Queue the music!

You can never start a “Star Wars” film without THE MUSIC, real or fake, it doesn’t matter.  So let’s actually show the trailer.

For the record I’m a huge Star Wars fan (come on they call me Big J, most fat guys love fantasy and etc), I buy books, I watch, see, seek out anything Star Wars related.  My last gifts to friends of mine were “Jedi Path” and the “Book of Sith”.  Every year for my Birthday I go to Disney for Star Wars month, and I’m currently trying to convince my wife why it’s a good idea for us (me) to purchase a Jedi outfit (specifically Dark Jedi Anakin) for my forever Halloween and costume party costume (and just to have one).   I stop letting my infant daughter play with my lightsaber, because she was “not old enough to appreciate it”.  Yes just like millions upon millions of people in the world, I am a true Star Wars fan.  Enough about my love and now on to the movie.

Now when this started it felt like a Star Wars film, at first.  The FX were not my biggest concern, I just wanted a film that felt right, you know how it took 2 and half movies for the prequels to “feel” right.  At the beginning it did just that, with the music, the scenery, and actually the bad acting.  The FX is actually not that bad really, we get a good many of Spaceship battles, and nice fun Battlestar Galactica laser firing from the 70’s.  It had a very old school feel to it and it added to my enjoyment of the beginning.  The FX for “the Force” are fun.  The lightsaber battles are better than almost anything in the original trilogy, and outside of maybe Maul vs Obi and Qui-Gon, you can make a case that Padawon Raven vs Lord Seige is a damn good lightsaber battle.   We also get a Han Solo wannabe, who was given some sort of backstory that we don’t care about, that is also a smuggler.  I half expected is ship to be called the Universal Eagle.  This movie is 110 minutes long (to long for a fan film) and was made on a 5,500-6,000 budget.  With all of that the weakness was never effects or scenery.  Everything wrong with it was everything wrong with Lucas prequels, THE SCRIPT!

The story is generic, but you would think that in a Galaxy Far Far Away, set 94 years after Return of the Jedi, that the Jedi would have evolved.  Now I know because my following how the Jedi evolve, but I at least expected the writers to do their homework and evolve the Jedi Order.  In this version Jedi still have to relinquish attachments ala Anakin in the prequels, but the writers do realize that Leia (spoilers of extended universe) marries Han, has kids, and is a Jedi.  Luke gets married and has kids, and the Jedi learn to love, have attachments, and not let it cloud there judgement.  The Jedi are still completely delusional about the Sith Lord, and apprentice.  Come on learn from the past Jedi!  Watch a Holocron once in a while.  Jedi Master Soran Darr had the to be the absolute worse thing about this fan film.  A lot of the characters were bad actors, but you can see most were having fun.  Master Soran Darr (strange typing Master) was an abomination of acting with no charisma or awesomeness. He made Hayden Christensen look like Will Smith in the charisma department.

For all my gripes and dislikes, it was still cool to see fans try to capture the fun of the world Lucas created.  I just think with more research this movie could have been better or truer to the source material.  If your a Star Wars fan please check this out with a bunch of fanboys and girls, get the drinks pouring, and just enjoy the stupidity of it all.  I’m already planning this movie to headline my next movie marathon at my apartment.  If your not a fan it will just seem pointless.  Rumor is they are planning two more sequels, but the first one took 9 years, I just say make a Cade Skywalker movie and call it a day, with him you can make it dark and throw out mythos at the writers discretion.  Remember I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To!

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