Tough week to call last week, but this week I like the Pats over the Falcons, just because I’m in the ATL and want to Hate. Also its hard to pick for or against the Giants especially with O-Line issues, but these are the games the Giants win when thay are not supposed too. What a wonder having a head coach will do right Saints.


There are some intriguing match ups this week (three of which include our picks) and although we’re still slightly above .500 on the season (8-7), confidence reigns supreme here at the Furnace this week. Here are our five Best Bests for Week #4:

Home team in CAPS     

1. CHIEFS over the Giants- After two consecutive weeks of touting the G-Men, this week’s contest, which takes place at a very noisy and disruptive Arrowhead Stadium against the upstart 3-0 Chiefs, is just too lopsided a potential affair for us to continue our unbridled Giant loyalty. The Chiefs front seven, their cerebral quarterback, (who has yet to throw one interception this season), and a head coach in 14 year veteran Andy Reid who knows the Giants all too well, will be more than enough for N.Y. to handle. The Giants may not have a game as one sided as…

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