Bustin’ caps in the name of the U.S.A. has never been so heartfelt and interesting in a while.  “Lone Survivor” gives you a reason to chant U-S-A at the end of the movie.

Marky Mark and his funky bunch or rather gun-ny bunch go to execute Operation “Red Wings”.  Naturally if everything went right Hollywood wouldn’t green light this project, so instead everything goes wrong in a flash.  Now I admit I’m not the greatest Mark Wahlberg fan, I actually prefer Matt Damon (and I only mention this because I sometimes get them confused, is that Racist?  Ok yes it’s a bit racist that I think they look a like) so I wasn’t very stoked that he was the lead in this movie. When I looked at the rest of the cast I was sold.  You get Ben Foster, Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch, and I will proudly say I liked Speed Racer, even with Matthew Fox sucking the air out of the movie), John Carter/Gambit (Taylor Kitsch, man this guy can’t hit gold on a character to save his life, and I will stand up and say I enjoyed John Carter too.), and the ever outstanding Hector of Troy or should I say the forgotten Bruce Banner/Hulk (Eric Bana) in a smaller role.  This Funky Bunch made me drop my Mark Wahlberg bias (still haven’t forgiven Planet of the Apes and yes I blame Tim Burton too) and enjoy the heck out of this film.

I wont go into my detail about the movie because I figure from the trailer you can get the plot.  I will say I enjoyed the soldiers chemistry and how every character felt human, real, and authentic.  These guys acted and felt familiar, like we were just peaking into a regular day or life of these brave men.  So when it hits the fan, from a snitching little Taliban kid, you really feel for these soldiers and the heartbreak each character experiences as they lose a brother.  Another great aspect of this film was how it was filmed, you get a lot of close ups on the actors faces to see the pain and nuisance in their eyes and situation.  Now this filming trick can get tiresome or with bad acting can come across dumb, but here it adds impact that these conditions are draining the life out of our heroes, mentally as well as the bullets flying by their heads.  Also a negative that I think is a positive is how long this movie is.  It’s a 2hour running time and you FEEL it.  Now I said this is a positive because you start to feel restless and weary, in a certain degree it puts you in the shoes of our heroes (similar to playing “Uncharted 3” and the long drawn out dessert chapter).  And yes I got enjoyment out of the action, but to a certain degree.

At first I didn’t like how I got the feeling that our heroes were on PCP and could take a million bullets, bumps, dumps, explosion shocks, and keep on ticking…  rather limping.  When you see the movie you will know what I mean, but after talking to one of my Movie going Bromances (Shout out to Devin) he let me know that the real story, showed that some of the soldiers autopsy had them with multiple bullet wounds that still allowed them to be mobile, and that the director even tried to recreate the tattered looking uniforms bullet hole to bullet hole.  With knowing that my negative view of the over Hollywood-ing action of the movie went down a bit.  Even with that there was still to much falling heads landing on rocks and only getting a ringing sensation.  Now again if there is a deleted scene where they shoot up cocaine mixed with PCP to become almost invincible in the DVD then it would explain a lot.  It’s hard to or rather I can’t believe that just pure patriotic adrenaline helped them push through so much.

All in all go see this movie if you enjoy the war type epics.  I’m not a huge war movie guy, but I do enjoy them and I enjoyed Lone Survivor a good deal even with Matt…  I mean Mark Wahlberg.  This movie for me is like a Taliban soldier shooting a rocket launcher at a Bald Eagle.  Ok that was bad, but let me explain just saying I may not like the main guy, but shooting a eagle with a rocket launcher would look awesome.  Thus Mark Wahlberg in an awesome film that is fun.  Now you know I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To, but feel free to pay for this one.

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