When not making kids films, or talkin’ gangsta to Coors Light bottles Ice Cube can once in a while put together a movie that shocks the world.  No we are not talking the hopefully made “Last Friday” movie that has Smoky and Day Day together.  No we are talking about RIDE ALONG:

Now when I say shock the world I really just mean not an abysmal piece of crap.  And yes I’m still waiting on “Last Friday”, but I will say “Ride Along” is a very entertaining movie.  I laughed out loud a few times (oh so that is what LOL means, learning text talk as I go).  The plot is typical fair, but lets go over it for a second to catch everyone up.  Guy dating girl, guy wants respect from overprotective brother.  Guy tries to earn respect on terms of said overprotective brother, Guy goes on ride along, crazy stuff happens.  Naturally Guy with no training helps unlock clues that brother couldn’t and Guy skill set that is clowned the whole movie helps out in long run.  Climaxes with a twist of a shady officer or two a few guest cameos and Guy and Brother learn about respecting each other while winning the day.  The End.  Not to mention everything took place in one solid day.

Let me address one thing, because a lot of my friends know how I feel about “Black Movies”.  If you don’t know, it goes a little something like this.  I HATE THEM!  I can give  a laundry list why, but to sum it up easily, I just think “Black Movies” make the culture and the people like clownish, cartoonish, stupid, and in the end we throw some God in it and it makes everyone forget that for 90 minutes we acted like a donkey.  Harsh I know, but that has always been my hang up.

In “Ride Along” it is cartoonish and clown like but the movie never takes itself to serious and I can enjoy that.  I love the Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, straight man/funny man combo.  Ice Cube has always done a great job of taking a very popular comedian and placing him in his movies and letting them flourish (Chris Tucker “Friday”, Mike Epps “All About the Benjamins” , Tracy Morgan “First Sunday” ok “First Sunday” was a bad example) and we get the best of Kevin Hart.  If you have seen or even heard of a Hart stand up, then there is nothing new here it’s just Hart’s delivery and charisma that sells the film.  We get some really good cameos one in particular is the ever funny and underrated Gary Owens, in a classic scene that will leave you LOL, or crying.  Also we get a good cameo from (Spoiler)  Jimmy Jump (if you know who that is that’s awesome if not then I didn’t ruin anything for you).

I didn’t like, or rather expected the overly predictable script, and I can tell that Hart probably improv’ed (take the ‘ away and that is what Hart really did) a lot of the scenes, which helped.  I felt the script left characters outside of Cube and Hart dynamic nothing to say or do, like the sister.  Also the running time was good, but at one point when I thought it was the end it still had about 15-20 more minutes,  Which hurt the film in my eyes because the big action climax took place and then we still had one more action piece that felt underwhelming.  I know why they put it in there, but I felt like they could moved it ahead of the big action and then ended with a Bad Boys 1 esque warehouse shoot ’em up.

I mean Ice Cube as an action, shoot ’em type hero is believable right?…  I mean he was picked by Mace Windu to join the xXx project.  We can almost with a straight face say Ice Cube is the Carl Weathers of our generat…  LOL, I can’t say that with a straight face, complete and utter joke.  This movie is like guy/girl that you like hanging out with but fell out of contact with because of a minor flaw that turned you off.  Once you see them again you remember how cool they were to hang out with and they just got a kegerator to make them more awesome, and then you realize the flaw that turned you off.  To say it’s the typical Ice Cube movie fare with a little bit more awesome, but at the end of the day you will be turned off by the same thing.  I would say if your a fan of this type, See it at the Picture Show.  If not it can be a good Red Box rental down the road.  Remember, I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen

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