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We got Crown(Royal) on deck, boom boom room locked down, crown on deck, crown on…..speaking of the crown as my eyes see it ladies & gentleman The KING shall return to take his talents to… Cleveland… That is, a part of me feels like I’m watching the Miami Cavs anyway. To quote @FrankIsola (Wade playing like Larry Hughes, Bosh playing like Drew Gooden), which means the BIG 3 are now playing like the LONE 1 (LBJ is the 1 in case you forgot).


That’s not what LeBron signed up for (Melo would take it though) so let’s look at Wade and Bosh. Wade looks injured, no explosiveness, no lift, no energy damn is that Gabrielle Union pie that serious??? then again. Bosh isn’t hurt so what’s the excuse? Yeah I know he’s a finesse player getting dominated on the defensive end but what about the offensive side? With Wade struggling Bosh should be making the Pacers adjust to his style of play. Yea he yells and gets animated after a good play, but where is that energy when Hibbert is backing him down (No Homo). What’s even worse is Bosh and LeBron are getting paid the same this season; ridiculous! The Cavs with Mike (do whatever you want LeBron) Brown back in the fold and the probability of them selecting Nerlens Noel with the #1 pick, or trading the 1st pick to stock talent, added with some guy named Kyrie Irving already there; in my opinion it makes sense so people brace yourself for the DECISION 2014!

Onto my thoughts…..
1. Hibbert’s gotta be smarter than that right? Why follow Jason Collins after it.
2. Tyler Hansbrough is the dirtiest player in UNC history.
3. So let me get this straight Mets sweep Yanks and then get swept by Marlins? #baseball
4. Stephen Strasburg has too much talent to be this inconsistent and unfortunately he might be injury prone. Makes the Nationals look stupid for sitting him last year.
5. I think Mangini will help the 49ers a lot, with the Jets I thought he got ripped to many times over that Gholston pick. Seems people forgot his other 1st rd picks Ferguson, Mangold, Revis, and Keller.
6. That’s right Keyshawn to hell with Beiber! I trying to switch seats when cops rolled up.
7. If your not from Boston, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, or Chicago are you watching the NHL Playoffs? Well you should because it’s actually been good.
8. The way Tiger played this weekend I thought Lindsey Vonn dumped him.
9. Miguel Cabrera #BEAST nuh said.
10. Can Patrick Ewing get an NBA job please c’mon Larry Drew got the Bucks job… Larry Drew!!!


Just my thoughts right or wrong its just how I’m feeling at the time. Tell me what you think at




Ray “Big Play” Miller


In 2009 when Rex Ryan took over the JETS in his introductory press conference he said that young corner Darrelle Revis was the best corner in the league; which made most members of the media chuckle. After all, the media knew the 2nd yr corner out of Pitt was talented and had great upside, especially after making the Pro Bowl under the recently fired Eric Mangini; but the best corner in the league approaching his 3rd season, C’MON NOW REX.

However, it turns out that Rex was right.  In the 3 seasons under Rex, Revis made the Pro Bowl and All Pro team.  He has established himself as the best corner in the NFL and even has an island named after his talent (Revis Island where Wide Receivers get “Lost” and there is no Gilligan, or fine ass Mary Ann and Ginger). Now in his 6th season, the Great Revis has tore his ACL thus ending his season and the Jets season as well according to fans and the media.

Some say Gang Green should pray to the man whose name rhymes with Revis (and if that doesn’t work Tebow your up). The Jets face a tall task no doubt and with “The Beast” (Andre Johnson) and “Fitz” (Larry Fitzgerald) still to come on the schedule.  Can Rex Ryan depend on a corner that struggles to say the names of his 10 kids to be focused enough to place these wide receivers on ALCATRAZ?

I say HELL NAH; although as defensive coordinator of the Ravens he’s had success with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed both missing an extended period of time. However, the Jets don’t have the front 7 as his previous Ravens teams; and the strength of the Jets is the secondary it doesn’t look good for Rex.  People always say you shouldn’t trust a skinny Chef, so can Rex still cook up a mad defense As a Jets fan, I believe in Gang Green even after last week. WATCH THEM EARN IT!!!



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