The “Friendzone” and Why You Should Shut The Fuck Up About it

     We’ve all been there am I right?  You’ve been so considerate to a girl, you’ve listened to her problems, given her all your best advice, you’ve really put yourself out there for her all to hear the dreaded words, “Let’s just be friends.”.  Oh no! You’ve been friend-zoned! How could she?! That bitch!

     Oh the friend-zone. The purgatory “nice guys” are doomed to live in because a woman has failed to see his true potential as a mate. Here is a huge wake up call for you “nice” guys out there.  The term “friend-zone” is gross.  It implies that the only reason for your pursuit of a woman’s friendship is to get laid, or start a romantic relationship (that will ultimately end in getting laid).  Feigning friendship in order to get laid is disgusting, and women don’t owe you shit. You should be nice and respectful to women (and everyone else you encounter) because that’s the right thing to do, not because you think you will be rewarded.  Women are human beings (just like you!) and their feelings are valid.  If a girl doesn’t want to pursue a romantic or sexual relationship with you it doesn’t make her a “bitch” it makes her a person with feelings and free will.  Women are not slot machines you can just feed “nice coins” into and watch as sex falls out.  Perhaps you should think about what kind of “nice guy” you are if you would go to such lengths as to fake a friendship just to get into someone’s pants. Or hey, maybe you really liked her and she didn’t reciprocate, that’s a bummer, unrequited love is never fun.

     There are a slew of reasons why she may not have wanted to be involved in anything other than a friendship.  Maybe she just isn’t physically attracted to you, maybe you’re on different levels spiritually or intellectually, whatever the reason is it certainly doesn’t make her the bad guy for not wanting to take your relationship to the next level and it also doesn’t mean that she has intentionally placed you in a proverbial “zone”.  It just means she’s not into you.  Fortunately, all is not lost.  There are ways you can fix this.  Form a friendship with a woman– a real friendship.  Look past the breasts and realize that these women (even the ones you want to fuck) have thoughts, ambitions, fears, and feelings just like you.  They are not sexual objects but complex and diverse individuals.  Look at the world around you.  If you are genuine and sincere about your feelings, chances are, you will find a girl who wants to be in a romantic/sexual relationship.  

     Playing the “nice guy” just to get laid will probably continue to end in rejection.  And it should.  The “friend-zone” isn’t real fellas, it is misogynistic bullshit you have created to make yourself feel better when a woman rejects your advances.  My friendship is not some shitty consolation prize you get instead of sex.  If you’re so infuriated about the fact that you were nice to some girl, and pretended to listen and care about her life, and she didn’t even reward you by letting you see her naked then you probably aren’t mature enough to be having sex anyway.

Written By:  Billy Barkofsky-Thompson, a girl that “friend zoned” me without me knowing it (and has loved every minute of it).  All because I turned on Scooby-Doo at a Bar instead of Football.

So fellas and ladies what do you think?  Don’t hesitate to leave comments, debate is the best way to educate.