I Love Hulk hogan

Sports Minded

By  ShaiVaughn Crawley

During a recent interview at the Fan Expo 2013 event in Toronto, Canada, Hulk Hogan made a few comments that showed his relationship has seen better days.

When asked if he’d ever return to WWE, he said “never say never – anything is possible in this business” response. This is indeed a teaser for what could be yet another big turn in the WWE.

With TNA making some major cuts this year due to a near bankruptcy, Hulk Hogan, the 12 time World Champion being a six-time WWF/E Champion, and six-time WCW Champion, was one of the unfortunate victims.

Hulk Hogan’s contract expires on October 1st, 2013.

Only one question remains: What does the WWE have for him? We ARE talking about a man who has been in the wrestling business for well over 35 years, and then some. What could the WWE possibly do with…

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