Remember when LARP-ing was cool.  Going out on a beautiful day and enjoying some genre specific Live Action Role Playing?  Now if you say Live Action Role Playing, I would just assume you are talking about the bedroom.  Roll the trailer:

Ok LARPing is and never was cool.  As hard as “Role Models” tried to make it look fun and cool.  I just wish this movie could have had Felicia Day in it or even a Winchester or two (Supernatural reference).  Knights of Badassdom has some fun actors in it, because of that I expected/wanted it to be better.  Iinstead it just feels a bit flat and rushed.  With the geeky coolness of Steve Zahn, the sex appeal of Ryan Kwanten, everyone’s favorite McPoyle in Jimmi Simpson, the Lannister with the most heart in Peter Dinklage, and the most amazing of them all in Summer “All my sci-fi shows get canceled” Glau.  With this cast we should be getting an epic horror/comedy B movie.  Sadly enough there are very few good things about this movie.

You could tell the actors had fun while filming this.  We do get some good one liners, and back and forth between some characters, but nothing truly epic.  I guess in the good department we can say we get the usual Summer Glau hot girl around geeks, and the booty shot.  For the ladies you do get shots of Jason Stackhouse’s abs/stomach, and even some Doom Metal rocker music that Kwanten’s charactersings.  I feel like the song was very Tenacious D like.  I loved that Liam McPoyle knew the ancient language of the magical book, the Singlum Anit, or something like that (wish it was the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis), and you have to sing the words to activate the spells.  Another great moment for me is how this magical book had been lost for ages, but Steve Zahn’s character was able to buy it online. Oh yea I almost forgot the deaths and kills are giggle worthy and over the top, which fits in perfectly, and helped you forget that nothing else was happening here.

I’m not going to pile on this movie, but I admit I think I’m harder on this movie because I just KNEW it was going to be good, and fun.  Instead it was just… ok and annoying sometimes.  So annoying that even the characters had to point out how annoying they were by bringing up the same topic over and over again.  The movie was 85 minutes and it shows because nothing or no one is developed passed their stereotype stock characters.  I could have used maybe 20-25 minutes more of movie just in exploring why a certain character was rich?  Why decide to be a rocker with a Communications degree?  Just anything that could have made the stock characters more interesting.  I did some research and I guess this movie has been treated like a T-Pain song “Chopped and Skrewed”, and repackaged twice to shop to distributors.  Knowing that, I can definitely see the inconsistencies and can only wonder what was left on the cutting room floor.

All in all I can’t recommend seeing this unless you are seeing it for free.  There are some great LARPing jokes, so if you are into that you will get some fun out of that.  Other than that, stay away it’s not worth it.  This movie is like a Bad date with an attractive person.  It looks good, but there is nothing else there, yet you try.  Only to find out that she just went through something and is emotionally unavailable.  Waste of time and money.  I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To!

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