New/Old strategies to stop Chip Kelly


By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

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The First Monday night football game of the season held what some are calling a revolution of the NFL game.  Others are calling it a fad or a gimmick ala the Wildcat.  Regardless of what side you place your claim, at the end of the day as long as Chip Kelly has a job this Speed/Read offense is here to play…  I mean stay.

Watching the Speed of the game made everyone sit up and say “Man the Eagles could win the division”, it also had people saying “How do you stop this offense.”  Well rest easy, because Big J has seen ways to stop the Chip and Vick offensive out pour.

Naturally like all things you need the personnel to execute a defense that can stop this Speed Read offense.  You have to have an aggressive, fast, and agile…

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