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With Comic-Con here I will probably be having a lot of “Something Cool”, and this one is great.  A facial…  I mean a head shot of Batfleck.

Now for you twenty something and younger, Christian Bale is your Batman.  For us 30-45, Michael Keaton, is our Batman.  For the 45+ Adam West is your Batman (BAM!!!).  Now it is a huge possibility that my daughter’s Batman will be Ben Affleck.  Now before everyone starts to hate, let’s at least give Affleck a chance.  If the script is strong the movie will be strong.  Please don’t throw Daredevil in my face, that script was weak and missed the essence of what Daredevil is as a character (hopefully the Netflix series does a better job).  And lastly I will admit I was never a fan of Jack Nicholson’s Joker as a kid (I know right, that’s blasphemy) I thought he was to goofy psychotic, and not enough menacing psychotic (for Goodness sake he danced around to Batman soundtrack made by Prince), or maybe it was just the heavier belly having part I didn’t like.  I wanted my Joker slender and menacing and just pure chaos.  So when I heard that Heath Ledger was going to be the Joker I was excited while everyone around me gaffed at the thought of A Knights Tale, battling the Dark Knight.  Hindsight being 20/20 we all loved Ledger’s Joker, and wished it didn’t end in tragedy so we could have seen him reprise his role in “The Dark Knight Rises”.  In all of this I really am just saying lets give it a chance before we bash!  Also this picture just looks awesome!

Also for good measure here is Superman as a Sith…  My favorite character with my favorite universe collide.

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No intro at all just watch and listen as your geek heart explodes:


BBBBOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, how great was that?  You know the first thing that popped into my head?  Buddy cop movie with the Joker and Luke Skywalker hunting down the Hobgoblin.  Now I know it’s hard to believe The Joker as a cop, but that would be the twist that the whole time The Joker was manipulating the events that Luke and him encountered all day and the Hobgoblin was really just a henchman to the Joker.  It would be like a creepy version of “Training Day” mixed with “Seven”.  You can just see Luke begging to know “What’s in the box?” and Mara Jada’s head is in there covered in clown paint.

Now I have taken this “Something Cool” into a galaxy far, far, away with making a movie idea out of Mark Hamill’s voice work.  Matter of fact, I think I’m going to watch it again.


Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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Only a night of Hero rape could produce a seed like this, and a movie like this too.

I honestly felt like there should have been more to this movie, but there was not.  I was hugely disappointed, DC Animation usually does the best job with their animated Universe.  Now as a Batman hater (see my last article) it still infuriated me with how they portrayed the Dark Knight.

I love Ra’s al Ghul, he is by far my favorite Batman villain (sorry Crown Prince of Crime).  I just love his mythos and his name means “Demon’s Head” that can’t get any cooler.  Al Ghul gets a few minutes of screen time here and is awesome all the way through.  You can get the vibe very quickly that he enjoys being a grandfather, and I wish we could get a prequel of Al Ghul and Talia training young Damian (you hear that DC make up for this turd).  How they handle Slade Wilson/DeathStroke is awesome for first half of the movie, but by the end not so much.  I’m glad we get Nightwing/Dick Grayson (Dick has always been my favorite…  Hold on…  You know what I mean) playing a role in this movie, in the comics it was Tim Drake’s Red Robin that was the “other son”.  I think it fits the components of the movie better with Nightwing instead of Drake.  Especially since most would agree Grayson has always been the closet to what a real son would have been like for Bruce Wayne.  The ending credits has a great sequence that shows a fight that we didn’t see during the movie, that we all wanted to see, so that was a nice little twist.  The voice work in this movie is great.  I’m getting used to Jason O’Mara as Bruce Wayne/Batman (I know the adolescent/preteen in me just kicked adult me in the nuts for ever thinking there could be another Batman voice besides Kevin Conroy), but all the voice work does a great job.  The animation looks marvelous, as well as the fight scenes are well done.

Now to my list of the unfortunate.  Ra’s Al Ghul is one of the biggest villains in the world, but in this movie his weaponry is stuck in the past.  I get it, League of Assassins, but no guns on a complex and no defenses with modern technology?  Come on man!  I get that Damian is a protege and anybody trained since birth would be one bad ass kid (Hit-Girl anyone?), but Damian battled skilled high level adult fighters and sometimes barely broke a sweat.  Come on man!  One of my great loves of Ra’s Al Ghul as a villain is how he refers to Batman as “Detective”.  Yet in this movie Batman is a FUCKING IDIOT!  From his Killer Croc fight (great to see him in a movie), to his lack of ability to figure things out before his preteen son does.  Damian is always 2 steps ahead of the Bat.  World’s Greatest Detective” my ass, he must have removed the title for this movie.  Nightwing figures things out faster than Batman, so maybe all of his “son’s” are surpassing him.  The plot was pathetic, the movie tries to get by on how cool the concept of Batman having a “killer” son.  Deathstroke wants to be leader of the League of Assassins, but he did everything to be the leader by destroying the League of Assassins, even down to eliminating all the leaders, and the one he didn’t eliminate he could have, but chose not to because he wanted to lure Damian in to settle a grudge?  Huh?  Damian would have been lured in just for revenges sake.  Oh yea we get a subplot of creating ninja mutant man bats (this is ripped from the comics), now this subplot was just set up to give Batman more things to fight.  Lets not forget Rape is spoke about in enjoyable terms, the Lazarus Pit not making a user insane, Batman having an “oh well (shoulder shrug)” feeling about everything (having a hidden son, League of Assassins being rebuilt after it was destroyed, Ra’s Al Ghul predicament).  Then you have Damian who is annoying, (like Conner from Angel annoying), but I can get over that if they didn’t make him have a change of heart for no reason other than him saying it.  Bruce and Damian never bonded, or had a profound moment that would justify a reason for Damian to change the ways he learned since he was born.  The list could go on, but I have written to much.

