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It is opt out season and all that ESPN is spouting about is where LBJ and Melo will land.  Most think the King will return to the paradise we call South Beach (and if you have ever seen a Pitbull video who can blame him), and ME-lo is looking to be lifted and landing in the Windy City, Chi-town!  All I hear is that both want more weapons and a place to win more rings or A ring.  When I hear this I think to myself why not the Washington Wizards?  I know I’m a homer, but now I will make an argument for why The King and Melo should seriously consider D.C. their new home:

1.  Young Talent

The Wizards have a backcourt that can become one of the greatest in the league for a few years.  John Wall and Bradley Beal are up and comers, and they could benefit from having a legitimate #1 option in the offense.  The Wizards are one of the youngest teams in the league so these guys will be around for a while and the team can grow with the eventual aging superstars.

2.  The team compliments your weaknesses

When you look at the Knicks and the Heat, rebounding and down low scoring was an issue for both, thus morphing LBJ and Melo into post up players, and having to become better at rebounding to help their respective teams.  Well if the Wiz resign Gortat and with NeNe already down there, they have size, rebounding, and scoring.  Also both of these big men can shoot the 12-15 footer.

The team weakness in the playoffs was lack of composure and no go to scorer down the stretch.  Add Melo or LeBron, problem solved.

The Heat struggled with Point guard play, enter Mr. Dougie/NaeNae Dance John Wall. They also have a wily veteran coming off the bench in Andre Miller to help too.

3.  The Bench/Depth is not San Antonio good, but they are not bad either

As I mentioned above you have Miller for leadership and veteran sensibility, but you have a young energy guy in Martell Webster as the back up SG.  I figure to get either one of these superstars we wouldn’t be resigning Ariza, but you would have  youth at the back up SF in Otto Porter Jr (who is a bust so far), Chris Singleton, and Glen Rice Jr. You then look at Old Man Drew Gooden, Al Harrington, and the younger Trevor Booker at the back up PF with Kevin Serephin in the back up C position.  Again great Depth and granted these guys would look a lot better with a Melo or LBJ on the court.

4.  The City

Growing up in D.C. (called “Chocolate City” when I lived there, or the “Gun Murder Capital”) it’s a beautiful city.  Everyone knows about the sights and history there, but it is not far off from being a legitimate major market.  Especially if one of the superstars were to grace the city and play there.  The D.C. market is as competitive as the Miami market, naturally D.C. can’t touch NY, but those stars would bring business and marketers there.  We just witnessed the RGIII craze.  Imagine the The King heading to D.C., LBJ would be come the Mayor and the President in the same year.  Imagine Melo coming here with his roots in Baltimore and not snitching.  Also his wife’s reality show would have to be filmed in D.C. bringing more awesome to the city.

Also there are very little to no sports demons of the past for them to battle in D.C.  When it comes to Basketball it is Wes Unseld, and that is it.  In Miami LBJ will always be held to D-Wade and Pat Riley’s popularity.  In NY Melo has tons of demons in the Basketball Mecca!  Washington D.C. could be the house they built, ala MJ and Chicago.

5.  You can do something Michael Jordan could not

You can accomplish something that the great Michael Jordan could not…  MAKE WASHINGTON D.C. A WINNER.  Now I know MJ was old and the air was out of the Jumpman, and he was more of a Ground man.  But MJ suited up and he couldn’t lead the Wizards to the playoffs, let alone sniff a Championship.  LeBron, you can claim a victory in a Jordan failure.  How awesome would that be?  Melo would begin to rewrite the books about his legacy with a Championship, but he can also claim that which “His Airness” could not.  That allure alone should push King James here, and that double win for Melo’s legacy should be tempting.

All I’m saying is that the Washington Wizards should be on these Superstars radar and sadly enough they probably are not.  So if everyone in D.C. or everyone that loves the Wizards could share this and build up a ground swell that maybe will reach one of these superstars we may get my wish, and eventually get all of D.C.’s wish and that is to win the NBA Championship!

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Jason Allen

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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Sorry for the delay still upset about my Knicks losing so I raised the prices in the Boom Boom Room and U.O.E.N.O it (Shout out to Rocko).  Alright time to make the same moves in a calendar year as Jamie Foxx from a slave named D’jango to the President (White House Down).

While looking at the Final Four teams left in the NBA Playoffs Indiana, Memphis, Miami, and  San Antonio I realized two things; there’s not one team from a major market.  No NY, LA, CHI, BOS, or DALL, even though there’s no place like Miami right Pitbull.  Furthermore there’s not much star power besides LBJ and Wade (No Melo, Kobe, Durant, Rose, Dirk, CP3) and yes I know Duncan aka Timmy has 4 rings and is a sure fired Hall of Famer but having one commercial where him and Steve Nash are dribbling basketballs doesn’t make you an appealing superstar.  However, the point I’m making is playing with grit, toughness, and togetherness (Grizzlies, Pacers, and Spurs) is the new way to be successful in the NBA and will the league be okay with that?  I guess the ratings will determine how the league feels about it.

