In the words of the Great Crackhead rapper Dark Man X (DMX) “Hear we go again, same ole shit dog just a different day”.  This is my feelings on Rosemar…  Sorry I mean Devil’s Due.  Here is the very interesting trailer for the movie:

Looks pretty good right?  That is exactly what I thought, actually the promotion and trailers for this movie is better than the movie.  Here is a promotion for the movie that is scarier and more awesome than the movie:

DEVIL BABY!!!  So going into “Devil’s Due” I had average expectations and I admit I’m almost over the whole found footage genre, but yet I’m a huge horror/sci-fi guy so I was all in.  The movie is just “Rosemary’s Baby” with a modern found footage twist.  Now don’t get me wrong I love “Rosemary’s Baby” (Not the actual Devil offspring, but the movie), it is one of my favorite horror movies and what I love the most was the slow burn of the movie.  Devil’s Due has that same slow burn, which lets you get to know the characters and their personalities so that when “IT” hits the fan (rather Cam) we feel something.  Once again the slow burn works for me, but if you slow burn you have to make the payoff worth it.  I repeat you have to MAKE THE PAY OFF WORTH IT!

Therein lies my total problem with the movie.  The pay off falls way short of the build up.  Yes, there are some good scares I even jumped at one point of the movie (and I have a rule that after 13 years old horror movies shouldn’t scare you anymore, by then you should know the scare is coming and prepare yourself).  Devil’s Due even managed to get the eerie creep out vibe a bit right, but the issue again is NO GOOD PAY OFF!

I would give this the rental approval if you enjoy classic slow burn horror.  If you are in the “Scream” modern generation, hold on change that “Scream” isn’t modern anymore, rather the modern “Insidious” generation you will barely enjoy this so you should wait until it hits cable.  This movie is like getting a gift from your family member that always gives you money as a gift, more importantly you know its going to be $100, and this time they only give you $30.  NO GOOD PAY OFF!

Thank you for reading and remember “I Pay For It So You Don’t Have To”

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