I agree with the Alpha and Beta argument, I don’t think Romo is a Beta but neither an Alpha. I think Romo is Bepha or an Alpeta. Let’s not under mind the fact that Manning let Romo back in the game with a bad interception. We wouldn’t be talking about Romo last minute int if Manning did let the back in tha game while leading 35-20. Or the fact that its a complete blow out if not for Romo playing great. Or lastly that the Alpha in Peyton Manning is 9-11 in the playoffs, and got a ring hugely on the strength of Bob Sanders coming back to boost the Defense. Remember we used to say Peyton couldn’t win the big one (in Tenn. and Indy) and he is an “Alpha” and I guarantee this playoffs the pressure will mount on Manning too and he will look like a Bepha or an Alpeta. Great Article!

Taylor Blitz Times

When you look at life from a psychological standpoint, you have leaders and you have followers. Well in the Taylor Blitz Times lexicon of NFL football describing the quarterback position, you have the alpha and the beta. The alpha infuses confidence in his football team through his leadership and play. His teammates are inspired through his verve, spirit, and fight which in turn raises their level of play to meet his.  You can see the confidence in their eyes when the game is tight. This is what every coach wants and covets each year in the NFL draft. He doesn’t shrink when games are on the line or when the team is up against a superior opponent.

Then you have the beta quarterback that many teams seem to be afflicted with. He comes through with the physical gifts that scouts and coaches can see where he can improve, and can…

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