I actually like the Pro Bowl, but I think it should turn into a. 7 on 7 Flag football game to help with injury concerns and how awesome would it be to see a big hulking lineman catch a pass, or a WR playing corner, QB’s catching passes? Great entertainment. Also bring back skills competition, QB challenge, lineman competition, and etc

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As the NFL’s regular season draws to a close, fans are logging on in droves at NFL.com to vote for their favorite players to play in the year’s most pointless event – The 2014 NFL Pro Bowl.

I think that most of us reading this would agree that there’s no point to holding a game that there’s no point to winning.  None of you go to Pro Bowl parties, do you?  That’s what we thought…

But this year, the “Added Bonus” that the NFL front office people are throwing our way is that this year’s game will be “unconferenced”.  If you don’t know what that means, that’s quite alright because it’s not a real word.  Players will be drafted in what I can assume is sort of a schoolyard type of atmosphere and then it won’t be NFC vs. AFC at all.  So I’m not exactly sure how they are…

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