach Zimmerman on the other hand is the real, they should just give him more time and let him cut loose, its to bad he doesn’t have a head coaching job (wink wink).

Bottom line is the show doesn’t portray how hard the sport of football really is.  Especially when the coach tells his team they wont have to practice in full pads for the rest of the season unless they piss him off.  Really???  Really!!!  And what happened to players getting cut on every episode?  This new CBA has partially killed the “Hard” in “Hard Knocks”, because these guys seem like they are not afraid of getting cut at all.  Despite the the team winning preseason games, this year of “Hard Knocks” is a joke.  I’m not  saving room on my DVR for this shit!

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas


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