FINALLY THE NFL AND THE FIRST FAMILY MIGHT GET WHAT THEY’VE WANTED SINCE THE END OF THE 2007 SEASON.  Peyton vs Eli, The Sheriff vs Mr.Clutch, Intense vs Ah Shucks, with the Super Bowl in there hometown of New Orleans, dam Jason (Expectations of Peyton Manning in Denver) was right it is Super Bowl or bust for Denver.  Roger Goodell probably has pee’d on himself in delight just of the thought of a Manning vs Manning Super Bowl.  As if the league wasn’t popular enough.

Eli has the G-Men at 6-2 and tell him a team they can’t beat and watch them beat the brakes off them (You saw that 49ers game). The front four of Tuck, Osi, JPP, and Canty (I call the “Gangham Gang”) are a terror for opposing quarterbacks and along with Nicks and Cruz (best slot WR in the game, sorry Welker you can’t dance like Cruz); the G-Men will be a tough out in the playoffs.

Peyton’s the story here; coming off 4 neck surgeries.  Come on we thought he’d be successful but this is ridiculous.  The sheriff is on a mission like “YALL MUST’VE FORGOT”(Yes a Roy Jones Jr. reference). Peyton in his last 4 games has completed 75% of his passes with a td-int ratio of 12-1 and look at the remaining schedule: @ Cinn, @ Car, SD, @ KC, TB, @ Oak, @ Balt, Cle, and KC that could easily be a 12-4 finish.  Let’s not forget that Peyton has the young guns on the outside Decker, and Thomas; the wise old hands of McGahee, and Stokley.  For the second time in his career a defense that can stop somebody with rush ends Miller and Dumervil.

Man as long as someone takes out Brady for Peyton in the playoffs they won’t be stopped (still not sold on the Texans). Now Eli beats Brady but he ain’t never beat Peyton.  Stay tuned because Archie Manning may become the king of Bourbon Street and the NFL, move over Goodell, the First Family is here! #CooperManningwefeelyourPain