“Sir! I’m in no way shape or form involved in any Ninjadom!”  A line from Clayton Bigsby from the Chappelle Show, but changed a bit.  That is how I typically feel about Black focused movies, but “About Last Night” renewed some hope for me.  Check out the trailer:

Ok, maybe not renewed my hope because a well placed Tyler Perry movie will dash it away very quickly.  I think “About Last Night” has shown that eventually I can stop referring to movies as “Black” movies.  So what makes this different?  The script and the charisma/chemistry of the leads.  This script/dialogue in this film isn’t your typical overly Black America slang over usage.  Basically my wife, who is white, didn’t need a word check from the physical slang dictionary that is me.  We get a movie that references Star Wars so you know I was sold.  After the movie my wife and I laughed and talked about how the conversations they had in the movie are conversations we have had as a couple, while single, and in general.  Now the star of the movie is Kevin Hart, this was just a perfect role for him as Bernie.  You believed that Hart was born to play this role.  Regina Hall was great also.  She was a perfect Bonnie to Hart’s Clyde in this movie.  Hall’s Joan went toe to toe with Hart’s comedy style and she had a lot of hilarious moments of her own that just worked.  Michael Ealy’s Danny and Joy Bryant’s Debbie are the actual main leads, and I admit Hart and Hall’s dominate performances, make you feel that Ealy and Bryant are not that interesting, but at the beginning we were told they were boring and they lived up to bill when compared to Hart and Hall.

Now a lot of people didn’t mind or care for the Danny and Debbie parts, but I actually enjoyed it because it showed how relationships can move quickly and as soon as you turn around you realize that you actually don’t know how or what you feel.  Danny and Debbie escalated from the Fuck buddy, bliss of a new relationship, and WHAM!  we are moving in.  I can understand if people look at Ealy and Bryant as what is wrong with the movie or not as satisfying and rewarding.  I don’t think about it that way, but if you wanted some negative portion that is one.  Another negative (again I don’t agree, but those who do I can understand) is how formulaic it is.  This movie never covers any new ground or charts any undiscovered territory, but I think that works to its beauty because you can just focus and laugh at the ups and downs of these characters.

Endless Love and Winter’s Tale…  Skip them and see a movie that will have you laughing hard and loving hard.  “About Last Night” is like getting a gift from a friend that shocks you, you may have been expecting a card with a family photo, but they ended up giving you a card with family photo and $100 to take your family out for dinner.  Expecting the usual, but got way more and loved them for it.  Side note does every “Black” movie have a deal with John Legend, because he has songs in almost all of them.  I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To, but you have to see this movie.

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