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With me just watching Captain America 2: Winter Soldier I got to thinking, what awesome things that could and should be in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron to give movie goers everywhere a geekgasm or geekoner and I’m not talking about the one that Black Widow gives us every time she is on screen.

Now this list is going to be of stuff that can actually happen, not a “I wish” scenarios ala SpiderMan, X-Men, or Fantastic Four showing up.  Sorry geeknation they are owned by different companies and they wont permit a crossover situation hell Joss Whedon and Co. can’t even use the word Mutant, because it is owned by Fox for X-Men.  With that being said lets get into it.

1.  Lets get an actual death in this one.  Yea we can recon it later, but no Coulson shenanigans.  Kill someone and keep them dead.  If I had to chose it would be either Stark (because Robert Downey Jr. is talking about not reprising the role.) or Captain America we can have the Winter Soldier take over his role ala in the comics.

2.  Acknowledge and talk about other heroes in the Marvel Universe, we got a Stephen Strange shout out recently, but I would love to hear about Pym particles, Wakanda, Vibranium (which is used to make Capt Shield and was the secret element in Iron Man 2).

3.  Going along with that, if it is a huge battle that ensues can we please get other heroes making cameos to fight.  Can we see a Power Pack team battling, Heroes for Hire (Luke Cage and Iron Fist), Cloak and Dagger, and if I’m right they should have just got Blade back.  It doesn’t have to be long scenes maybe just see people with identifiable uniforms fighting off hordes of Ultron bots.

4.  Please have Ultron thrash the Hulk!  It is so hard for the Hulk to have a formidable foe because of his resistance to any and everything. with that being said:

5.  Can we see different versions of the Hulk, maybe during the time Starks and Banner spend together at the end of Avengers 1 they try to find a way to make the Hulk not a total beast, but retain some of Banners intellect enter the Gray Hulk.  This could help throw Ultron off who knows the Avengers and all their strengths and weaknesses.  This would also get us a talking Hulk, which would be cool.  It would add to our excitement to see big Green return to help thrash shit!

6.  The major thing I would love to see in the movie that would make my head explode would be Captain America picking up Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir, and battling Ultron.  Imagine Mjolnir in one hand and the Shield in the other.  In the books Capt. was deemed worth to use and wield Mjolnir.  Make a way for Thor to get disarmed and have Cap pick it up and go to work parkour style on Ultron.  Like I mentioned before this would switch up what Ultron is used to.

I also have some honorable mentions that would be cool, but I’m sure couldn’t fit into the movie.

-Find a way to take the Avengers team to another of the 9 realms.  I would really like to see Hel, maybe they go there looking for Loki and surprise surprise he is not there.

– Suggest a possible House of M situation.  This is where the Scarlet Witch went insane and recreated the world where Magneto and his family ruled.  Now I know they couldn’t use Magneto, but maybe they make it so Hydra won the war, once you see Capt 2 you will know why and how this could be possible.

– Have a way for Hulk to get out of control and they are forced to send him to another planet because he is to much of a threat ala Planet Hulk and make that the next Hulk Movie.  Gladiator style Hulk movie, and have him return in time for Avengers 3 to fight Thanos.  You could do this again with a crazy Scarlet Witch hexing the odds of a portal opening and sending him to another planet.

So these are the things that I think can take Avengers 2 to another level and be the best comic movie ever. In Joss Whedon we trust!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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We get another “Spike Lee Joint”…  Oh no it’s a”Spike Lee Film”…  not a Joint?!?  That doesn’t sound good for an Asian cult classic being Americanized and remade.  Here is the redband trailer (explicit content)

Like I mentioned this is a “Spike Lee Film” and I will admit up front I’m biased because I really enjoy “Spike Lee Joint’s” and didn’t know what to expect with him not putting his signature “Joint” on the film.  I’m also biased in the fact that I liked the original “Oldboy”, but was not in total dedicated love of it.  I will say this, I Love This Film.

Now my proclamation of “loving” this film is not because it’s a great film or near perfect in anyway.  I love this film because I feel like they took parts of the original and did a great job of making it American.  Josh Brolin’s physical transformation from flabby to fit and his pursuit of justice is just a good ole American revenge epic.  Move over Liam Neeson, they had Taken your daughter, but they took Josh Brolin’s life… for 20 years.  Now I already knew the ending I just wondered how they were going to make it work without it using a lot of the Asian culture to justify events.  The movie did a good job of wrapping the story up in a more upbeat American bow.  The shots are a mix of the original and Spike adding his Joi.. I mean Film style to the movie.  The violence is brutal (a salt in wound scene made me cringe).  For the most part the violence is over the top and a bit cartoonish, which doesn’t take away from the realism of the movie.  I did like that this film dedicated time to make you realize that Brolin’s character is not a good guy and you feel sorry for him.  Hell you kinda feel like he is at his best when imprisoned for those 20 years (which makes the ending kinda cool).  The remake definitely gives you ton of back story and you feel like you are unraveling the mystery of the movie along with Brolin.  You don’t get any of that in the original, which works in the original, but here explanation drives the story and Brolin’s revenge.

Alright everyone it is time to give Elizabeth Olsen here grand acknowledgement.  I know we all love Jennifer Lawrence, but I feel that Olsen has just as much if not better acting chops.  It’s time for her to get her own big budget, worldwide mega movie vehicle so she can flex her muscles.  Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene was great, but I hope that playing Scarlet Witch in the new Avengers breaks her out.

Now the moment we all have been waiting for…  It’s Hammer Time!  Now the remake’s Hammer in the whole way fight scene is in no way as epic as the original.  It can’t compare at all, and I think it shouldn’t try to.  The original was done in one take with one long shot, the remake is chopped and edited a lot.  It serves the same purpose but doesn’t have the weight of the original, but it was still cool to see (especially since at one time Josh Brolin was up for playing Batman…  wish he would have done that and not Jonah Hex).

A lot of people who loved the original may find this hit or miss, but I loved it, again don’t know if it is my Spike Lee bias or, because I do think he crafted a good enough film to “hat tip” to the original, but be its own movie on its own.  I did think the Sam Jackson character was useless, but as usual Sam Jack just chews up scenery with his usual act.  I heard that Spike’s first cut was 140 minutes and was a better version with a longer Hammer fight scene.  This cut is 104 minutes, but I would love to see the “Spike Lee Joint” and not the “Spike Lee Film” version.  This movie is like finding someone just like you but from a different race.  Where you say things like “If I was White I would be you.” “or if they were Black they would be me”.  This is how I feel about the Oldboy Americanized remake.  I definitely say check it out, even if you haven’t seen the original.  Remember I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To.

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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