Again I just think this movie was made to say LOOK EVERYONE BATMAN HAS A SON!  And he is nothing like him!  And who doesn’t like kid violence?  This movie is for me was like the scheme Talia used on Batman.  Use a hot/cold relationship to lure you in (Batman and I), get drugged where it makes/hopes you forget what made your relationship what it was (All the reason that make me hate Batman is what makes him awesome, except this movie hopes I forget that)), and then from that comes a product that is bad (this movie).  Son Of Batman will just drug you and leave you with an issue to take care of…  It sucking.   I Pay For It (with my innocence) So You Don’t Have To!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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All puns and jokes aside Sexual Abuse and Rape are serious things not to be taken lightly and I do take those things serious, sorry if I offended anyone with my jokes.


VOD: Justice League: WAR

Man of Steel 2 aka Superman vs Batman, pleeazze!  Push that back as long and far as you want to.  We don’t need that as long as we have the DC animated universe.  This time with a new installment Justice League War.  TRAILER PLEASE

So as the trailer probably showed this is an origin story for the formulating Justice League.  Just to put it out there I’m a huge DC animated universe fan.  The work Bruce Timm and Paul Dini laid for this universe still works today, now they are not attached to this project, but those cartoons and movies growing up made my love for comics as well as the heroes.  So I absolutely loved this movie!  It is not as gruesome and adultified (I know not a word) as Justice League: Flashpoint (Spoiler:  They killed kids and Batman carries a gun), but it has its blood.  This movie tells a slight different story of the Justice league coming together (from what I have heard this takes after the New 52, which explains alot).

First difference is Cyborg.  Cyborg is part of the team and not Martian Manhunter, yet this doesn’t bother me because we need more brothas in the superhero game (Not drunks like Hancock, or uppity Kings like Black Panther… joking).  In all seriousness I like the change because Cyborg can handle all the heavy tech/computer savvy info being thrown at us.  Another difference is the extremely over underlined romantic tension between Superman and Wonder Woman (yes they are dating in the New 52).  Also they made Billy Batson better known as Shazam an original member.  You still get Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern.

The movie revolves around an extremely massive Darkseid that is coming to terraform the Earth, so I guess Darkseid didn’t watch Man of Steel, because I could have sworn that was the plot that General Zod tried to hatch.  Just like a villain to steal an idea and suffer the same results.  I enjoyed the fighting and action, every character got a chance to shine and show why they can hold their own solo.  Naturally we had to go through the usual, “we are solo heroes and eventually we learn to work as a team to save the day”.  Some of my favorite parts were naturally everything Batman was a part of.  Some of his lines and conversations are just classic, even Hal Jordan makes a “True Blood” reference when talking to Batman.  I’m glad they didn’t make Batman unbeatable, they did show his vulnerability.  They also did the consistent Batman being 3 steps ahead of everybody.  Now I’m one of the biggest Superman fans there is and I always get pissed off when they make Batman a physical equal, to a certain degree, when they face off.  This movie finally does justice (no pun) to the question; what would happen if Batman didn’t have time to prepare and just ran into Superman and a fight took place?  It seems the New 52, which this is based off, has depowered Superman a bit.  Now don’t get me wrong he is still an unbelievable force, but at certain points when I thought he would dominate he didn’t or rather couldn’t.  It’s so much to like about this film.  Wonder Woman was amazing in it and you really get the Amazon Warrior feel from her.  Just the brutal and excited way she fights really hammers home her love of battling and war.

Only thing I didn’t like is the short 79 minute running time.  I thought it could have used 15-20 more minutes of feeling out the characters feeling each other out, but hey I can’t complain, it’s not a Joss Whedon film.  This movie is like Green Lantern breaking his arm and has to switch hands to use his ring.  Same cool powers, still really good constructs, but with a slightly different feel.  If you can find this film digitally watch it now, if not it comes out Feb 4th on DVD,  it is a MUST SEE!  I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To, but pay if you have to for this one!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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