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By: Jessica “Wolfe Wolfe” Wolfe

Let’s face it, Fantasy Football boils down to luck.  Even the most knowledgeable football fan can’t predict it perfectly.  There are too many factors – unpredicted injuries, quarterback starts to favor the tight end instead of the star running back or God forbid, you get caught up at work and forget to set your line up.  There is though, one thing you CAN and MUST control – not having a CRAPPY FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM NAME.  Here’s some ways to make sure even if your team sucks, your team name doesn’t:

  1. If you just googled “funny fantasy football team name” – your name sucks. We’ve all heard “Touchdown There” and “Make it Wayne”.
  2. If you’re going to reference sports news – make it recent sports news. “Jerry’s Kids” is last year’s news (So last year’s news that some of you have already forgotten about PSU’s…

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By: Jessica “Wolfe Wolfe” Wolfe

Let’s face it, Fantasy Football boils down to luck.  Even the most knowledgeable football fan can’t predict it perfectly.  There are too many factors – unpredicted injuries, quarterback starts to favor the tight end instead of the star running back or God forbid, you get caught up at work and forget to set your line up.  There is though, one thing you CAN and MUST control – not having a CRAPPY FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM NAME.  Here’s some ways to make sure even if your team sucks, your team name doesn’t:

  1. If you just googled “funny fantasy football team name” – your name sucks. We’ve all heard “Touchdown There” and “Make it Wayne”.
  2. If you’re going to reference sports news – make it recent sports news. “Jerry’s Kids” is last year’s news (So last year’s news that some of you have already forgotten about PSU’s little shower scandal).  “Murnandez” is this year’s news.
  3. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, pay homage to your favorite NFL team.  Why you ask?  Because when you name your team “The Dirty Birdz” I know I can draft Mattie Ice and use him as leverage in a trade to get that star running back that no one in their right mind would trade.  All because you are a die hard Falcons fan.  Way to go Ace, you just traded your first round pick for a quarterback (a position you shouldn’t be drafting until at least the 5th round this year).
  4. Do feel free to make fun of your opponents and talk smack.  You can even change your name weekly to do so.  Does he have a hot mom?  Use it! (Jason’s  Mom Got It Going On; 2-minute drill in Ur Mom; I want to Bang Ms. Thomas).  Is he 0-7?  Use it! (No Wins, No Cry; Activate the Mercy Rule; Automatic Victory).  Did his TE just get convicted of murder and released from the team?  Use it! (insert all Hernandez jokes; Guns hide in Ponds; Where’s Zombie Johnnie Cochran).
  5. Be aware of who is in your league.  If you are playing with a bunch of dudes, restaurant employees, or just highly inappropriate people, sexual innuendoes are hilarious (She gives Woodhead; 2inches Flacco, 4 inches Huard; Percy Whipped; [extra credit if the player is on your team]).  If this is the first time in your girlfriend’s family’s fantasy league, sexual innuendoes makes Thanksgiving Dinner very awkward.

Bonus Points! – Bonus Points if your league makes the worst scoring team change their name to a Name of Shame every week.

So get out there, score big in your draft, and even if you accomplish nothing else this season, have a great team name.

Jessica “Wolfe Wolfe” Wolfe

If you want real fantasy football advice check out Fantasy Furnace    @fantasyfurnace

Blast from the past one of our first articles!


By James “JD” Davis

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When Miles Davis first changed jazz music it was from how much you played, to what you played, when you played. If you can say the same thing about sports how can you deny Robert Horry the Hall Of Fame? The Hall Of Fame covers careers from amateur to pro. He might not have been the 1st, 2nd, or even the 3rd option, but when he played it was musical bliss.

