I have been waiting a while to see this movie and I admit it was well worth the wait.  Forget “Spectacular Now” this movie should have been named “Spectacular Movie”.  Here is the trailer that does the movie no justice:

So as you can tell I think this movie is awesome.  I have become so jaded over the years by stupid, dumb, predictable, and unrealistic happening in rom-com or love stories.  Hollowed out characters with no real reason to be together, except the script says they should.  Or made up fights to push us to the glorious make up so we can all feel that “love” is a nice neat bow.  I can go off on a rant of how these movies contribute to the unrealistic life and expectations of relationships but I will save that for another time.  This movie was able to show how a friendship can turn into love and how sometimes love can be one sided, near sighted, and frustrating.  The performances here are just pure gold, but realistic.  Our main character, Sutter, is one of the most damaged main characters you will ever view in a story like this.  He is an alcoholic, he has daddy issues, he feels unloved by the three most important woman in his life (mother, sister, and ex girlfriend), and on top of all that his popularity is based on him being a clown (laughed at, not laughed with).  In life it would take a lifetime to figure these issues out and in 95 minutes these issues are not solved and tied up, but rather in 95 minutes we see the hope of a life becoming more focused with the main theme living in the moment is fine as long as you still prepare for the/a future.  We also get theme of not searching for love rather realizing love surrounds you and how you accept or greet it determines your perception of it.

As a young man I had huge daddy issues so I could relate a lot to what Sutter was going through.  I still remember when I met my father for the first time of my adult life and it was right after I graduated from High School.  More than anything I remembered the bubble being burst of my father being nothing but a sperm donor because he was not a man that I wanted in my life at all.  That experienced shaped a lot of issues I had to work through so to see on screen some similar characteristics that Sutter experienced hit home, those shared experiences elevated this movie in my eyes.  His issues with his mom coming to the head, Been there Done that in my life.  Now I’m not saying you have to have a drama fueled life to enjoy or relate to this movie, I’m saying that from writing to acting this movie shines in dropping you in the lives of these characters and not giving us want we want but what the movie NEEDS to keep us interested.  The movie never falls into the typical geek girl becomes rebound of popular guy and etc etc aka “She’s All That”.  Every time I thought the movie was headed there and I was going to roll my eyes it pulled a Kanye West and “Swerved”.

I would tell everyone to seek out this movie and enjoy it especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.  I know people are going to flock out and catch “Endless Love” or what ever the heck that movie is called, but if you can make it happen see “Spectacular Now” instead.  In all of this I guess I really didn’t say a negative, for me the negatives were that the movie was to real at times.  They also under utilized Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Saul (Bob Odenkirk).  With a short running time some good actors got minor roles, but still had huge impacts on the story.  Also I know the story was about Sutter, but I would have loved to see more of Aimee’s (Shailene Woodley) home life to get firmer grasp on her character.  These are just me picking the nitty though.  This movie was like looking at a High School yearbook, and getting the sandwich method in memories.  First, you remember all the good times friends, loves lost.  Then the bad times, regrets, and struggles, only finish remembering how young and full of life you were and how those times shaped you, and you wouldn’t trade them.  Go out and see this movie!  I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To, But You Have To On This One!

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