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The Read Option is here to Stay!

By:  Jason”Big J” Allen

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A lot has been made of this new NFL, the “Passing/QB” league.  Now the most important person to a franchise is the Quarterback.  Gone are the days of the high paid, highly essential Running Backs, now running backs are as good as the Quarterback throwing the ball.  Look at the recent trade of Trent Richardson, this trade would have never been made in the 90’s or even the early ’00’s.  With these new rule changes and extra attention/protection to the Quarterback and Wide Receiver position, a lot of college “gimmicky” offenses are popping up more and more.  From the Fun ‘n’ Gun, Spread HD, Wildcat, and the Read Option, some of these college concepts have staying power and others don’t, but I’m here to tell or convince you that the Read Option is here to stay!

First thing is my deciding what is considered successful or having staying power.  If a team running the Read Option doesn’t win a Super Bowl doesn’t mean that the Offense is not successful.  If the Read Option never breaks offensive records and numbers doesn’t make it a failure.  My idea of success and staying power is know if you can run this offense in majority of situations, or create a culture of this offense that can win a good number of games.  The Fun ‘n’ Gun is/was successful, it won a lot with Warren Moon at the helm.  The Wildcat didn’t win anything, but Ronnie Brown running over the Patriots.  When I see the read Option I see a staying power for many reasons and here are some:

1.  Biggest reason I see the continued use and success of the Read Option is because of the evolution of the Athletic Quarterback.  This is not going away and with the Read Option it gives the athletic QB the opportunity to utilize another part of their skill set.  Imagine Terrell Pryor without the read option.  You thought about?  Yes you are correct he wouldn’t be in the league (holla at Tebow… who should be in the league with this offense).  The Read Option makes game planning against a QB with an average arm harder because of the ability to create with their legs.  This also eliminates the keep them in the pocket and make them pass, because now your not putting pressure on the QB which allows him to pick you apart on the back end.

2.  The Read Option gives running backs a rejuvenated career, especially average or over the hill running backs.  It helps take mileage off of running backs, because backside hits or being slowed by DEs and OLBs staying home.  Also you can run this offense with unspectacular running backs and make them look good.  Which means you can use committee style backfields and still have a dynamic running game.  The Read Option creates running lanes, look at Shady McCoy in Philly, regardless of Vick’s issues McCoy has had huge holes to make plays.  It helps running backs with a good ability to cut back (Gore, Lynch, and even Mcgahee), because the DE again have to stay home and can’t over pursue which creates a hole on the back cut.

3.  The Read Option is here to stay because you can do EVERYTHING you normally do in a typical offense with it.  If you want to power run attack, just move to the pistol.  If you want to get the ball deep, you can run play action out of the Read Option.  Almost every type of Offensive scheme you run can be accomplished with a Read Option twist.  This is what makes this offense so dynamic, unlike other “gimmick” offenses, it just doesn’t have one way to run it.  Some run it from the Pistol (San Fran), some run it from the Shotgun (Seattle), some have run it under center (Washington, Oakland).  The Read Option is an organic offense that an wear many faces.  Making it hard to know exactly what a team is trying to execute.

A lot of people are comparing this offense to the Wildcat.  It is not the Wildcat that used non-QBs (Ronnie Brown) or QBs with huge flaws in their game (Pat White).  Some say once QBs get injured teams will stop running the offense.  As for that argument; we see QBs getting injured while in the pocket, and most QBs in the Read Option type offense are told to get down, out of bounds, or don’t take on defenders.  Ask defenders how much/often they hit Russell Wilson.  Yet QBs like Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, and Ben Rothlisberger don’t use the Read Option, but are some of the most hit and sacked QBs in the league.  While Wilson, Kaepernick, and RG III (for the record RG III didn’t get injured running the Read Option got injured running out of the pocket on a broken play) are not being sacked as often.  Look at RG III recently with him not running the Read Option, he has been getting pummeled.  Lastly the thought that once defenses catch up they will neutralize it.  Well defenses have caught up to the West Coast offense, but when ran properly with the right personnel, it is still extremely dangerous and effective.  So all the doubters relax, this offense is here to stay as long as QBs are running and athletic.