“The Birth of the Cool”

     Robert Horry first gained recognition as the Naismith Alabama high school player of the year award winner. He went on to play for University of Alabama along side Latrell “Choke a Coach, while the wheels keep spinning” Sprewell.  There he won three S.E.C. titles.  He was selected to the ALL-SEC, the SEC All-Defensive, and the SEC All-Academic teams.  He has already been honored as a S.E.C. Legend…

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By: James “JD” Davis don’t forget to Follow me @mrjdsir11

In this age of “Time Out Parenting” and being “Politically Correct” you can’t get your point across the way it takes to make an immediate impact.  Kids/Young adults will easily zone you out.  Sometimes, especially in sports you can’t wait until tomorrow to make your point.  Your teams future, not to mention the coaches job, might depend on YOU tonight.  It kills me when I hear or see people getting upset when a coach puts his hands on a player to get his attention.  I didn’t say HIT! I mean grabbing the helmet, a push, or finger under the chin making them look you in the eye.  Yes, I’m totally old school, but these things I feel are the building blocks to helping your kid become an Adult.  It will probably “Piss you off”, but sometimes you need to be shook up, in a way that words can’t accomplish, to get your head out your ass.  I think coaches should be allowed that leeway as long as it is never abusive.

“I can’t believe he did that”, “I wouldn’t take that” these are some of the words you here from the outraged masses, sometimes I not sure if its the parents or the players that are more effected by coaches putting their hands on players.  In my eyes majority of the time I feel its the parents, because I think the point was made with the player and it resonated.  The people that bitch the most are the ones that probably should/need to be shook, can’t they see or understand they are just trying to instill discipline and focus.  We have to realize that as parents we sign over our kids/young adults to these coaches, not only to teach them the sport, but to help teach them, teamwork, overcoming adversity, respect, and oh yea ACCOUNTABILITY.  If you’re a parent that wants a coach more in the vain of a Tony Dungy and not a Bob Knight then you should do your research and homework for what coaching style better suits your kid.  Everyone should know this is a learning, and growing experience in a competitive environment.

Credit to parents when they understand the difference between abuse and just plain “Look at me while I’m talking to you”.  It’s hard to take criticism period, but especially when your the star or big name player.  You like to think what your doing is right and you always play hard and smart.  What about the days when your “off” or seem unfocused?  That’s when coaching comes into play, and some coaches style is “in your face” now, if you don’t want to hear it then he has to get your attention.  You want to walk away or not look at him, but that is not an option, so yes he grabs your arm to pull you back, maybe he lifts your chin so you make eye contact with him, how about a little push to say “let’s get hyped”.  Don’t cry or act like this is a personal attack on you, Take it like a man!  It’s what’s best for you and the team, don’t turn into deer meat (shout out to Ray “Big Play”) you might be mad but take it out in the game.

Sports can be used to get your kid/young adult ready for life, because life isn’t always nice but you have to go on.  Any real coach/institution will tell you they care more about making the Man, then the Player, and lastly winning.  Sometimes you need to be called out to do your best; it’s not always nice.  I don’t think “time out” children are ready for this, not to mention all the PC people who are offended by everything.  AGAIN I’m not talking about Mike Rice type of ABUSE, let me make that 100% clear.  Just in sports and life the trophies go to the winners.  No participation awards.  So get off the coaches for treating your boys like men.  They’ll be better for it.

Just sayin’

James "JD" Davis @mrjdsir11

James “JD” Davis

Jason “Big J” Allen Prediction:

Heat win Game 7

Game 7!!!  but I’m still exhausted from Game 6.  Big Play and I watched Game 6 (shout out to Jack Daniel and BP hospitality) and I’m sad to report that was the Spurs one chance to close the door on the Big 3 in Miami.  Que up “Eye of the Tiger” for me because the LeBron we saw in the 4th and OT, that was demanding the ball and yelling at teammates for not giving him the rock (very Kobesque).  This final game will dictate the legacy of a King or the downfall of a Prince.  I’m with the Heatles showing up and taking care of business, but it won’t be Lennon or McCartney (LBJ or Wade), its going to be Harrison and Star (Chalmers, Miller, Allen, and Birdman Birdman).  Let’s not forget in close out games with the Heat the role players play their roles and shoot the lights out.  I see the same thing tonight.  Forget dinner with the players Pop, forget the pity party in the press conference, forget the Ray Allen saved LBJ legacy (I don’t hear anyone dissing The Dream, Shaq, Kobe, Duncan and etc when Robert Horry and Derek Fisher hit clutch lucky bounce shots so stop with the Ray Allen crap, LBJ don’t ball out in the 4th there is no need for a late 3 to tie), and forget the NBA is fixed talk (Spurs win LBJ is a choke artist, Heat win NBA is fixed give me a break people).  In the words of Jay-Z “We are about to WITNESS a Dynasty like no other” (well except Mr. Russell’s). I’m taking the Heat as the repeat NBA champions, Got 1, Got 2…  Now you just have 6 more to go LeBron!

