I used to work with a very talented individual named Tony Cimaglia.  I moved on to other jobs and he has moved on to Chase, Capture, and Dominate his dream.  I’m proud of him and excited about his future, but here is a taste of his work.  Please comment and tell me what you think:

I actually love this film, and not because I’m a plant and know Tony.  I love this because it gave me an early Woody Allen (plus since he put himself in the movie), or Modern Noir feel (minus it not being a crime caper).  The soundtrack is great (performed by Aiden Ivory Edwins, who I have also worked with and know), especially since there is no dialogue what we get is a journey piloted by music, with slight changes during the journey to convey a little more each time.  From the music we feel an upbeat new energy at the beginning, the tedious feeling of driving, but the nervous anticipation of arriving at your destination, and the end the disappointment, heartbreak, and the shock of a new turn of events.  Yes the music is superb but its only sold by the acting on screen.  Emotions are displayed without dialogue, but through images and moments that change the feel of the film.  The stare down near the end…  I held my breath expecting a “Ninja Moment” or since they are white a “Jerry Springer Moment” (does that even come on anymore?).  The shots are very creative in the sense that it gave a very surreal feel at the beginning.  Then a feel of days of journeying miles for love, only for the shots to get very real and personal at the end with the reveal.

Congrads Tony on some great work keep it up!  If you like what you saw check out Tony on Facebook at Tony Cimaglia Films and Like his page for updates.

Please take the time and tell me what you think about the Short.  Thanks!

Written By:

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen