Now let me say I never trust movies that have trailers that are cut in widescreen (iFrankenstein I’m looking at you), but I got off work and wanted something that was going to let my brain rest and not have to think.  So here is the trailer:

Now that you have seen that, yes its a rip off of 300, Spartacus (he is even in the movie), and Gladiator.  Yet I enjoyed this movie in the sense of it is a great movie to catch on TBS, or TNT.  I would not pay to see this at all, I wouldn’t even rent it.  It would have been perfect for SyFy as a television movie.

I’m a huge fan of Greek mythology and I was looking forward to the strangling of Snakes in the crib, the trials, and etc yet none of this was included.  Once again this was a brain break movie so I wasn’t that disappointed.  My real problem was this movie couldn’t figure out if it wanted to be mythical or reality based.  Some scenes are very mythical and magical, while other scenes were gritty and reality looking.  Now we could pretend like this was on purpose to show the duality of Hercules being half god and half man, but lets be real, I doubt it.

Surprisingly the fight choreograph is pretty cool here, no shaky cam, and they let the fights play out.  We do get some CGI and wire work during some of the fights, but it was cool to see how they showed off Hercules strength and moves he could pull off because of his god like ability.  Also the score/music during the movie tried its hardest to express the dire or grandeur of the moment.  I will say it was very hit or miss in that regard, but when it hit, it hit like a center block attached to a chain (Kratos anyone, man we need a god of war movie fast).

All in all I will give it a firecracker that has a mild kick rating for me.  You know when you have a firecracker that doesn’t look that exciting and then you light it and it’s a dud and your like “oh well, it looked like crap” and right as your about to turn around it makes a loud boom!  Shocking but your not impressed.  So when this hits TNT, TBS, G4, and whatever cable channel you can catch it on, catch it and watch it with a few friends and drink…  This is SPAR…  I mean HERCULES!

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Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

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