Onto my thoughts…
1. Damn blaming Melo, Chandler, and JR the reasons why the Knicks lost the series.
2. Forget the flagrant foul the way Tony Allen was rolling on the floor in game 2 I thought he got shot.
3. Memo to all sports franchises when you think you have it bad, look at the Astros!
4. Go ahead and start those Dwight Howard to the Rockets rumors.
5.Can we please start CP3 to the Knicks rumors (wishful thinking on my part)
6. I gotta hand it to Miguel to sing, dance, and do a WWE move is impressive. The way he kicked one girl in the head and did a Hulk Hogan leg drop on the other and still be composed enough to still sing mad props… right Chris Brown (who had an awful performance at the billboard).
7.  Charles Woodson goes full circle, by going back to Oakland, critics are wondering why, well let me give you 4.3mil reasons.
8. I’d like to see RGIII buy some game tickets for those fans that bought him gifts on his registry, instead of sending out pics of him posing on gift boxes (yeah I’m hating)
9. NY Rangers down 3-0 can they make the comeback?  Doesn’t matter because the Penguins will probably win the Cup anyway.
10. So every time Dan Gilbert puts his son on stage, Stern gives Cavs the 1st pick.  After all MJ did for the league he can’t give the Bobcats/Hornets just one? I’m just saying (shout out to JD)

These are just my thoughts right or wrong its how I’m feeling at the time.  Tell me how you feel or what you think on twitter @bprunsportsmenm

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Ray “Big Play” Miller

Ha, Ha Welcome back to the Boom Boom Room, where we started from the bottom now we here. Y’all tricks breathe easy, I know I’m a day late so patron will be a dollar short tonight its $11 a shot. Also y’all ninjas know the dress code; you can’t rock boots in here, only Timberland in here will be the producer.  Now onto the show!

Streaks, I said STREAKS!  19-0-3 or 15-0 while both streaks are great from the Blackhawks and Heat respectively; and no disrespect to the NHL but I’m going with the Heat here. Ain’t no damn ties in the NBA it’s either a win or a loss; the fact that the Heat have won 7 of those games on the road is also impressive.  While I can’t lie the Blackhawks are doing this coming out of a lockout; to do this during a regular scheduled season would be straight panty droppers great, but to do it after a lockout is like competing and dominating with the heart of a champion.  Which is exactly what the Heat are, and like the Nature Boy always said “to be the man you got to beat the man.”  Oh yea and “Woooo!” (Can’t quote Ric Flair without that). Now try to tie that up and onto my thoughts:
1.  Kobe said he would have smacked Ibaka for that flagrant (nut shot) on Blake Griffin.  Yeah just like Kobe smacked Chris Childs?  #ThrowTheFlag
2.  Lauren Silberman you say NFL tryout…  I say publicity stunt.
3.  As a Knick fan I hate LBJ, but I’m glad he didn’t seriously hurt himself on that alley-op it didn’t look good at first.
4.  Speaking of injury, how LBJ’s look worse and he stays in th3 game, while Melo trips on his own two feet and was out for the rest of the game?  Like JD would say “just saying”.
5. With the Chiefs acquiring Alex Smith, and tagging Branden Albert who will they pick with the 1st pick?  My mock draft will be on www.unsportsmenmic.com on 4/24
6.  Joe Flacco says the contract wasn’t about money but respect. Child please (Although, I really wanna say what Stephen A. said)
7.  Michael Turner gets cut by Falcons and says he has a lot left in the tank; he must’ve been talking about his whip, because them legs are shot.  He ran last year like Eddie and Charlie Murphy beat his legs, for wiping his boots off on their couch.  (“Should have never gave yall old Running Backs Money!)
8.  Brian Cashman breaks his ankle skydiving and I’m like Damn even the GM getting hurt for the Yanks.
9.  I’m actually starting to believe that the Lakers will make the playoffs.  Yet  they don’t wanna see OKC in the 1st rd.
10.  Anxious to see how free agency starts out next Tuesday and will Mike Wallace get more than the 5yr/55mil that Vincent Jackson got last season.
Just my thoughts man right or wrong its how I’m feeling at the time.  Now what do you think?  FOLLOW ME NOW @bprunsportsmenm

Ray “Big Play” Miller

Knicks 5-0

THE NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS ARE OFF TO A 5-0 START, BUT THEY DON’T HAVE PARADES DOWN THE CANYON OF HEROES (where NYC teams celebrate with fans) in November.  Although, it maybe to early to tell if they can even make it to the Finals; history shows that the last 2 times the Knicks started out 5-0 they’ve made it there (’70 and ’94). Under Mike Woodson (Woody as the players call him), these Knicks have gone back to there roots and to what the city is about.  Being tough and physical which results to playing great D.

How did this change happen?  From Mike Antoni’s(no D) high octane uptempo 7 seconds or less offense, without a thought toward Defense (see how that works out for you Lakers).  To now holding opponents to 90 points or less a game and being the 2nd highest scoring team in the league?  Easy answer veteran leadership helps.

The Knicks went out and acquired Felton, Kidd, Thomas, Camby, Wallace and Brewer.  The play of Felton and Kidd starting on the court together helps with ball movement.  With a bench that can boast being 10 men deep with scorers. When Shumpert (best on and off ball defender) returns the D will be even better perhaps like the Pistons unit, that Woody won a ring with in ’03-’04 season.

The story here is Carmelo Anthony, a great scorer that would always think about Defense, but would never play it (unless against LeBron), has officially bought in.  He’s in great shape (thank you Olympics) and is allowing Woody to coach him. Melo’s play will force Amare Stoudmire aka S.T.A.T., Standing Tall And Talented, to the bench to ball out with the 2nd  unit.  A 2nd unit that consist of Camby, Novak, and an extremely controlled J.R. Smith

The Knicks are built to beat the Heat, but doing it in a 7 game series is something else; however, by being dominant at home and above .500 on the road (beating the teams your suppose to beat). So before we start chanting “Long Live the King”, Melo may have his ring.


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