We finally figured out what happened to Harvey Dent, excuse me Two-Face at the end of Dark Knight.  He went to a Dystopian future with Demons, gargoyles, and blondes oh my!  Here is the trailer:

First thing is the trailer is in widescreen mode, that is always my hint to a very bad movie.  And I, Frankenstein didn’t disappoint I, Jason.  I figure I will just get out all the things I liked about the film.  BILL NIGHY!  The End.  In all seriousness Bill Nighy is just awesome in general and better at life then most, so putting him in a sci fi type movie adds a bit of cool credibility.  Even the great Bill Nighy struggles with the horrendous script, and Nighy has made the terrible dialogue in the Underworld series cool, that tells you how bad the script is in this movie.  Another bright spot for me is the origin of Frankenstein’s monster, they actually go with the original origin story.  Yes the death of Dr. Frankenstein’s soon to be wife, and Dr. Frankenstein tracking down the monster until his death.  These are not spoilers but the book is how old now?  And the last bright note for me was the fact that they don’t call him FRANKENSTEIN!  That is a huge pet peeve of mine, Frankenstein wasn’t the monster (ok Dr. Frankenstein was a bit of a monster he did use dead body parts to make a literal monster) name.  The monster was really just called Frankenstein’s monster, and in the movie they hold true to this until a character just gives him a name.  That is all the good in the film.

Now the bad, first off is Frankenstein’s monster, I know Aaron Eckhart is an amazing actor.  We all know this and the best part of his acting ability is his charisma.  Well in this movie the monster has no charisma.  He was damn near boring, in the role of the monster the actor needs to have this innocence about him, but hidden behind that is a monster or animal.  You want to feel the intensity of the monster battling to be a man.  I just don’t think Echart as an actor does that well, but lets be real the script didn’t help Eckhart out either.  You also have Sarah Walker from “Chuck” in the movie playing the generic role of the quasi love interest, and damsel.  The effects were whatever, and the fights were everything we have seen before, with a taste of shaky cam, and in 3-D it is way to dark so not worth it at all.

This movie was like being Dr. Frankenstein himself.  You have collected a lot of good parts and some how you bring it to life, but in the end it finds a way to kill you.  In I, Frankenstein I, Slept I, Was Bored I, Say Skip This, and I, Pay For It So You Don’t Have To!

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