I guess he is no longer getting a pass. Just think only Stafford out of that draft class still starts.


By: Jason “Big J” Allen
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     In 2009 I made a dire prediction that I have to ride with FOR EVER. FOR EVER! (Sandlot anyone?) That prediction was that Josh Freeman would be the best quarterback in the 2009 draft. I figured that Freeman would be number one followed by Sanchez, and ending with Stafford. Yes, I do make wrong predictions. I’m not the Vegas gambler who tells you all about his winnings, and never about his losses. In 2009 regarding Freeman…I lost. We can debate for days about how wrong I was, but my main problem is this: why does no one hold Josh Freeman accountable?
     Is it the small market? Is it the lack stardom in his presence? Or is it that no one thought as highly of him as I did? Whatever the answer, Josh Freeman glides through the NFL under the…

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