Sorry for the absence, Life is changing and the Sports world keeps n ticking. I recently got married (Thanks for all the gifts and for all those who attended). My company has opened a new restaurant so I have been working hard to make sure we open properly and have the right people to do the job. So with a new life partner and new digs, my life has been just as entertaining and enjoyable as the sporting world. But now the team is BACK!!! Thank you for all the people who have contacted me and harassed me (in a good way) to get back in the game and giving Our Un Sports Men Mic perspective. You ask and you shall receive.
Upcoming articles:
How to Fix: The Atlanta Falcons
Niners defense better without Aldon Smith
“Big Play” writing some article about the greatness that is the NEW YORK FOOTBALL JETS!
and more stuff to come!

Thank you for your patience,

Big J and the whole UnSportsMenMic Crew