Now from my last post you can tell how much I love Star Wars.  The Clone Wars series as a whole has been great and has answered so many questions or rather fixed with better explanation the issues with the prequels (except the constant issue of Jedi being morons).  These lost episodes make you wish Cartoon Network didn’t cancel the series or at least let them finish what they started.  But we can’t cry over spilled Force milk (ok that sounds gross).

I loved almost every episode of these lost episodes.  Yes I could even withstand Jar Jar Racist Binks.  The great thing about these episodes they start to delve into the bigger issues in Episode 3 and beyond.  We see how Order 66, is executed (no pun intended) and established.  We get to see how Force users can exist after death (Force Spirit).  These episodes also get to show us the bad ass which is Mace Windu (well outside of the Gennedy Tartakovsky Clone Wars mini series).  We also get 4 episodes of Yodi on a journey.  Now I have always been a Yodi hater after Episode 2, with the Yodi vs Count Dooku match.  The Stars Wars world was impressed by Yodi and I was simply left thinking “He didn’t do crap to Dooku with all that flashing jumping and flipping”.  I started to hate Yodi even more after Episode 3 and he just quit during the Darth Sidious fight.  Yet here we get an awesome Yodi and Darth Sidious fight, that was more impressive.  So much to like and makes you wish again the Clone Wars team could have got an actual Series finale.

Not much I didn’t like these episodes, except the Anakin/Padme crap.  They have a 3 episode storyline that is almost as unbearable as Hayden Christensen’s acting in every movie he has ever done.  But even that garbage established the beginning riff between Anakin and Padme.  Now these episodes did give me those “Why are Jedi so FREAKING stupid” moments.  I don’t know if this was a consequence of knowing how it all ends or just poor common sense writing, regardless as a fan you get irked by the clueless force navigation of the Jedi Order.  Count Dooku basically tells Obi Wan, Anakin, and Yodi that Darth Sidious is in the Republic and again it is chalked up to, “The Dark Side is liars blah blah blah”.  After all the evidence that you have been given and all the answers you can’t figure out, you never once think that maybe Dooku is telling the truth.  Or that every lead some how goes back to Palpatine.  At one point they even say it and they all dismiss it has coincidence.  No wonder your whole Order almost went under.

It sucks to say goodbye to this great series that in every episode tried to correct all the misfires of the prequels.  At least we have episodes VII-IX to look forward, and maybe we can get lucky and NetFlix will revive the series to finish 13 more episodes (fingers crossed).

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