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen


By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

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Thanks to @sports_contessa I have the difficult task of compliment my most hated franchise growing up…  The GREEN BAY PACKERS!  This is the team that I watched many 49ers defeats especially at the hands of number 4 Bret Favre.  Now it’s a new era, the Packers have won a championship since the gunslinger has faded into the sunset.  After a few disappointing post Super Bowl years, I will now tell Cheese Head Nation why they should feel Optimistic about 2013!

1.  Aaron Rodgers.  The Packers have the best QB in the universe right now.  What more can I say.

2.  ARod!  In a league dominated by quarterback play, what team has a better one than the Packers.  He easily makes all the WR around him better.  Watch how great Greg Jennings will fair with Christian “Which way did he go” Ponder.

3.  “The People’s Champ”.  You arguably have the most likable player in the league outside of Peyton Manning and…  Tebow?  Ok, but at this point even with the critics still trying to take shots at him (holding the ball to long),  former teammates hating (Greg Jennings, and Donald Driver).  Yet in still we “ALL LOVE” The People’s Champ!  Can’t wait to see the Super Uppercut celebration, and the discount double check (Just not in week 1 please).

4.   Yea you guessed it…  Eddie Lacy!  Watching this young man in preseason I noticed the fierceness in the way he runs ala Stephen Jackson.  I didn’t think he was as elusive in college, but so far he has made people miss and is running through people if needed.  I will hate to see him barreling through the hole in the 4th quarter.  Shout out to Johnathan Franklin, who looks to be a stud too.

5.  Injury Bug shouldn’t strike again.  I know you have some earlier injuries (Brian Bulaga), but nothing can be worse than last year.  Last year the Packers were destroyed by injury.  Welcome back Jordy Nelson.  A healthy Clay Mathews.  Some of the older injured players are gone Cedric Benson, Charles Woodson, to name a few.  If the Pack can stay healthy, then they are a top 4 team in the league.

*Bonus* Your division usually self destructs.  Lions are an undisciplined mess regardless of the talent.  The Bears have Jay Cutler…  I repeat the Bears have Jay Cutler. The Vikings have Christian Ponder, should I even go on?

*Bonus #2* You have Aaron Rodgers!  Shout out to Mike Nolan for picking Alex Smith!

Thank you @sports_contessa

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen


By: Corey Black

Prior to this offseason, Greg Jennings was simply known as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and Green Bay Packers history, pulling in huge passes from both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.  He had charisma, much like other #1 receivers around the NFL, but no one labelled him as a diva or even a cancer. However, as he continues to talk poorly about Green Bay now that he is in Minnesota, his reputation as a whole is taking a hit.

     For seven seasons, he was one of the most loved players in Green Bay.  Free agency happens.  Trades happen.  Most people in the NFL realize this, and they move on and bite their lip instead of soiling a reputation.  However, Jennings continues to bash the organization, and Aaron Rodgers in particular.  Probably not a good idea bashing a man whose nickname is “The People’s Champ!”

     It all started at the end of the 2012 regular season, when Jennings’ sister openly bashed the team and Rodgers on Twitter.  While those messages were quickly deleted, Jennings is pretty much repeating those exact words in a series of interviews.  He claims that the Packers try to brainwash their players, while “the guy they have now” (what Jennings calls Rodgers) is one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the league.  I bet he won’t return his brainwashed Packers Super Bowl Ring he won with “the guy they have now”.

     For as much talk as Jennings has done, the Packers-Vikings rivalry should be alive and well in 2013.  Green Bay is still the better team on paper, but Minnesota is working hard in trying to get back to being true contenders.  Having the #1 fantasy football star Adrian Peterson on their team certainly helps, and they are hoping that Christian Ponder will have more success with Jennings to throw the ball to.  Don’t be surprised to see Rodgers try and make a statement during their two meetings this season.

Corey Black


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