No Macho Man in the WWE Hall Of Fame? You sure? Vince should be ashamed of himself for that. They have got to have Mr. Perfect in the game, unless they think he is too much of a Ric Flair clone.

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WWE has posted the complete roster for all of the superstars that will be available to the WWE fans on WWE 2k14. Now, I will tell you this: The roster is impressive. They have added more people to this years addition of 2k more than any other year. I honestly thought that with the WWE working with 2k and stepping away from THQ, that the game would turn out a bit choppy and artificial.
To be honest with you, I haven’t bought a 2k game yet. However, just like any other video game out on the market, there are some advantages and disadvantages. Not one game can be completely 100% perfect (at least that’s not what I’ve experienced). According to, there are currently 83 superstars along with legends on the game.
There is a few things wrong with this game right off of the…

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