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By Raymond “Big Play” Miller @bprunsportsmenm

What’s Up DOC
My, my, my how the times have changed in professional sports.  No longer is it all about the history, the tradition, and the success of a franchise under your leadership.  When a coach would leave the Celtics for the Clippers!  Yes the CLIPPERS (which is the second team in there own city) somethings wrong.  I know the Celtics are rebuilding, but Doc had 3yrs left on his deal.  The hypocrisy is if a player did that he’d be crushed #Melo.  Should we blame Rajon Rondo?  It’s no secret Doc wanted him gone (for all of Rondo’s talents, he’s still known to be an ass and a hard player to deal with), trying to trade him for Russell Westbrook (Durant might have been happier, but wasn’t happening) and CP3 (guess the Pelicans didn’t want him).  So in hindsight is Doc just leaving for the point guard he REALLY wants.  Furthermore can Doc win without the Big Ticket (Kevin Garnet).  Doc knows he can’t so look for KG to be a Clipper to toughen up a soft, flopping Blake Griffin (if that is possible).  At the end of the day we can’t rip players like Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony for wanting to leave there respective teams while under contract when coaches such as Doc Rivers are allowed to do the same thing.

Onto my thoughts:
1.Congrats to LBJ and the Miami Heat for winning back-back championships.  This Finals finally answered the question that had been burning up fans and media alike, “What does Lebron look like playing without his Headband?”
2. What can you say about the Aaron Hernandez situation but DAMN!!!
3. First buttfumble now you showing ass Mark Sanchez.  C’mon Son!
4. Arod (Alex Rodriguez) on twitter that’s a joke right?  He can’t be serious right…  Right?
5. Serena and Sharapova going at it.  I love it!
6. Does your parents have to be millionaires to have the balls to name you North West (Kim and Kanye).
7. Who’s getting fired first in L.A. Sciossia, Mattingly, or D’Antoni?  My moneys on D’Antoni.
8. Enough with comparing Oladihpo to D. Wade please.
9. Happy for Brian Shaw finally getting a chance in Denver.  Now when will Patrick Ewing get one?
10. Hockey is hockey but props to Chi-towns Blackhawks on winning the Cup!

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller

Ha, Ha Welcome back to the Boom Boom Room, where we started from the bottom now we here. Y’all tricks breathe easy, I know I’m a day late so patron will be a dollar short tonight its $11 a shot. Also y’all ninjas know the dress code; you can’t rock boots in here, only Timberland in here will be the producer.  Now onto the show!

Streaks, I said STREAKS!  19-0-3 or 15-0 while both streaks are great from the Blackhawks and Heat respectively; and no disrespect to the NHL but I’m going with the Heat here. Ain’t no damn ties in the NBA it’s either a win or a loss; the fact that the Heat have won 7 of those games on the road is also impressive.  While I can’t lie the Blackhawks are doing this coming out of a lockout; to do this during a regular scheduled season would be straight panty droppers great, but to do it after a lockout is like competing and dominating with the heart of a champion.  Which is exactly what the Heat are, and like the Nature Boy always said “to be the man you got to beat the man.”  Oh yea and “Woooo!” (Can’t quote Ric Flair without that). Now try to tie that up and onto my thoughts:
1.  Kobe said he would have smacked Ibaka for that flagrant (nut shot) on Blake Griffin.  Yeah just like Kobe smacked Chris Childs?  #ThrowTheFlag
2.  Lauren Silberman you say NFL tryout…  I say publicity stunt.
3.  As a Knick fan I hate LBJ, but I’m glad he didn’t seriously hurt himself on that alley-op it didn’t look good at first.
4.  Speaking of injury, how LBJ’s look worse and he stays in th3 game, while Melo trips on his own two feet and was out for the rest of the game?  Like JD would say “just saying”.
5. With the Chiefs acquiring Alex Smith, and tagging Branden Albert who will they pick with the 1st pick?  My mock draft will be on www.unsportsmenmic.com on 4/24
6.  Joe Flacco says the contract wasn’t about money but respect. Child please (Although, I really wanna say what Stephen A. said)
7.  Michael Turner gets cut by Falcons and says he has a lot left in the tank; he must’ve been talking about his whip, because them legs are shot.  He ran last year like Eddie and Charlie Murphy beat his legs, for wiping his boots off on their couch.  (“Should have never gave yall old Running Backs Money!)
8.  Brian Cashman breaks his ankle skydiving and I’m like Damn even the GM getting hurt for the Yanks.
9.  I’m actually starting to believe that the Lakers will make the playoffs.  Yet  they don’t wanna see OKC in the 1st rd.
10.  Anxious to see how free agency starts out next Tuesday and will Mike Wallace get more than the 5yr/55mil that Vincent Jackson got last season.
Just my thoughts man right or wrong its how I’m feeling at the time.  Now what do you think?  FOLLOW ME NOW @bprunsportsmenm

Ray “Big Play” Miller

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