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In this age of “Time Out Parenting” and being “Politically Correct” you can’t get your point across the way it takes to make an immediate impact.  Kids/Young adults will easily zone you out.  Sometimes, especially in sports you can’t wait until tomorrow to make your point.  Your teams future, not to mention the coaches job, might depend on YOU tonight.  It kills me when I hear or see people getting upset when a coach puts his hands on a player to get his attention.  I didn’t say HIT! I mean grabbing the helmet, a push, or finger under the chin making them look you in the eye.  Yes, I’m totally old school, but these things I feel are the building blocks to helping your kid become an Adult.  It will probably “Piss you off”, but sometimes you need to be shook up, in a way that words can’t accomplish, to get your head out your ass.  I think coaches should be allowed that leeway as long as it is never abusive.

“I can’t believe he did that”, “I wouldn’t take that” these are some of the words you here from the outraged masses, sometimes I not sure if its the parents or the players that are more effected by coaches putting their hands on players.  In my eyes majority of the time I feel its the parents, because I think the point was made with the player and it resonated.  The people that bitch the most are the ones that probably should/need to be shook, can’t they see or understand they are just trying to instill discipline and focus.  We have to realize that as parents we sign over our kids/young adults to these coaches, not only to teach them the sport, but to help teach them, teamwork, overcoming adversity, respect, and oh yea ACCOUNTABILITY.  If you’re a parent that wants a coach more in the vain of a Tony Dungy and not a Bob Knight then you should do your research and homework for what coaching style better suits your kid.  Everyone should know this is a learning, and growing experience in a competitive environment.

Credit to parents when they understand the difference between abuse and just plain “Look at me while I’m talking to you”.  It’s hard to take criticism period, but especially when your the star or big name player.  You like to think what your doing is right and you always play hard and smart.  What about the days when your “off” or seem unfocused?  That’s when coaching comes into play, and some coaches style is “in your face” now, if you don’t want to hear it then he has to get your attention.  You want to walk away or not look at him, but that is not an option, so yes he grabs your arm to pull you back, maybe he lifts your chin so you make eye contact with him, how about a little push to say “let’s get hyped”.  Don’t cry or act like this is a personal attack on you, Take it like a man!  It’s what’s best for you and the team, don’t turn into deer meat (shout out to Ray “Big Play”) you might be mad but take it out in the game.

Sports can be used to get your kid/young adult ready for life, because life isn’t always nice but you have to go on.  Any real coach/institution will tell you they care more about making the Man, then the Player, and lastly winning.  Sometimes you need to be called out to do your best; it’s not always nice.  I don’t think “time out” children are ready for this, not to mention all the PC people who are offended by everything.  AGAIN I’m not talking about Mike Rice type of ABUSE, let me make that 100% clear.  Just in sports and life the trophies go to the winners.  No participation awards.  So get off the coaches for treating your boys like men.  They’ll be better for it.

Just sayin’

James "JD" Davis @mrjdsir11

James “JD” Davis