Stop talking so much and lets get to the Bombs over Baghdad.  So I stumbled across this movies called “After The Dark” aka “The Philosophers”.  If you have read any review from me I’m a dummy and this movie talked so much with really nothing to say that it left my eyes weary (fell asleep) and my head spinning.  Lets just get to the trailer:

I know after watching that trailer you were like me…  This is going to be cool!  I love rapping about the logic of decisions and thought provoking conversations with no real answer, but just learning a persons mentality.  After The Dark does start that way, and you see the students go on about the topics and yes you will be interested.  When the setting is placed and the question is asked “There is an apocalypse and you can only save 10 people who do you save/choose based on their professions?”  It gets really interesting and fun to see the decisions and the curve balls that the Ethan Hawke look a like teacher (James D’Arcy) throws at them.  I enjoyed the bombing in the background to set up the urgency of these decisions, and I really enjoyed seeing Ginny (Bonnie Wright) graduate from Hogwarts to go to a Muggle school, and Lil’ Puckerman (Jacob Artist) gets a chance to dance a bit.  They even hit on some good race. class. and sexuality arguments that could have inspired some real conversations.  There is a hilarious part with the kid from Spy Kids (Daryl Sabara) near the end, all I’m going to say is 6 to 1.  Now I will say this, a lot of people will like this film, and I don’t blame them, it has Donnie Darko kind of feel in the sense either you LOVED IT, or HATED IT! (shout out to In Living Color).

The film gets off the tracks for me when the first time they go through the question and fail, they get to repeat it but with the same knowledge they had learned from the first attempt and so on and so on.  If this is a question of logic, you logically wouldn’t know what happened in the previous scenario unless you hitched a ride with Marty McFly and Doc Brown.  Also the narrative was so detailed in these adventures you forget that all this is taking place in a classroom, so how are they so vivid and detailed when you have 22 students having a say, or even having 10 students having a say?  Just plan out confusing.  Then you have some tension between the teacher and a few of the students that is revealed at the end to no consequence.  It is even revealed that the teacher made a sneaky move to rig the project a bit and again nothing comes of it.

Watching this movie made me feel like James Van Der Beek in “Varsity Blues” when Jon Voight said “You got to be the smartest dumb kid I know.”  So many promising thoughts and plans in this movie only to land flat time, after time, After The Dark time again.  Now I will look back at this film in a few years and all the hip cool college kids will have posters of this up in their dorms and will tell me how awesome this is and how I’m just old and I don’t understand it, and if I smoked some of this legal sticky stuff it will expand my mind and I will get it.  This is how that conversation would go

College Hip dude: “The whole movie was in their heads, far out right?…?  Take another hit.”

Me:  “No thank you, and me no get it cuz me dumb old caveman, you young leaf smoker smarter mind.”

See maybe I do get it because that whole scenario was in my mind.  I would say check it out on Redbox or bootleg just so I can discuss this with someone, but other than that I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

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