What do you think let me know @UnsportsmenBigJ

Raymond “Big Play” Miller prediction:

Spurs win Game 7

So it comes down to this… 1 game… 48 minutes…  championship on the line.  Who wants it bad enough?  I know D. Wade will show up after having a bad Game 6 and Tony Parker will do the same.  Bosh did his thing last game (but we still don’t respect him after his comments to the fans or rather ticket holders) and Ginobili didn’t.  LeBron has to and WILL be LeBron (brother please keep that headband on MERCY!!!! didn’t know if that was LBJ or Joel Anthony on the court and shoutout to Hawk Harrelson).  Greg Popovich normally makes great adjustments after losses as we’ve seen in this series and Erik Spoelstra putting birdman, birdman back in the series gave the team some energy, which was great for the home crowd early.  However, I believe this game will come down to x-factors who between Mike Miller and Gary Neal will be the difference in the game. My head tells me this is easy Mike Miller and Heat win going away right; but this series hasn’t been that way, GUT FEELING Neal is the difference and Timmy!!! and Pop win ring #5

Just my thoughts right or wrong tell me what you think @bprunsportsmenm

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas prediction:

Spurs win Game 7

Does LeBron James have a heart of a champion?  That  anwser  all depends on how LeBron handles the pressure in game 7.  I wrote an article stating that LeBron may not be the one (LeBron James more Mr. Anderson than NEO).  Its not about the headband or Ray Allen saving his legacy, its about how aggressive can LeBron be by attacking the basket.  If LeBron is passive or settling for jump shots then you can’t expect the rest of the team to carry him or the Heat to win.  The Spurs want it more than the Heat, is just the feeling I get.  After Game 6 the Spurs decided to have a dinner together to clear the air and to talk about what happen and what is expected for the team.  Now you know the Heat are not going to do that.  I’m not saying in order to win a championship your  team has to go out to dinner with each other, but it still builds team chemistry.  On that note Heat fans should be more worried about LeBron anxiety instead his headband. I’m taking the Spurs.

I’m just saying, but what say you @coolreece15

We are missing the old man of the group James “JD” Davis, but maybe I will update this with his take in an hour or so.  We all will be watching the game so feel free to tweet and harrass us.  Here’s to a Great Game 7! UnSportsMen Mic Crew

We sit down and discuss if Jordan is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

I have trouble doing this blog.  Sitting down and writing what I would say on this subject.  I see this lot of ways (so I asked Jason not to edit it to much and leave it a bit unfocused, because that is how I was and am while writing this).  I look at the issue not just Old timers playing with less for less in a physical game.  But what is the worth and cost of creating memories.  Also looking at the culture we have built around the tough guy.

Today owners live for profit.  If you’re a GM, coach, or player it is a “what you have done for me lately” League.  You can be the best at what you do but you can cost too much, ask Wes Welker.  I’m totally old school football but the game has changed, which means I have to also.  As physical and as strong as players are now health is an issue.  We can’t play dumb any more; if you play football you have a shorter life span with more health issues than the average person.  But they choose this life, they knew the risk (or did they) so should they be compensated?  Yes. With all the side effects we know about now. Nobody put themselves on the line more than the guys in football back in the day (remember leather helmet days, and not to mention the ability to tackle quarterback during any part of a play, because he wasn’t protected).  Most of them had to have a part time job… excuse me FULL TIME JOB just to play football.  These were the PROS.  You played till you couldn’t then you got up rubbed some dirt on it and played.

As far as compensation what is too little and what is too much?  A 250,000 minimum to little over 10 million a year too much?  We are all to blame.  Why?  Because we idolized these Gladiators, the question rather should be how you compensate or put a price on MEMORIES.  As a kid watching or playing in the yard imitating your favorite players, some or most of you would say that’s priceless, but these actions and memories were influenced by the fore fathers of the sport.  They built the love affair we have with the game now.  There would be no prima donna today without them. Too many millionaires, but not enough cents, if this game has ever touched you then they are owed, because of their sacrifice.

Us vs Them, one winner, and team first, we called that something…  Oh yeah PRIDE!  Playing hurt, knowing that tomorrow at work is going to suck.  Have you ever got around on a sprained ankle, a broken leg, or torn ACL?   Ouch!  Just playing in pick up sports you got hurt but played.  It’s just something you do.  It’s your boys looking at you saying “can you go”, and something in you just says “yes”.  Any weekend warrior knows this.  Competition, Adversity, it’s what sports are built on. You’re no where near getting paid but you play and you get hurt.  Now if you have this mentality, where do you think you picked it up at?  Usually from the old school tough guys in sports, you even knew that tomorrow you would be limping, swollen, and/or in a cast, but yet you still played.  Why, because showing weakness is not becoming of an athlete.

The athletes in the game today are incredible, so accurate, so high speed, so powerful, so dangerous, and so knowledgeable about the effects of the game on their future and just like the old guys they’d play anyway.  The question is not playing hurt, but how many times…  in a row will you be willing to play hurt.  Do they deserve a life after football, because they know the risk? Yes!  What kind of life?  Are they paid too much?  Will football ever be safe?   Should the NFL try to be safer?  No good answers but what is fair, I just don’t want to see a world without football.  So where will the line be drawn, because as long as there is fans there will always be players giving up everything including their futures.

My idol Roger Staubach retired because of concussions in ’79.  He had 9 or 10 officially, and who knows how many unofficially?  He is a successful businessman today, so the studies are not 100% in identifying what, how many, and what kind of person will eventually have CTE, or other health issues in the future.  If they did figure out they can detect it early on still begs the question would players quit or play through it?  That is my point, that sports has fostered an environment where playing through, or getting back ASAP is the only thing acceptable.  Hell what would you do when your boys need you out there and the person in the mirror wants to be out there.  When you’re competitive “I QUIT” are the hardest two words, not just to say but actually do.

Just sayin’


We talk the Super Bowl and I have to listen to Reece and JD hate on the Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime. So I decided to just make the video pretty much all Beyonce to Spite them.

We discuss who is better and who you would rather have.

Ray Lewis is riding into the sunset with a trophy in each hand.  Not a bad way to go.  He was the leader of the Ravens, now Joe “Cool” Flaco, or Smokin’ Joe is taking the reins (don’t doubt that he will be signed).  This will mark a significant change in philosophy for the Ravens from defense to offense.

The Ravens D has gotten old.  You saw it during the Super Bowl, as an older team they couldn’t get themselves back up after the Blackout delay.  Also they got pushed around, but credit due, when their backs were against the goal line they didn’t break.  The Ravens must get younger on defense which means growing pains or aka Joe cools time.  Keeping and developing the D is going to be the challenge, which is funny when you’re talking Ravens.

Joe was brought in when the defense carried the team and asked not to lose the game (Trent Dilfer).  Then told to manage the offense and get in position to win (Brad Johnson).  Now he is asked to be productive and win (see every elite QB and Eli Manning).  Seeing how Smokin Joe Cool is Super Bowl MVP I think he gets it.

Joe may not dance, or eat grass, but as long as he can “Just Win Baby” he should be fine.  People don’t realize that Joe is the winningest QB since 2008.  He is about to enter the elite conversation, yet the story is still to be written. In my view (which is through the windshield not the rear view, shout out to Colin Cowherd) Joe is the best young QB right now (sorry Matty Ice, it is what it is).

Seeing the Ravens as an offensive team will be different but everything evolves and so has Joe’s skill set and ability. They do need to continue the evolution and sure up the offensive line, but with Ray Rice still in his prime, they should be in the best offense talk for the next 5 years.  I’m just hoping to enjoy the ride.

I’m Just Saying.


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